A recoup and a rethink…


I’ve been impulsive again. I naturally am a kitty cat who acts upon impulse, at the best and worst of times. Yet this time i’ve been quite secret about it, meaning i’ve danced with the utter height of inner impulse and throw merry caution to the wind, like only Chrissie Wunna can, with a wiggle and a wink. I guess you only live once, so you’ve got to do the ‘at the time’ things that make you smile and make you solidify your name with ballsy giltter. I did that. I’m happy. But yeah…incase i’ve accidentally been silly…ah well…that’s life? 😉

I’ve been recouping. I’ve had a busy week of running around for other people and i just needed me time, in order to be decent again. I still need more me time and bit more rest, but i’m feeling much much better. I’ve had my hair done, my nails done, i’ve shopped, worked, had mummy time with the Great Wunna before me, been a mummy to baby Ruby and really picked up the pieces in my fur boots and smile.

Life is about loving and living. Pete’s just been around to pick up Ruby. Keiran has just got done at an audition, after arriving home at 1am last night, after catwalking for London fashion. (He arrived home with guyliner on. Welcome to my world.) I’ve visited lipgloss counters, tattoo parlours and wine shelves and after reading a tweet of adoration stating that i live a life that any gay man who dream of, i think i’m doing pretty darn good. (Everyone did use to say i was like a gay man trapped in a hot asian girls body. lol)

Anyway, other than being secretly controversial, being ina hurry once more, forgetting to go to Wazza’s birthday (FUCK) and bloging in my beige faux fur, i will tell you that i have a couple of good auditions coming up AND my book will finally be out on April 3rd!!

I do need to dash and cab it into Wakefield for dinner..but i will finish this off later. Far too much is happening…hence why i keep feeling lost. I’m rubbish at handling the art of ‘plenty.’

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