A Little Bit of ‘ooh laa laaa’

Opened my eyes and realized that i had been fast asleep, in quite possibly the deepest ‘dreamland’ ever much! It’s crazy when that happens, because you lose time in life, without you even knowing. I opened them slowly..(my eyes, you gutter minded swines) with my frowny, just woken up and unaware face on, realized it was now 4.20pm, i’d accidentally fallen asleep for an hour, and i was laid on my bed, horizontally, across my pillows..that were perfectly laid at the top of my bed. (Where most decent pillows lie.) I was oddly spooning a giant, grey, with white and black polka dots, sturdy ‘luggage on wheels,’ (invented by the devil) and not only was i fully ‘makes a change’ clothed, but i still had my coat, shoes, boobs and eyelashes on. (My boobs screw on and off…When i rest, i unscrew them and hand them to an Umpa Lump to hold with pride, whilst i sleep.) Anyway, yeah..that is how exhausted i was. I had a friend wake me up, who had been bizarrely standing over me. I heard her say, ‘even when she sleeps, she still looks like a Glamour Puss. When she dies, her corpse will be beautiful.’ WHEN I DIE!!!! What the fuck! People are trying to plot my ‘shuffle off this earth’…and more importantly WITHOUT ME! I throw the best shindig in town! When i die, don’t think i WON’T be at my party!

Anyway, this morning, i woke up next to my very delicious, very caramel coloured, half naked dreamboat, ‘Loverboy.‘ We NEVER get to wake up with each other, therefore when we do, it feels AMAZING. I woke up cuddling him, his arm resting under my head. He didn’t want to go to work and wanted wine for breakfast. We were in room 429 of a hotel in Leeds, under reference number 149644. (I like numbers, i find them erotic.) ‘Loverboy’ adores me, with a distinct side of ‘ super romantic’ much and well he’s really made Wunnaland worth while. I’m a girl that’s merrily picked myself up, time and time again after selling myself short, when it came to picking ‘other halves.’ Now i feel like i’ve found my soft landing. I’ve free falled (and ofcourse naked, in heels and in a misty glitter shower) through worlds, countries, hearts and lives. He caught me and bought me 2 bottles of wine, shower cream, and tooth-paste….before he left for work, he picked little naked me up, and wrapped my legs around his body. We kissed and exchanged ‘i love you’s.’ Then with a wiggle and a wink, i showed him out, got showered, dollied up, and with a Diva moment of *hair tossing* and placing my sunglasses on, I strutted down (took the elevator) to the reception, with my luggage on wheels, and black stilettos. Then eased into a cab, and got driven all the way back home. (‘Honey we have a problem. A rather sexy problem.’)

Okay, last night was delicious. I’m experimenting in life, and wanting to continue toying with walks of life. I mean in the great words of Pamela Anderson…‘A girls got to do, what a girls got to do…and in this world, you godda use ALL that you got.’ Interesting concept. I’ve been blessed with a natural talent for ‘jiggery pokery.‘ I’m extremely good at being a sexy nuisance. Therefore last night, i put my ‘sexy’ to the test and left my ‘nuisance’ at home. You will be informed about this in greater detail in a day or so. Just know that i had an AMAZING time of ‘oooh laa,’ magic and eroticism…in leopard print and heels, in a boudior. Then i came home and laughed it off with vino, with my ‘Loverboy,’ who finds pretty much everything i do rather rather sexy. I enjoy my life and i’m ticking off my *adventure* boxes a wink at a time. *sizzle.* (I’ve been in a place, where everyone has a story. Yet our paths are forced to cross..they cross manically that even Pollock would be puzzled, with all the ‘hoo-dee- haa.’ It’s all done in dim lighting.  It’s really rather Delicious!)

Anyway, i have to groom because i have an evening to get ready for, before a very busy weekend. I am LOVING my life at the moment. Make your story magical. Keep your fairytale alive. Mark this world with your own personal deliciousness and do it like you’re the Ultimate Glamour Glamour puss! *seductively walks out- winks* My story, my way…Join Me.

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