A Little Bit about Me…


Random Boy Today: You look like you’ve fallen from Heaven.’

Chrissie Wunna : ‘Well that’d explain the bruise i have on my leg… ‘ (Wink)

Been very productive today. Worked hard, laughed hard, and completely got obsessed with a business man, who was eating a sausage roll erotically at Kings Cross at 1.35pm. Is that wrong? Ooh i’ve just sat on a cucumber! (wink wink.) I’m being quite flashy today. I’ve found the inner ‘ghetto’ in Me and i’m foolishly under the misconception that i’m really quite ‘fly.’ I’m a hot little mess of a girl…but it works for Me, it always has. I’m feeling positive, forgiving and well there’s 100%  method to my madness. (‘Cha Ching!!!’ Insert any ‘gang’ sign here. )

I was stopped and told at the train station today that i was an ‘inspiration,’ and that there needed to be more people like Me. I’ll take that. Three cheers. Then i looked down at my phone, and read a text that said the EXACT same thing. Then i wondered why i had so many ‘haters’ if there’s 50% of the people cheering me on. But there’s a difference between being ‘HATED’ and ‘HATED ON.‘ Joseph Fritzel, (The ‘Fresh prince of Cellair) is HATED, because he locked his merry children in a cellar for years and bonked them ferociously until his babies, had his babies, babies. I am ‘Hated ON’ because i stir your emotion, test your moral meter, live the way you might have wanted to, annoy you with my jiggery pokery or (and this is the one i’m going with) because ‘I iz FLY!!! I’m not a people pleaser. I never explain myself. I’m just a girl, who writes a blog. Get over it. (Code for: READ IT EVERYDAY) I aint no Gary Glitter. (Well i’ve almost nearly been, i think i may have walked the line of indecency on many occasions.)

I’ve decided that relationships are dead hard. In all senses of the word. A boy bought me a rose last night, and i accidentally dropped it, stood on it, forgot about it and left it by a spilt Jack Daniels and coke. This is not what happens in fairytales or is it? I seem to be living one. Finding a man is difficult. It’s not about romancing me, it’s about being able to stand me…i need the strongest man alive and booze.

It’s odd how when girls, first enter a relationship, we get ‘lost in the lust’ of it all. Well i do. I’m eternally passionate and unrestrained. I like that in boys also. I mean ‘Guarded’ is so OVER. I wear my heart on my sleeve and it’s a good thing, infact something that others may envy. I’m fearless, ballsy & it’s sexy, (if it’s done in the correct manner.) The key is… to be fearless, ballsy, yet HAPPY-GO-LUCKY. Everything said with a smile and viscious ‘bedroom eye,’ will take you further, than just being a plain old bitcharoo. I’m not that! I don’t take myself or anything, too seriously. It humours me when people do…and it makes me pick on them a wee bit. (Awww…bullying is okay sometimes.)

But my life is GREAT. I am who i am, i never apologise for it. You don’t need to. I do whatever my heart desires, say what i want, wear what i want, be extreme if i want to be and i’ll do it everyday until the day i die. I like who i am. Do you? You should! And to all the little girls inspired by Me…I’m not encouraging people to be ME. I’m letting them know it’s okay to be themselves. And yeah people are gonna critize you, bully you, tell you you are nothing…( i get it every single day, from people who have never even met me, or even people who have…all around the world). But you AREN’T!  You are something…A LIFE. Don’t take a ‘LIFE’ for granted. And for every one person that critizes you…there’s 100 more darlings, with better taste, who ADORE you. REJOICE! People are allowed to have their own opinion. I enjoy it! i encourage it. I want to make people feel…..(me up!)

I have great respect for any being whose passion is to stay true to who they really are in life and to me, that rides over ‘Talent’ ANY DAY. Believe me, people can teach you to do anything!! Yet they can’t teach you to be you. People find it hard to be who they are.  They fear it. I don’t…which makes people fear Me. (Oooh la laaaa.) I also have heart for those who have learnt forgiveness, understanding and strength and how to drink 16 malibu pineapples at once, with sparklers in their hands, get fingered by a gang of apes and then punched in the stomach repeatedly, yet still not bat an eye lid, wipe their chops and go for one long big wee down an alley way…only to come back and do it all over again. I couldn’t hack it. You’d get a ‘hair toss’ and a ‘hand blank.’

Oh and i have to make a public apology for apparently stating that ‘Midgets were like Dildos with men attached to them. (And the whole point to a dildo, is that it shouldn’t come with a fucking MAN!!!!’) I apologise for being ridiculously hilarious. It was a fucking JOKE!!! (Ooh my phones ringing…? Did i tell you that ‘latin lover’ is back in my life??)


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit about Me…”

  1. Hated:
    Nahhhh Chrissie, you have to look at this subject differently, and in the lyrics of a Bob Marley Track (Slightly Modified for this case):
    “You can please some people sometimes, but you can’t please all the people all the time !!!!”

    So…….just do what you do best, Just be U !!!

  2. this pic is the fucking guvna u look the fucking tits ha ha ha i love your gun pics they make my day, right iam gonna read what u say know u love a bit of sausage dont u chrissie ha ha ha i love how u tyell things how they are babe


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