A Little Bit of Love & a Whole lot of Questions

chrissie-1[1] - Copy

Just tell me that you love me…even if you don’t mean it,’ said the lowly coffee making man, to the Ultimate Glamour puss, as he passes her her change, over a gingerbreaded counter and tells her her latte will be waiting at the other end. Then with an ‘I love you’ and a *wink,* she wiggles over & away… never to be seen again. God, how good is my life right now. I feel all old school Glamour, all bright and magical. I’m having men go simply giddy, at my very presence..and for no other reason than that delicious Wunna ‘Charm.’ I’m liking it very much. This ‘Puss’ is rocking her ‘sizzle’ like

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