A little bit ‘Ouchy’ but filled with love


Well I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday. For those of you that did…congratulations. For those of you that didn’t…know that it’s nothing a wine can’t fix. I stayed home and looked after my tiny baby Ruby. Don’t get me wrong, my inner ‘party girl’ was a calling and determined to burst her way through. However, at the end of the day, nothing in this world is a greater gift than having your little one, look at you with a smile and call you a ‘cat’…whilst doing a claw and a ‘rawr’ sound. I’m loving the ‘better choices’ version of me. I’ve really managed to pull my glittery self together, grow up, find my dignity and be a greater, more loving version of myself. We all know that i adore a wine and any life event possible, that allows me to slip into sequins and stilettos. Yet now i do it with a plush flair of ‘glammy glow,’ rather than puking up a lost tequila shot, by an alley way, as some loser boy tries to make me go home with him. I’m in a good place and when you’re in a good place, great things happen. Even though i didn’t do much over the Bank Holiday, i will say that i spent it with my ‘handsome’ and my bambino ‘B’Doobie. (What i call Rubes.) To me that’s all that matters. Keiran surprised me with the most beautiful bunch of flowers and well treated me to drinks, dinner and heart to hearts. You’ve got to love a boy that ventures off to the gym and returns with fleurs for his lady. It’s romantic, perfect and just how i wish to be cherished. Keiran and I have learnt a lot about life with each other andwell infact learnt a lot about each other in general. But most of all we’ve learnt about love. Yeah, we may fight, we may on occasion bicker. (We’re both fire signs and both exactly the same.) However at the end of the day, we’re always there for each other, due to our bond being so strong. I’d say we were the love of each other’s lives. I always one to reach for that and hold it close to my heart. Today we decided to ‘hang up our gloves’ because we’re weirdly terribly sensitive, we both don’t like the idea of the other maybe being taken away from us, but take it out on each other. We are soulmates, great lovers and best friends with a wonderful future and therefore we’re no longer going to bicker. When we’re good we’re GREAT and that’s the way we both need it to be from now on. When it comes down to relationships, it’s what’s done that matters, rather than what’s said. I’m learning this with Keiran. I’m the Queen of feist and far too emotional for my own good and well he’s the King of ‘saying things he doesn’t mean’ when he’s feeling rather angry. But this morning, we cuddled like we loved nothing more in this world than each other. I think, well i hope that we’re teaching one another what an unconditional love is and in that little box, we’re actually doing really well. I’m in love, i’m happy and we love being the little family that we are. Rubes is amazing.

I’m sorry if this blog’s shit, but i’m trying to remember what has happened over the last few days. It’s kinda all in ‘flashback’ form. One minute i’m playing with Rubes, the next i’m enjoying wine with a glorious dinner with my ‘handsome,’ the next i’m on the phone to Gay Adam sorting out his love life and then there i am again, doing a double Tequila with lunch. I’ve loved, i’ve thrown giant champagne bottles at people, i’ve been mildy strangled, i’ve screamed, i’ve laughed, i’ve felt over the moon, i’ve felt terrified, i’ve managed to get thrown out of a home, only to land on my face in the rain, whilst getting locked out, i’ve been cuddled,  i’ve broken a nail, i’ve giggled with my daughter, i’ve told Keiran how much i love him and well…now i can’t at all move my body, due to it killing. (Well done Wunna.) I’m ofcourse doing the ‘brave face’ thing, but i’m certainly quite *ouchy* right now. But whatever, after a few days and a bit of love, i’ll be right as rain. I think i’m not feeling so attractive anymore? I feel…i don’t know?

I can’t right the rest of this blog, because i need a bit of a lie down. But i can’t wait to see Rubes. I love my hubby to be greatly. I finally recieved the copy of my book today. (I’m excited that i can tick that little box with a ‘hell yeah, i did it.’ But even when i achieve, i feel like i need to conquer MORE. I’ve ‘ticked’ the box and well i’m moving onto the next venture.)

I hope you’re all well and i hope you’re loving every little bit of life. This morning when i woke up, i felt grateful for another day on this earth. I was happy, i felt strong and well in life when you can overcome anything and appreciate the beauty around you…then you are successful human being.



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