A Tall latte with a side of fans please


Met these hotties at a Starbucks in Hammersmith, i think about 2 days ago. They were adorable to me…which makes a change! (Wink, wink, pout.) I had commited to eating a sandwich after a night out on the razzle dazzle and instead (mid-sandwich eating commitment,) was found by these lovely blushing beauties. So i signed a few autographs, smiled for a few snippy snaps and gave thme inappropriate words of advice.! Loving this thing called ‘life.’

12 thoughts on “A Tall latte with a side of fans please”

  1. u look stuning chrissie love the braxzil top but gutted u keep gonig out on the mannor and never invite me:( i hope u have a good week treacle even if u do mug me of

  2. dont worry i am a privite investigaor i will find u next time and trow water at u for mugging me of ha ha ha have fun babe

  3. Lovely shot. You’ll be mobbed, no doubt, by your fans on this side of the pond should you ever show your face in a California Starbucks. 🙂


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