A Wee bit of Lash work

It’s my day off today and well i adore my day’s off simply because I get to indulge in the things i label a ‘passion,’ be it the kiddies or the kinda work that i adore.

I’m currently sat at my glass dining table, opposite another worker (who’s far more stressed than I) and i’m working on my lash line, which will launch this Winter 2014. Hurrah!

I’m ever so professional because I can’t work in the quiet, so i have the radio on. I also can’ t work without looking some what sexy, meaning i’m in booty shorts and with a white boobie top on, which hides a Union jack bikini top. LOL. I can make trash, ‘class.’ I have a cuppa tea, because that what’s us Yorkshire birds do and around me are my lash samples, lash box samples, a budget A4 pad and because I couldn’t find a pen…a handful of wax flipping crayons that belong to Ruby. (Isn’t it rubbish when you can’t find a pen. You buy hundreds and then can’t find ONE, when you need it. Then what makes it even worse is that you ask people around you if they have a pen and do notice that nobody actually looks for a pen for you, they in fact know that they don’t even have a pen on them. However, they’ll toy with you for a second and ‘pat’ their bodies down, like they may actually have one on offer. Lol. A simple ‘no’ would do.) But today, i’m using wax crayons. I didn’t bother with the asking, it winds me up far too much. Being a Mumtrepreneur is ace, you make sex toys with play doh and write important documents for manufacturers in wax crayons. Jumbo ones.


One day, i’m positive that i’ll be running some multi million pound company and have towered glamourous offices galore. But for now, i’m sharing a dining table…and doing it on A4 pads with wax crayons. The other half of the dining table is also trying to run a company…but they’re not doing it in a Union Jack bikini. (I win.)

So far, i’ve spoken to the business plan executive in American. Still super impressed with him and well i’ve had to send him my logo, my resume, my photos, my press release…everything really. Then i’ve had to email over my style choices and names to China and put in another order.

It’s pretty simple really and because i’m doing the bits i can do best, the fun bits that i’m good at. That’s why i hire people to do all the bits that i’m shite at, because they love those other bits and therefore excel in their area of Wunnaland. The key…everyone’s happy. When everyone’s happy…we all work with smiles on our faces. (I mean how many people have you worked for that have been horrific. I promised myself that when i have my own ace company, i’ll never be a horror. Just a glamourous, happy…nuisance.)

I shouldn’t be writing this now, but whatever, it’s good PR ๐Ÿ˜‰ and a brilliant distraction. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s weird because it seems that when I adore my work, I tend to zoom through it. When it’s a chore, it takes me AGES.

Okay, godda go.

Stay tuned and get excited about my lashes. (Please.)



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