A peeky in my inbox

That time again, where i let you look at what’s in my little box of ‘innage.’

.’What you up to today babe I want your body your hot my little honey pot x x’

.’Hey b, just trying to add you but your bodyguards are not letting me.. so cud u please request me b, so i can accept you into my life…lol..xxx…hope your having or have had a good day…mwah’

.’Where you from sexy?’

.’Hello my sweet Chrissie, I wish sooo much that we could be friends. I hope you answer soon to me!Lovely wishes from my heart to you!
Allways yours’

.’I just wanted to say I’m happy for you and how well your pregnancy is going, and am definitely looking forward to your book.

.’I remember awhile back in your blog you said something about you having a makeup line? If you have time, please get back to me on that, because if you have one coming out, I’ll be all over that shit!’

.’Hi chris dont know if you can remember me, i met you on the train leaving barnsley, i just wanted to ask you if you would like to come to my wedding in april next year, i would love it if you could attend hun.. Please get back to me thank you. xxx’

.’Will you sit on my face’

.’I wish u would give me a chance, u would see how much i adore u’

.’Hiya Chrissie, I can guestlist you..are you bringing anyone? X’

.’You are my idol.’

.’You are such a fake bitch.’

.’Can you send me signed stuff?’

.’Hi im a huge fan of urs i think ur amazing, my account won’t let me add u. so plzzzzzzzzz add me.’

.’Show me your cunt.’

.’Hope you dont mind me contacting you..Im looking for special guests, for a fashion show im putting for ‘The bobi-phiél memorial fund. ‘There will be press involved so its a great oppurtunity and experience all round, hope to hear back soon.’

.’Munich is very nice.. you want to come to munich? :)’

.’I saw you in TGIs on Saturday. Would have tried to get a picture with you, but it looked like you were having a meal with your family. How’s life going?’

I tend to compare this years inbox, to the messages i would recieve a year or two ago. Oh how times have change. A year ago i got a lot of ‘you slag’ this, ‘you whore’ that. Then i was littered with words from our nations favourite pervs. Now, i guess people are just normal…(apart from the odd bitch or pervy here and there. But you’d got to love them really. *Cuddles all around* …and maybe a bit of spitting.)

Loving life. Total much. Purr…

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