A saucy bit of trouble much…

Loving today, i’ve already got my Friday feeling. I’ve opted for beginning the grooming process for this evening NOW (I’m a Glamour Puss…it works for me,) and not only am i feeling on top of this rather merry world (and it really has nothing to do with the rum i’ve just had) but i think i’m wanting to ‘rock the sexy,’ like no other drunken Kitty Queen of play has ever done before. I mean, in these lashes, i should rule the goddamn WORLD! *Begin to worship me here*

In the last merry hour, i’ve manage to convince a boy that i’m celebate. Then i’ve managed to text MY boy a bit of ‘dirty dirty’…i think it had something to do with meaty *willies* in *talky holes,* and all of this at the same time as explaining to a young man in LA, (who has his eye on the little Glamour Puss of Wunnaland) that I would NOT be  having his baby, due to me not really even seeing him, or knowing him.. in the last part of *ages*much. Men are so *weird* like that, they want to reproduce with me, even if they don’t really know me anymore and haven’t really seen me in years? WHY WOULD I DO THAT??? I wouldn’t! If i’m having anyones first born, it will be ‘Loverboys’ and firstly because he’d let me name the children after my favourite alcoholic cocktails, secondly because he has a six pack and thirdly…because i love him. 🙂

Last night, i tweeted, that i wanted either midgets or a hot *shirtless* to massage my feet. Now the GREAT thing about being Chrissie Wunna, is that you can *Tweet* such a thing and then immediately be inundated with personal messages from delicious darlings of *sizzle*..who for once, aren’t offering themselves (and i don’t mind that at all,) but wanting to send a boy to my home.. who will tend to my feet! I think it’s a *service* in LA or something? How delicious! I actually think it’s tremedously sexy! But yeah, I got an *inbox* this morning, stating that if i was in LA right now, then sending a hot boy over to ‘rub my feet’ is no problem whatsoever. I’m apparently the companies perfect type of clientelle and a ‘being’ that they would enjoy to serve their bundle of hot massaging boys of ‘ooh laa’ to! (THANKYOU FOR PUTTING ME ON YOUR TELLY AMERICA!) I love my life. It completely makes sense now. I’m here to enjoy…EVERYTHING. However ofcourse to keep me out of trouble, the party gods have placed me in England right now. I mean, i’m quite bad out here, in the brisk English wind. Yet when i’m over in the town of all things tinsel…i’m baaaad baaaaaaaaaad! I know that town of ‘smoke and mirrors’ like the back of my well manicured hand! It brings out the best in me…Honest!!

Other than all that jiggery pokery. I love LOVERBOY. I have drinks with him tonight. I need to shower, tan, groom and pick of the purrfect dress to impress. I’m the kinda girl that no matter what, will make the effort to look presentable. Not because i have to, but because it’s naturally in my Glamour pussy blood. I love the process of pamper and groom. Dollifying. You’ll come home, and i’ll look like i’m part of the cast of ‘Dynasty,’ or ‘Debbie does Dallas.’ Was it Debbie? (Help me out boys.) If i’m being honest, i’m mildy self-less because i actually love ‘Dollifying’ others. I always wanted to own an extremely glamourous, over the top, lush parlour of beauty. Where women can go and feel like woman for a while. (You’ll walk in a plain jane and walk out a floozey. Just the way i like it. Ooh Loverboy’s just sent me a text reading ‘You are THE perfect girlfriend.’ I’m giggling because i’ve just re-read the text i sent him previous. I didn’t even know how raunchy i was? I’m a *moment* girl and when i’m in the *moment* it all comes out…with glitter, magic and cum stains. I’ve impressed myself. *Eyes scan room for booze*)

Anyway, i’ve got lots i need to be doing..consisting of winking and pouting and grooming. I want to look delicious for my ‘handsome’ tonight. It’s how you get proposal. I’m currently being told it’s



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