A little bit of inbox

Welcome to Wunna Land. It is that time of the month where i let you, yes YOU, delve into my inbox and have a little peeky at what i, (Chrissie Wunna…Glamour Puss extra-ordinaire) get to read on a daily…sit back, relax, and grab a kitten.

.’Wana av sum fun hun. Im all yours now.Xx’

.’Thankyou so much for letting me take your photo ♥’

.’You are something else. Fair play. Own website, proper business girl. Good on ya. 🙂 x’

.’Hi Chrissie, can I friend with you ?’

.’hey sorry but i dont no u and u dont no me but ur sexy, pretty dam hot lol any chance ur single?’

.’Hello tiger chrissie.. how u and tiger land going :)(:’

.’Hi chrissie, i want to be a part of your life… 🙂 ♥ you’

.’Thanx for chatting to me this morning it was really nice…still can not belive I’ve asked you out over the phone and if u where on facebook, well iam goin to sleep nw ohhhh I love your smile your sooooo sweet, I really hope to hear from U.’

.’Chrissie! You are one of my biggest inspirations right now. Your blog is an absolute delight to read and I enjoy hearing your different views on things. Regardless, you definitely have been inspiring me for quite some time and I feel sort of like…a better person? After some of your “Wunnaful” confidence appears to have rubbed off on me, I feel outstanding. (:’

.’Hope your week is as exceptionally beautiful and enchanting as you.’

.’think your photos are absolutely stunning Chrissie!! 😀 maybe message me back next time your on here yeah!’

.’Hi wunna i am burmese to nice to meet you … i like ya so much!

.’ur are gorgeous and i would love 2 fuck u x’

.’I want to have sex with you, you’ re overlooking’

.’just to tell u why i tried to become facebook friends! well i saw u on tv and watched the all episodes and i thought u were a fantastic person and wanted u to win so when i stumbled across ur page thought why not try’

.’R U  a prostitute?’

When i’m down, there’s nothing like my inbox, to cheer me up. 🙂

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