A peeky in my inbox.

I do it every so often so you can see what delights my inbox recieves. I’m going to give you a few of today’s words of Wunna love and hopefully you’ll get an insight into how people view me.

.’Good day Miss Wuuunna,
So besides looking gorgeous…(ALL THE TIME!!) and writing a TOTALLY AWESOME blog…what else do you do? (what can i say ”im intrigued’)’ –
I enjoy men who are intrigued by me.

.’Wuuna lick your pussy’ –Do I? Or do you? Cos i sure as hell don’t. not keen on trout.

.’Okay just read more of the blog and yes I see you are!!! Wow!!! And you’re keeping it?? This means a whole new Wunna!! If you want to offload anything you know where I am. I’m here if ever you want a private chat babe xxx’ -That ones from Rach.

.’Impressing is what i describe your captivating profile, as a near perfect description of what i desire in a woman ,even your picture goes a long way in describing the quintessential underlying beauty any man would seek for in a woman …i think i like you..now’ -I love all this flattery gets you everywhere and then some.

.’I mean, I have feelings y’know? I’m not just a piece of meat… 🙂 ‘ –A handsome attempting *cheek* in order to woo me.

.’I liked u the most on ‘Paris Hiltons British Best friend’ i really wanted u to win.’ –Aww! Love it. Me too!

.’I’ve just seen you on Channel 5 talking about masturbation.’ -innit!

.’I LOVE YOU 🙂 xx’ -That’s from Loverboy.

.’Chrissie, can you email a short paragraph about yourself for one of our radio presenters, who will have you on the show when the books published. Needs to be in your own words and asap please. xx’ – No rest for the wicked.

.’You’ve changed my life.’

‘Hello. I am James. Thank you.’ -I don’t know why i find this funny?

.’Will you write something on my wall pretty pleeease.’

.’I want to sex with you. Do you have msn?’

.’Keep up the good work. We’re all rooting for you.’

.’The sexiext thing i have ever seen. Well done.’

‘You’re not a goddess!! You’re just human like everyone else.’ -I enjoy it when people get angry at me for referring to myself as a Goddess. It’s like fairytale wars or something? ‘It’s my happy ending not yours!’

Like i always say at this merry time. You’re reading this blog with the merry people of the world. It’s currently enjoyed by humans of all kinds, on EVERY continent of the world. It began on Myspace, where a man who sold me coffee, told me to put my life into blog form, simple because every morning i walked in their after a night of ‘party party’ with a tragic tale to tell. I think i was blond at the time? It went from 8 people reading it a month, to now being read by gzillions. It’s translated into 40 different languages and well now it’s managed to score me a publishing deal, with a book that flies it way out to you, in months.

I started this for no real reason, with no real motive about four or five years ago. Dedication, determination, a little bit of love and a little bit of booze, will take you far. All that you don’t know you will learn and all that you learn you will twist and twinkle with your own little ‘ooh laa.’

Try something new. Why bother churning out something that’s already been done? People will battle you on it, rip you to pieces and call you all sorts of lovely names. 🙂 Yet in the end, i’ve learnt along the way…the Hollywood way, that what people can’t break down, they finally end up hailing as ‘greatness.’

Be strong. Be bold. But be of genuine good heart. Love everything you can. Make your story worth reading. Don’t waste time on jealousy or hate. It’s quite difficult not to, during those times of merry ‘rock bottom,’ but know that whilst you’re in that phase someone somewhere is getting ahead in the time that you are wasting. Focus. If you use people, you will get used. If you hurt people, you will get hurt. If you cherish others, you will be cherished.

You can’t trick life, by pretending to be positive. It knows all your secrets and is the only thing you have that’s truely yours. When i tell you to be real. I mean be real from the bottom of your soul and not from your fake smile forward. My life was labelled ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ I’m rocking it the only way i know how…Make sure you do to!

You can achieve anything you desire. People do every day and from ALL different walks of life. You just have to try. You just have to believe. Yet the key is not to give up. When you throw in the towel, you are telling the world that you can’t take any more. You don’t believe in your strength. If you fight, and fight and fight a little more, the dear lord gets goosebumps and thinks you really mean business. In the end he cuts you some slack and lets you run obstacle free. Your dreams will come true. Be good to life. Celebrate it. Celebrate being you. And in return, you will be rewarded.  

Simples bitches! *Hair-toss!*



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