A test of loyalty

Woke up this morning dancing to gangsta rap in my kitchen, and sexually seducing my oven. I’m not a massive fan of gangsta rap, yet it sort of fitted my mood, therefore  i went a with the option of going all out…and  to ‘Jeezy.’ It’s funny how at first your calmly making toast, and pouting into spoons. Then the  next minute you’re doing you’re hip/hop hand dance and walking around your kitchen like you’re burdened with the largest and heaviest penis known to mankind. I was definitely the King of MY castle, then i saw my reflection in the oven and began to chat myself up. (Loser!) Gangsta rap does sort of make you feel oddly powerfully masculine and quite a bit randy, for 9.25 in the morning. Anyone was having it!! Unfortunately i only had 3 kittens or my Father around me at the time. So to save embarassment, i opted for my Father.

Anyway, today i’m talking about Loyalty. How Loyal are you?? My loyalty in my private life, (yes i do have one) is being somewhat tested right now. I’m a highly loyal friend, (because friendship is one of the most important things to me. I value it over any boy i’m bonking.) I’m ‘cross my heart hope to die’ loyal to my family, as they are the people who will always protect me…from some of you crazy bastards!! (Lol.) The main person i’m loyal to is truely MYSELF (ooh, what a surprise, and i’m aware that may sound a bit odd? Yet, i know quite a dandy bunch of people who really aren’t to ‘gun sticky’ to their beliefs, when tortured and tested.) However, i’m not too loyal when it comes to the men i’m having liasons with. I guess i value friendship, family and myself, over some random boy, who will probably not be there in a month or so. I mean, it takes someone very clever to fool me into believing he’s very special, for me to really root down. And yes that’s happened a few times. I’ve made good choices, bad choices, been cheated on and have cheated. I don’t think it’s wrong. I believe it’s human nature. It’s all part of this wonderful world we live in. (Stop the booing.)

I’m always being battered for stating that i don’t believe it’s too bad to have a little wander in someone elses garden, if you’re not happy at home…so to speak. But really happiness is EVERYTHING. And if you’re not that, then you’re not ANYTHING. It’s okay to look for the correct spirit to dance alongside yours. I enjoy my own company more than i enjoy being trapped with some dude, i don’t truely adore who’s adamant on littering my space, my heart, my time and my Kingdom. You should too. Sex is lust. ‘Love’ is the person that no matter what will ‘stick in on to the end.’ Yes people get hurt by a wandering ‘private’. But really the ‘cheater’ was just on their own personal journey to find their true soul mate. They unfortunately did it on your time and on your heart.  They really can do whatever they want. It’s their life and their story! And they don’t  really have to answer to you or what society says is wrong or right! Those who have submitted to conformity are foolish!! I’m all for living on the wild side. Chaos breeds life. Order breeds habit. I mean just think of all those horrible couples that have been together since they were in school or college and they’re together out of habit and haven’t experienced other lands, other partners, other energies. It Sickens me. Don’t get me wrong, i’m all for LOVE. I’m motivated by it. I love, ‘love’ and i will stay with my ‘one’ true love forever. Yet i know i’ve really searched, so it will be Ultimately right in the end!! I’ll shag you ALLLLLLL! (Don’t worry i have a well trained army of people around me who keep me from getting into to much trouble.)

Saying that though it hurts like HELL to have someone you adore, have sex with another person. It eats away at your ego more than anything. Yet i feel i’m quite strong and it takes a lot more than that to break me down my spirit. It almost just bounces off me. I’ve adventured and done quite a lot of bad things, in my ‘love life’ area. (Shut up, i was young.) It kind of made me more understanding. I’m the ‘stick it out to the end’ kinda gal, if my heart has truely been given away to someone. I do fall in lust immediately. I’m emotional, loving, giving and passionate. I adore hot men. Yet, unfortunately have an extremely short attention span and as soon as i think you’ve ‘punked’ me, or i’ve simply discovered you’re not exactly right, then i’m off off and away and with a major amount of panache. I’m the flyest bitch in town and the one that all the boys want to try and tame. I’m like a drug. Wherever i go i bring excitement and glory. I like that about me, and i never want that to change. I’m a ‘Human dynamo!!’ A Legend!!! (Okay, i’ll stop now.)

I dont really have anything else to say except, you dont have to send me messages or friend requests apologising for being a ‘random.’ In my world there are no ‘randoms.’ Everyone is something to someone. And i’m on a mission to find my real truth. Discover why i’ve been put on this planet. You are something to me. I have no special ‘click.’ I class the World as my special ‘click.’ (I mean i want to take it over one day, so i might aswell make friends with it.) I talk to everyone and anyone all over the globe. I have a genuine interest in people and their lives. I want to meet everyone!! And i truely do adore you. (But kinda more the ones that are my fans and the ones that are shirtless.) LOL

Chrissie Wunna

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  1. I’m loyal to me pals and family I would doe for em and kill for em. I will try bit to cheat as if u are the cheated one u will be in bags of trouble and u want to kill the other geezer for mugging u of


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