A Stitch in Time…


Hey Sailors, Dolls, Soldiers…Kittens! I get my stitches out today. Yeah baby! ๐Ÿ™‚ You don’t even have to tell me…I know thar the degree of sexiness that my life hails from is astounding right now! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย What IS my life!!! I mean, how did I…glamour puss extra-extraordinaire end up with stitches in my neck due to a suddenly dodgy thyroid! But whatever, shit happens. At least I now don’t have a ‘danger lump’ in my throat and now have ALL my lumps and bumps in their CORRECT places. *Purr.* I’m feeling over the moon and i’m bubbling over with a happy glee of excitement. I went to bed with happy thoughts and woke up with a beam on my face. When that happens..it means life could potential ‘get good.’ My life might not be where I would have wished it to be right now, but i’m working my pretty Asian ARSE off to get it there…and i’ll do it! My eyelash line…WILL BE A BRAND that you all adore…and simply because it was all created, teared, sweated and dashed with love, determination, my fingers crossed, a bit of wine…and the heart of a lion. It’s not easy to pull yourself together after drama, babies…drama…babies…but I did…because I’m a life soldier…in nipple tassles….glitzy ones! If one day I can hail as a ‘Christian Dior’ type brand…I will..right now, I have stitches. (Lol.) But as soon as I can move my neck fully without restraint, I will be back to the business plan with Zach…who will hopefully knock me up a treat of a forecast, so I can finally gather up all my glittery bits and pitch at Angels Dens to a lovely bunch of ‘hope they believe in me’ investors. I believe in me. And well…to all women who think they can’t…(I shouldn’t just say women…) but it’s because I’ve turned all Sheerah. YOU CAN! Don’t let the spanners that life wang at you knock you down. All it takes to do well is to get back up, that one last time. Get up more than you fall and you’ll win. It’s easier than you think. Do it in heels and a smile…works better. We can’t all be Cinderella. My Fairy GodMother must be sunning it up in the Maldives somewhere, as she’s forgotten about me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just know that things you’ve worked hard for mean so much more when they become a jolly result. I’ve hopefully booked a tv show for this year and i’m letting work opportunity gobble me up. Yet i have WORKED HARD on this eyelash line…REALLY HARD. So when I see the result and I can finally kick back and enjoy my hard work…I’ll breathe…do a happy dance and well then show my children the example that I have set for them. Bottom line, if all works out in the Angles Den, I want a Summer launch. I feel like I have everything in place, PR….all the contacts…the product…Celeb gifting and events and more importantly the reason why it will work. Plus, I’m glitzy ‘Chrissie Wunna’ surely that counts for something. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can get my lashes on shelves. Even if I have to crawl into Debenhams, hide behind mannequins and plonk them on there myself. In some of my other blogs I’ve stated that Success is the Sweetest revenge. Well, I believe it is in the sense of it being a motive for any broken down lady to get back up on her Unicorn and gallop onward with determination to do well. Far too many girls sit and weep into split gin…which is okay for a short while…I’m as emotional as they come..I’m certainly a Princess weeper. Yet the pity party, although hilarious is not a good shindig to throw if you actually want to do well in life. CRY it out…then thunder tall and make your dreams come true. Success should never be used as ‘revenge.’ Just let the ‘bad times’ positively power you to the HUGE title of ‘winning at life.’ Sorry for being preachy, i’ve had two coffees. There’s no point in using the ‘pity party’ for attention or love, simply because it doesn’t make YOUR LIFE any better. Plus, guys like strong women. It’s far more attractive and once a girl has got her act together and developed into ‘Lioness,’ then a strong man gallops on in and turns it all to fairytale. Or so the story goes…All i remember is that Cinders lost her flipping glass shoe. Unfortunate really, to say she managed to blag them for free. You can’t be a one footed Lioness.

But enough of that. The stitch removal is making me all determined to do well because I feel disabled.

When my lashes come out…BUY THEM. That’s all. ๐Ÿ™‚

The TV stuff I can’t tell you about, simply because it’s all still in the ‘niggly-biggly’ phase. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But i’m excited to inspire dolls!

The weekend ended up being a delight. I’m recovering so well and i’m so grateful for having such a tremendous surgeon. My Daddy was a surgeon so he wanted to do a great job and he did. When i got back to see him in 2 weeks for my follow up, i’m taking gifts. I mean he saved my life. That deserves more than a ‘Thank you, Sir.’ (Which is what I said…even with a weird drain poking out my neck.) Dr. Frewer…best ENT surgeon ever. #grateful

But yeah I could’ve moped around being idiotic. But instead the children had birthday parties to go to, so I pulled myself up, grabbed my designer neck scarf, whopped on an ‘updo’ and took them to celebrate the parties of others. RUBY LOVED IT. I get on with all the nursery mums so it was god for me to get out and about and be social. Plus, it’s Ruby’s birthday party this Saturday…so i’m all chipper and excited for the weekend to come. It kinds got me ready for it all!

I’m a good mum and it’s bizarre to think that I would be if you knew me in Hollywood. I was always, fun, lovely and kind…so to speak (nothing like blowing your own trumpet) yet to think that one day I’d be a mum of two….would shock the bones out of them! (I nearly put boners then. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) It’s not easy, when you are an ambitious little kitten, who wants to succeed and mainly for the children. Yet, i know I can do it simply because a zillion other Mums, have done it before me. You can have it all. You’ve just got to balance it all out, organize it all and try. Life likes a someone that keeps plonking boulders in their giant catapult and firing back at it with a ‘booyah.’ Once you do…you get cut some slack. It all gets easier.

(Hang on a minute…I have a phone call. )

..I’m back…WHAT ย A GREAT PHONE CONVERSATION. I feel excited and well…I enjoy the folks in life who are on the same mental wavelength as I! Those who are serious as times, yet don’t take themselves too seriously. Those with an open heart and a great sense of humour. Today’s good phone convo…complete. I like it when people can openly talk about themselves…flaws and all, without plonking up a wall or image. I learnt a bit more about men in the last 30 minutes.

Now for coffee!

But yeah, what was I even rambling on about? I hate it when people don’t hit the bullet points to their stories…yet here I am…waffling on without direction or purpose. I’m a swine for it too, as I won’t even pretend like i’m listening anymore. I did that last night with my Mum…awful of me I know. Once a story starts,it’s got to be punchy. Hers lingered a bit. My good friend DK in LA always used to send me long winded emails, followed by a quick edited ‘bullet point’ version to finish. ๐Ÿ™‚ OR he would round i toff with some statement about his love life….away from business. I’m dating a new Korean girl, who’s anorexic.’ I enjoy that he had so much time on his hands. Love DK!

I enjoy lovely people.

But yeah, GREAT WEEKEND. This week I have A WEDDING. (No, not my own for once.) AND my daughters birthday party. Hurrah. AND I get to be stitch free! Yippeee! I take days as they come as i’ve had a lot of surprises over the last few months. Lol. I don’t like surprises because they always end badly for me. HAHAHA. I’m a good person, SHOCKING ME makes me jumpy. Unless, it’s going to end well…ofcourse. (God, I’m typing this and emailing the States. I wonder how long it’ll take for a business plan to be conjured up?)

Oooh! @Wazza had a birthday yesterday. I text him early yesterday to wish him well, he’s the friend that I have known the longest…we have literally been friends for about 20 years. Lol. I’m so grateful for him setting up this site and aiding my sorry self to victory…we’ve been raised well (obviously by the state of our site. ๐Ÿ™‚ Private education rocks.)

He replied by saying that it was the first birthday SINCE BEING 15 where he hasn’t woken up HUNGOVER. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s his first birthday being a Daddy and a ‘husband to be.’ He is an OFFICIAL HARDCORE GROWN UP and weirdly we both love that.

Nothing is better to me now than grown ups. I’m still young spirited because the babies keep me that way. Yet you’ll hardly EVER see me propping up a bar in some random club, that’s blurting out chart favourites at 1.20am. I’ll go out if I HAVE TOO and i’ll enjoy it. I’m not a buzz kill. Yet I’d never choose to go out clubbing, just for fun. I’m 33 not 17. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Pulease, I’ve had a lifetime of it. I did it better than anyone. In the glitziest town in the world. I love dinners and life. But being a grownup feels GREAT. I appreciate a calm, quiet life, filled with luxury family and love. I spent my Valentines day with my Baby Son…the man of the house…at 8 months old. Lol. It was WONDERFUL! Ruby spent hers with a Peppa pig balloon that said, ‘I love you’ at ‘Daddy Pete’s.’ I always feel that those who work hard use their free time to CHILL, ย because they hardly ever get the time to enjoy such peace.

That’s why i adore going to the forest! I miss it already!

I wonder what’s going to happen to me this year? I’m going to have an amazing week. (Some guy has just knocked at my patio door and asked if he could ‘plug his drill into my wall?’ Oh the glamour. #workmen)


On the Kiddie front…

Ruby decided to make me her role model and prance about with faux fur hand bags, in sunglasses and a fake phone pressed to her ear all weekend. Yet after a bit of a weep, rested in the comfort that she could make life better with a giant inflatable hammer…Our morning conversation went as follows…

‘Mum can I have a Flamingo.’

‘Yes’ (it’s easier that way. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

‘Mum..am I a flamingo?’


‘Mum…watch me be a flamingo.’


Junior…like his Father…just loves being the centre of attention and flirting with ANYTHING. He has had the funnest of weekends, yet will always come over for a Mummy/Boobie cuddle…almost like he needs a refuel of proper love, before he goes back n his old ‘flirt mission.’ We ventured to lunch with grandma and my son, the FLIRTIEST BOY to have ever ventured from a the loins of a lady….(He literally flirts with ANYTHING in a skirt. He knows the difference… at 8 months old …between a man and a women…and he goes for it. INFRONT of his OWN MOTHER!) ย I mean, he even flirts with me! And i’m not talking cutesy smile, like the picture below. (That was just a photo from when he wanted to steal Ruby’s toys to wind her up)



I’m talking…face plain as day…woman walks past with food in her hand…he whops on the charm, does grown up flirty eyes, like he’s some kind of ‘Latin Lover’…head tilts, woo’s her…get what he wants. #justlikehisfather






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