A Proper Effort Innit

God, i was feeling so completely on top of the world today. I was happy, almost ‘leaping from cloud to cloud’ blissfully happy. Then some awful middle aged woman, gave me a 20 minute lecture…almost 5 minutes ago, when she saw me so happy and in order to make herself feel better about her choices in life, exercised her moral right to lecture me, on how awful i am for being a Glamour model. *snooze* Then she followed up with, how i will never find a decent man because of it. I’m really happy.  I know hundreds of good decent men. The man i married…(yeah we’re divorced) was a pretty decent man. And ofcourse, i’ll strut into a venue and greedy man eyes, glare at me, who are on a hunt for one thing only. Yet, i’m not a buffoon. I’m very able to recognize the men who truely loves me…and the ones who have fallen for the fantasy. I hate people who lecture me. I never lecture people on their lives, yet often others shuffle into mine and try to edit it. You don’t know how to live my life!  Live yours! Don’t attempt to change mine, in order to make your story seem worthwhile. I tried to be humourous with her, and play it off tragically. (I don’t like having to do that…as your life is your life, you do not ever need to justify it, with humour.) But there was really no point. I noticed she didn’t have a wedding ring on. A jogger then past us on the road, mid conversation…he looked at me, i smiled, she despised him for having a peek. Then decided to lecture me some more. *Rolls eyes.* Then i lost it and basically informed her that he looked at me because i looked happy, and excited and actually smiled back. I acknowledged his presence for 2 merry minutes. ‘He didn’t look at you, because you gave an impression of misery. You gave him no reason to look. You already turned your back on him, without even knowing who he was.’ The lady actually said nothing and walked away. (God, i hope she got rained on.)

 I 100% completely love my life and refuse to apologize for it. I simply smiled and told her that  I’m living my life, my story and well i’m HAPPY. I LOVE it. I cherish every kitty moment of it and yeah just because you hestitate to make moves and play with your life, your dreams…it does not make you a better person. Infact, it places you in a position of inferiority. I’m out there living, making mistakes, happily adventuring, picking myself up and laughing all the way. Which places anyone on a superior platform. You make mistakes, you learn fast! You become a Pro at life! *Wiggle*

On a more interesting note…I’m getting my hair extented on Friday morning!! Woohoo! Nothing makes a girl happier than a few extra inches! I extend it for Glamour Puss Volume, and not particularly for length. (Quite telling actually! *Wink wink*) After my shoot today, i gazed into the mirror and fancied a bit of a ‘bump up.’ People called people, who made people get me an appointment for Friday morning. I’m genuinely excited. I love LOVE being a girl. I enjoy pampering. I enjoy ‘ooh laa.’ It’s the only thing i care to spend my money on….other than ‘Good times.’

Whilst i was wiggling around in excitement, one of my jolly dolly gays turned around and claimed that i should maybe go into inspiring people ‘hardcorely‘ via the art of my bloggage. Like be a giant ‘selp help’ book. I just looked at him cheekily and said, ‘Or maybe i could just sit here, play with my boobs and name all my new range of lip glosses, after the different boys i’ve made out with?’ He’s gay…i won. I believe he had a moment of disgusting soberiety. I beat him with sticks then forced him to go into McDonalds, where the air smells of minium wage and bring me quarter pounders. He weeped a little. I swore….a lot!

Had a lovely convo with a guy friend today about Love. I need advice all the time, due to me making really rubbish decisions, when i need to be making great ones. He told me that he makes a point of ONLY making a proper effort with girls that he could actually see as potential girlfriend material. I then asked what he meant by a ‘proper effort?’ I mean, we’re girls..we want to know all this rubbish! His answer ‘stalking.’ HAHAHA! Then he followed up with ‘…and spending my every last given penny on them.‘ lol.

I also realized that i’m far to Americanised when it comes to love. Well not Americaniesd, but HOLLYWOODY. In Hollywood, there’s no time lost. You will walk out on the street, the boys will come at you from every angle going, and immediately ask you to be there’s. They’ll leap from bushes, hang out of cars, follow you home….shout out your beauty. Then they sleep with you, decide if they actually want to date you. Have a really long 4 week relationship with you and then tell you they can no longer do it anymore. WOOHOO! (I remember trying to sleep with Jonny after knowing him for moments. He was terrified.) I’m pretty much used to very forward boys and therefore I’m very forward when it comes to  move making. I mean, it’s a fast moving town. I’m used to boys doing the leg work and telling me how AMAZING I am, every precious moment of every given day. I’m learning that England is different. The boys are a great deal more timid.

I had a guy, ask me to give him a compliment earlier and i couldn’t do it. Odd right? I mean, i give boys i know compliments all the time. Or even boys i like. I don’t just dish them out willy nilly. I say it, when i mean it. We know this! Plus, i’m not really used to hitting on boys or given them compliments. Anyway, then i actually realized that MY job ( in the world of finding a man to date,) is a rather different process. I stand. They come…and all i simply have to do is state a simple ‘Yes‘ or ‘No.’ I mean, don’t actually like men who crave for compliments from me, because my rebellious streak will deliberately refuse to do it, out of sheer humour. If i think you’re hot, i will tell you. It’s not a difficult thing for me to do. Today, a great deal of gentleman have been  trying to trick me into giving them my phone number. I haven’t AT ALL..not even once. I don’t like trickery. It bores me. Then they get ‘huffy puffy’ when i don’t completely do as they say. *whocares*  If i like you….i will give it to you and in a moment flat. I don’t enjoy being pressured into things. I’m a Kitty cat, who’s looking for a man to tame her. I’m a HANDFUL. I’m not looking for someone to pressure me and trick me with worthless amounts of Tom Foolery. I’m looking for love, fun and happiness…..Darlings! *wink*

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  1. Ok first part of your blog that I have read but the first part you was right the lady saw you where happy and she wasn’t gonna be happy until she made you as miserable as she was. The gay guy don’t listen to his advice don’t try to make your blog a self help book or guide or whatever they are enough of them in the world. I do think on the guy friend. A woman should be loved by a man who really is into her and loves and cherishes her beyond everything in the world. Ok that’s it I guess.


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