A Little bit of ‘OOoh Laaaa’


Hey babies, it’s the loveliest, freshest day today, and well i have got the awful Flu Flu bigtime. I’m bunged up and not the good kind (wink) and not only can i not smell anything, move my body appropriately, or eat, but my stupid ego, is now deciding that i’m NOT ill (even though i’m the illest being ever) and is unfortunately trying to fight it. I couldn’t move, or even get out of bed, but i’ve never looked so god damn good. I figured if i’m going to keel over and die of a fluey nature, then i’m going out like the hottest mama you have ever seen. I’ve squeezed my arse into the tiniest skirt, (tragic) i’m rocking the fur boots and don’t think i’m not BLINGED out for Britain. I even tried to take my flu and snotty nose out for a strutt. However, half way, my body gave in on me, and the hot blondy that lives in my building, found me, gave me a cuddle, an ‘aww’ then walked me back to safety. (sneeze, sneeze, hair toss, frown.) I got my flu from wearing that fucking sequinned playsuit in the cold, and then off ‘Lashes.’ Boys suck, they always leave with you with something to deal with, after they walk away. On the bright side, better it be the flu, then something i’d have to squeeze out my vagina 9 months from now, all screechy and daddy-less. Woohoo! I need rum.

What was i going to say? Oh yeah. Two days ago a GIANT building sized poster of me was erected in Hong Kong for all to see. If you are a resident, please do go and worship it, or throw eggs at it. Either way…make sure you take a looky. Well you can’t really miss it. (They’ll be more ‘ChrissieWunna.Com’ things being secretly erected, around the world. Watch out! It’s my story! My way!) The good thing about being a ‘Cyberlebrity‘ is that you reach way more people, in the shortest space of time…and around the entire WORLD. For those of you who didn’t know, i’m actually doing really well around the world right now, especially Asia. My blog is taking off, and reaching all kinds of souls. England has so far been the hardest place for me to crack…due to the toughness of the crowd. I get more’ hate’ mail, from the people of England, than i do anywhere else in the world. Infact, it is ONLY from British beings. Weird right? Yet today you’re doing me proud. I’m getting a lot more love now, and because you’re actually realizing what i’m trying to do. I want you to Live, feel, open you minds. I’m just a being, the same as you, but trying to find my way through this life and make my mark but the difference i s I’m DOING it. I’m learning Life as i go along…and yeah right now, i’m being so blessed. I’m lucky. I’m grateful. Yet know, it hasn’t always been this easy. I’ve paid my dues, donemy time and well I have stories that would give you the shivers. I don’t even know how i’ve ended up at a Camden appartment window typing out my blog…but i have, therefore i’m going to make the best of it!! Don’t waste time, thinking about where you are, or how you are…just enjoy it, roll with it and keep it sexy. If you don’t like something change it. Don’t waste time hating people. It’s really more exhausting than just giving them a cuddle.

On a funnier note. ‘Blondy’ in my building…who i half fancy, has a girlfriend. Ugh! Don’t they all. All the good ones are taken. Yet we’ve decided that since our courtyard is now filled with 1000 logs, from the random men sawing down our giant tree, that we should build a ‘

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