A little bit of love…


 At the end of the day all you have are moments and memories. Make sure you’re creating your history. Don’t forget to remember the little things and basque in the big things, do things that scare you, tempt fate a little, make mistakes, but keep your story worth telling. I’ve learnt in life, that if you have ‘love’ you pretty much have everything. Yet we all always believe we’re never loved enough by the right people. No matter what someone, somewhere is thinking about you…I promise.

In this picture above are four people, four different lives, four different stories, that one day found themselves all sat at the same table, at the same time, around a bottle of wine.  Two months ago, i didn’t know ANY of these people, and i never thought i would to be honest…So let life sail you through your chapters…don’t fight it, where clean knickers and always bring booze. (Then give it to me and do please quietly go away.)

12 thoughts on “A little bit of love…”

  1. yes i am impressed miss wunna u got much planned for the weekend i am having a ufcathon saturday night the fights start 9pm ufc 100 starts 3am and gos on till 6am i cant wait i got some pals coming over a few crates of stella vodk lovely darts

  2. Chrissie. Emotional.

    That is actually a lovely message and it has choked me a little. You know I love you loads and I am seriously so glad I know you lot. You all make me happy and I love the times we have together!

    I have to say, it’s not 2 months, we’ve known eachother 3 months haa!!

    I also have to say that by the expression on my face in this picture, I was sooo not ready for it – Chris just seemed to take it before I gave the “ok”… I will be having words!!

    Loves ya my bessie skank!

    Clare xx

  3. I’ll just pretend I don’t realise the camera is there and stare right into it anyway and smile and turn to the side next to the fatty….

  4. “Look at me in this photo… I was clearly ill and I looked unwell”… no love, you just wasn’t OBESE then…

    * H waves into the camera for 5seconds of fame *


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