A Mere little Shunning…


Oh my god. I told this boy i liked him and he SHUNNED me. I am mildly gutted, but then part of me is twisted so i’m almost finding it hilarious. I used to be the dear apple of his eye, yet couldn’t sign the ‘commitment’ papers,  due to being with another. Loyalty is over rated!! (At times dating can be annoying, if you’re with the wrong person and want to be with someone else. Yet I’m never too worried, as men are like shoes. I tend to wear them out, until they’re all beaten, broken and all kinds of hate me. They soon leave. I soon move on.)

Anyway, i told him i liked him after he made very distinct advances. Then he SHUNNED me, after laughter!! ( I must have missed the funny part?) Followed with an ‘i bet you’ve never got turned down before!’ Almost as if he did it on purpose to humiliate me and humiliate me whilst i was in Prada with a feather woven FAN. (Eww..) I’m not some  invincible, all men want me machine of ‘love goddess.’ I’m just a handful of a girl from Yorkshire… that got lucky. I have feelings too. You just can’t see them under my 14 layers of fake bake. I strutted away like i didn’t have a care in the world, with a christmas bauble oddly in my handbag?? Some people have the sense to steal worthwhile crap. I stole a glitter ridden ball of red. I mean you don’t want me on your team of survival. ‘Go find us food Wunna!’ (*Gets confused, shows you her boobs, and produces a handbag of baubles.*)

As i walked ( i’m currently doing a lot of ‘strutting away’ ) he calls me back to him all sexy and ‘bedroom,’ with the misconception that he was gaining control.  Then with an ‘I’m kidding…lets get lunch.’ (I remember him being bizarrely surrounded by a million bar Christmas trees and a singing lampost type robot thing, with a face on.) I look, i smile, quickly reply bbm to someone about  midgets. Then quite sexily utter the words, ‘I think you just missed your window of opportunity Mister.‘ (Winks. Turns around. Leaves building.) And that’s what i call ‘Oooh laa.’

ps/Forgot to tell you that 7 minutes later i recieved a text from him reading ‘You sexy F****** bitch.’ (Works every time.)

5 thoughts on “A Mere little Shunning…”

  1. ha ha ha quality chrisie that was a mustard comeback i bet he was laughing and all. see u are a comic genius miss wunna u still got the red baubles or u thrown em at someone or something? loving the pic no man could turn down a burd with a face like yours and your guns chrissie

  2. chrissie the thrupneys would be enough for me anyway but u would still keep everyone entertained even if it was colour coding food


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