A Quick Chitter, Life & Amazing Views


Well! Haven’t I had a jolly great time in cyberland! 🙂

I went to bed, actually stating that my new Vlogs we’re on a ‘view count’ of around about 200 views each…. I woke up the next morning and SIX HUNDRED MORE people had viewed them, in that time. I drove to my local supermarket, with the babies in tow, to buy them every single choccie. in the entire ‘Day with Mummy’ land and by the time I had got home….both Vlogs were on over a 1000 views each and right now, they are on a combined ‘view count’ of OVER SIX THOUSAND. Whaaaat??

So, there you have it! A little bit of *Fan Mail,* cleverly disguised as ‘hate,’ a set of boobies, a deliciously witty mouth, and the will to not let other’s get to you, when they decide to *poop* on your ‘party,’ makes all the difference! Not that i’m one to gloat (much) but IN YOUR FACE!!!! Woohoo!

My last blog, the ‘comeback, to the hater’ blog, as I call it, has (and i’m having a giggle because i’m STILL finding it hilariously DIVINE) been one of my highest hitting views EVER! *Weeing myself.* Thank you so much for reading it, as again it genuinely means so much to me and it kinda makes me feel like some kind of glitzy hero, because I didn’t let a tosser, who thought they were ‘clever’ get the better of me. It feels amazing! I had so much support and it meant the world!

Lesson learnt! Don’t mess with Wunna, as Wunna has a ‘macca’ blog and she will try her best to humiliate you, via her amazingly rubbish sense of humour..and it will work…EVERY SINGLE TIME. *Champers for everyone!*

I filmed another Vlog today, it’ll air tomorrow. I’m still finding it really hard to chat into a camera, about anything, in a room on my own, but i’m doing it anyway, because it’s weirdly relaxing and fun. I’m a people person, so having zero people there scares me.

If you do the things that terrify you and do them to an okay standard, it makes you feel AMAZING AFTERWARD! Although, I will say that it is literally impossible to film anything with a 4 year old and a 2 year old! Lol. It was madness. I mean, both Ben and I have Vlogs and all sorts and we’re having to run around, juggling life, babies and love, inbetween filming them. (We’ve started to make tiny bits of money off them now and even though it’s tiny pences…it’ll eventually (as I learnt the hard way last time) will accumulate. I’m really proud of him for doing his, as he’s really happy and a lot more confident with it now. It’s something that he would never dare do before, whereas I’m a ‘showy’ twat…so i’ll perform to a camera, every single second I can. (With my ‘saggy boobs out every five minutes ‘ lol. I’ll get over it. Honest.)

So, today was a family day and i spent it with my children. I hardly ever get to, because of work, so these days mean the most. Ben was on a ‘cheat day’ and acting like he’d won a mountain load of pornography, wrapped in millions of pounds ALL day. We all went out for steak (I got the salad) and enjoyed a evening of Pizza takeout. I mean, you should’ve seen Ben’s little ‘losing weight’ face. It was like the Lord had flown down and blessed him with cheese smeared carbs. (Shit, my actual eyelash has just dolloped off onto my lap top, as i’m typing this! Lol. That’s the sign of a true tramp.)

I’m super tired. The babies have worn me out. I really want a Prosecco and life is really great! I can’t find my work friend ‘Jenna’s birthday gift anywhere, because I put it away safely. UGH! And Danielle changed my name on ‘Siri’ to the wonderful term… ‘Bitch, Please.’

Hope you all have a great day!

I love you! (Vlog to come! ‘Five Wunna Words To Get You Through The Day.’)



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