A Little Bit Fluey But a Whole Lotta Lurve

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I think i’m ill. Well i know I am. I’m in bed and can’t move, with a snotty nose…which would mean that i ‘ain’t too dandy.’ I don’t think Glamour Pusses, deserve snotty noses. They aren’t really becoming and very rarely go with my outfit. But yes, my body is an acheing. Oh, isn’t Christmas fun!

I’ve actually got to get better by tomorrow as i have a signing and i love how i believe drinking Pear Cider, will aid my recovery. The ‘pear’ in the cider, creeps me out, BIG TIME! It makes no sense to me??

Last night i was on the phone til 7am, to a friend. I’ll not tell you anything about it, but i will tell you that i think i accidentally got hyponitized. Like in REAL LIFE! It’s actually happened to me before, in LA. There was this fat, grey haired doctor, who lived with 32 other people, who pretended he was a chiropracter, and when i went over, after getting run-over, he rubbed my ankle rather inappropriately and started talking to me in this soft, ‘woozey’ voice. I woke up suddenly…which is always scary when you can’t remember falling asleep! ( I mean the last time that happened, i looked down and had had ‘bigger boobs’ shovelled into my chest.) Anyway, he hypnotized me, without my consent. TRUE story! (Even admitted it.) Then after putting me back to normal, he got beat up in a Thai restuarant, (that turns into a kareoke gambling joint after midnight) by my boyfriend at the time, who kept oddly calling him a ‘Paedophile?’ I did actually love him for that. I adore a boy that will defend my honour.

Anyhow, I’m always having to stay up late for work, due to all the different time zones. If i have an Asian interview, an England one and an American one…i’m pretty much f*****! I’ll have to stay up and ‘phone’ ALL day into the early hours. But i love it, so i’m not complaining…which reminds me, I need to tan.

Yesterday, i can’t really remember what happened? Except i recieved a delicious amount of BBM voice notes. I loved them all. Especially the drunk 6am ones, declaring ‘Wunna’ Love. I think i also made a boy commit to drunken Ice skating. Chrissie on Ice…(that sounds like a cocktail in itself.) He claims to be an ice skating champ. I told him i would push him over and emotionally destroy him. He got oddly excited?

Life is good. I’m getting a great deal of love from the masses….for once. ‘Lashes’ is being a dickhead. It seems i only really do like him when he’s on drugs. However, i know i definitely don’t like ‘football’ coming before ‘important talk.’ (*she pushes him back through her revolving door of handsomes.*) ‘Latin Lover’ on the other hand is being a darling. (Infact, i’m doing alright with the boys right now!) I love romancing men. I think i could turn it into an art. It’s the Wunna Charm, i tells ya. However, I am enjoying all the Cyber hearts, flowers and smoochies i’m getting from you on Facebook. It’s definitely all going to my head. And well i’m happily riding out the year gleefully…but with the flu. God i HATE Pear Cider! Why put ‘pear’ into a soothing poor mans ‘love juice?’ I hate how they try to ‘fancy up’ something, that’s so simply correct.

I was gonna post a video up, however my awful better judgement told me not to, due to the fact that it was a bit racists! Hahaha…! OMG it’s funny. Other than that I really dislike the idea of DOLLYWOOD. What kinda fucked up theme park is it?? Everythings falling to pieces! On it’s last legs and everything! One of the actual rides is some sort of broken down shed, where a giant fire will come and BURN YOU ALIVE! WTF!! It then says you will need a bucket of water to put the fire out! FROM WHERE???? That’s not a fucking amusement park ride!!  That’s an insurance claim, a lawsuit and another pricey trip to the plastic surgeons!!

Even the shows are shit! They’re only on at weekends and they’re all about some girls who lived their entire lovely lives with the superstar Dolly Parton. They apparently tell their whole magical ‘country music’ life story with the ‘Great’..then it says ‘lasts 20mins.’ Hahaha! Brilliant!! DOLLYWOOD looks shit. I NEED to go.

Anyway, i’m gonna go now and die ungracefully in my pink sheets, with Cider. I love you. I do! Thankyou very very much. I’ve had a GREAT year Pussycats! (Oh? The Police are here?)

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