A Little Bit of ‘Inbox’

Dear Chrissie: (I’m giving you a little peek in my ‘inbox.‘ These arrived in the last few minutes. I randomly & quickly picked a few… for you’re deliciously precious entertainment. They’re from my male fans.)

‘Not going to lie,  just looking at your photos  & i fancied you.. .i wanted to shoot you, to meet you, i was being a little dillusional &  hoped you may like me, but anyways yeah never going to happen.
If  you’re around sometime in the midlands and fancy it let me know x’ 
(From a guy who i told off for being unproffessional.)

 ‘I just got off work and heard ‘Baby Boy’ and starting ballin’ ‘cuz I miss you… I’m sad… I need you back in my life.’ (From Latin Lover.)


‘Hello Chrissie,
your friendship make me really happy and you bring sunshine in my heart!
I send all my best wishes to you!
Have a wonderful and lovely day!’


‘Hi baby, When can i fuck you in my bed x soon i hope x love you sexy’ (Romantic.)


‘We need to know what food helps boob growth , does massaging daily help ?’ (One of those that you don’t entertain, as it WILL get dirty much.)


‘…sweet…thanx for your ‘ooh laa’ collection….really nice, hot…sexy….i love it………it makes my cock naughty….ha ha haaaa….ummmm…x’
‘You rang my darling? How may i serve you! Also going clubbing tonight. Why dont you come shake a leg and get crunk.’ (Coz i’m hood like that 🙂 )
Good Morning Princess.
Really miss writing to you.
Now your back up in northern parts maybe you might send me something back.
I cant keep writing to you if you ignore me.
Anyways,hope you are well and stay healthy.
Your friend, and not some arse licking fan, always Chrissie.’
Hi there . Well to be honest im lost for words , You’re beautiful.
Hope you dont mind the comment.’

‘Hi Chrissie Wunna, how are you ? Please do not mind, can i call you sister,dear,baby and darling.Please do not mind i want to say to you something that i love you and i want to marry you .You are very sexy,beautiful and hot. When i see you first time i fall in love with you. Please reply me soon i am waiting for you reply.. do you have any msn messenger. I  want to sex with you and i want to take your ass. Wanna give me your ass.’ (Lovely! Lovely!)
‘Alright Chrissie, just thought you should know that your starting to get a bit of a fan club in Dorset, so the people trying to be friends with you aren’t creeps or nothing, just spotted you through my account. Hope your doing alright.’ (From on old school friend.)
‘Wish u wer mine x’ (I like this one. To the point. Direct. Lovely!)
‘…so i guess u will only be apart of my dreams and nothing else’
‘I see you as a demanding lady who has to have what she feels she desires….would lady chrissie like to have a personal slave/maid to wait on you?
I go to lots of fetish clubs as a maid or in crossdress of some kind and i must say you area lady i would love to treat as a queen!!
to do all your chores,to do your shopping,carry your bags,all the jobs lady chrissie hates.lol!’
‘..she’s stalking me and its unpleasent… can u delete n block her please hun??’ (From a famous boy, who acts.)
‘Hey Chrissie, i apologize for the bad language i used yesterday while chatting with you, i thought in myself that i really have no right to say anything about your profession and your nude pics, you do it as profession only, and more over we all should respect women, i am very sorry for what ever i wrote yesterday, and ask for your kind apology.’
‘WUNNA I love you from now until death do us part. Right now, you living so far away from me is killing me, but I know in my heart that we are doing the right thing. And, you are trying to get things straight so we can live there forever and spend a lifetime together. I don’t want to lose you for anyone else or anything that anyone has to say about you. I want you to know that I love you from the deepest part of my heart.’ (I have NEVER in my life, met or talked to this boy….but i am flattered.)


I’m always here for you…no matter how many times you unfollow me on Twitter.’ (Via BBM…Jonny.)





5 thoughts on “A Little Bit of ‘Inbox’”

  1. That’s the 1st time something Johnny said has made me laugh. In a LOL fashion at that.

    Where are all the pictures of my fadge that I send you? I knew you didn’t appreciate them.

  2. I will work out a way for you to have a picket fence and all sorts of jollyness.

    (I am not sure why I am so Vagina obsessed this month)


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