A juicy little topless snog-fest



So Keiran and I snogged last night. We never snog. We only snogged when we first began dating a year and a half ago…well just over that. We used to be sick and snog in the Subway line waiting for a 6 incher. We first snogged by accident, (Only I can do that 🙂 ) outside… under the stars, after a night out, that I invited him to , when I didn’t really know him. I just thought he was hot and new he was going to be my ‘forever,’ so I texted him and told him to meet us out.

Anyway, he had given my friends and I a lift home and after the night out, where a different boy was annoyingly stalking me, whilst I was attempting to make Keiran my ‘forever.’ When it was may turn for ‘drop off,’ he got out the card and when I went to hug him bye…we snogged, instead of hugged…and it’s bizarre because I KNEW i was going to Then as I kitty cat strutted away, he called me back with a ‘Chrissie, wait….i’ve got something to tell you, come here.’ I walked back, swinging my hand bag, in my pink heels all puzzled…and he grabbed me and snogged me again. From that night onward, we were an item…5 weeks later we were engaged.

Ofcourse, we’ve snogged since then…lots. But we haven’t snogged at all during my pregnancy. I even told him that I couldn’t possibly snog him because I had forgotten how???

Last night and because he was venturing to work the next morning for the weekend and we were going to miss each other (we’re so in love right now it’s marvellous….it’s amazingly romantic, strong…and sexy,) i went to kiss him..again in blue, the same blue dress that I had fought in the day before and the cuddle turned into a peck, which turned into butterfly pecks of little lip kisses, which ended with him sat on the sofa and me on my knees (nothing changes 🙂 ) facing him…and we passionately snogged for a little bit, as he ran his arms and hands down my back and I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. (I love his shoulders. He’s hot.)

Then we stopped, smiled and he said, ‘I have to stop or i’ll want sex.’ t was a ‘turn on’ snog. I wanted sex. My boobs had even accidentally popped out during the snog without my permission. (They do that. I can’t tame them.) So, I tried to make him bonk me…but he refused to. Lol. I don’t even know why? He was knackered, had lots of work to do and needed to get up early in the morning. There I was, on my knees, half tired, still feeling sexy and accidentally with my boobies out, being rejected. Pahah. I love it. Then he tried to change his mind later, when the children were deep into dream land and we were tucked up under the sheets. By that time, I was then knackered…so low and behold, not sexy time was had. We still haven’t had sex yet since the birth! It’s crazy that us of all people can live on cuddles and just old plain ‘true love.’ I’m feeling good. I know how much he loves me. I’m feeling how much he loves me and well i’m happy that he’s listened to how I felt and that he’s acted upon it. Only smart men do that. Young men fight it. Smart men, listen and go with it. Happy wife. Happy life. I had told him during the fight that he always had nothing but negative things to say about me, when there’s so many great things about me going on. Any man who can’t appreciate me or see the positive aren’t worth loving.

Since then, he’s showered me with positives and well it’s made me feel wonderful, meaning it’s made him feel wonderful. Once he heard me shout, ‘BABE, what do you want for lunch!?!’ He sauntered to the top of the stairs, with a smile and said, ‘I have my wife back.’ 🙂

So, anyway…he’s gone to Scotland to work until Monday. I’m home, but happier this time, meaning things are so much better. Baby Junior is doing really well and weirdly sleeping through the night. He smiles when he trumps and smiles when he’s fed. He’s just like his Father, but adores his Mummy’s cuddles. Ruby has mastered the art of the booty dance and nothing makes me happier than to see how happy she is performing this dance of booty to anyone who will watch! Ruby is turning into me…It’s great. She’s exactly how I imagined my little girl would be. Family life is perfect again and I love my husband more than ever. This morning before he left he looked at us all, before kisses and cuddles and said, ‘Ugh, i literally feel sick to my stomach leaving you all. I’m gonna miss you.’ This time during his exit, I loved, hugged and smooched him…kitten style and it sort of made his stride more prominent and the ‘M’ in his Manhood finally feel of worth.

Other than all that, the sunshine is making everything better. You just can’t be miserable in the sun can you? Even if you keep waking up covered in your daughters wee. I’m loving it and now GLAD that I never booked a holiday. Everyone seems to be going to Portugal. There must be some kind of cheaper to Portugal that I don’t know about? Everyone is going there, has just gone there, or have just come back from their trip over there. It’s rubbish if you’ve booked to be away this last week because we’ve finally had Summer. Makes me feel better. Who needs Spain, when you have a wiggle, a back garden, a bikini top and a heatwave?

Hopefully, i’ll be starting work soon. Proper work and not entertainment. My agents actually been calling me today, but I haven’t had time to call them back. You always need proper work when you have a family…at the same time as doing entertainment, until you make it big. I’m excited to get back to work because i once again feel a sense of purpose. Ruby is already in nursery and Baby Junior starts shortly. I can’t be a stay at home mum and well Keiran’s also working as hard as can be. We’re a winning combination and i’m so glad we’ve given up the fight. It just makes life much easier, because we love each other more than anything. When egos take over…plus tiredness…we attack. If i’m being honest, I couldn’t have chosen a better team player to do life with. It compliments my fabulosity perfectly.

We’re learning life together and that’s how it will always stay. We’ve almost been together two years. It’s insane. Well done me! I’ve never been able to be patience enough to hold a relationship. He’s growing up a great deal quicker than I am and having a son has done this to him. I’ve always said being a great father is setting the example. He is literally doing that…It’s only when i take away my love for him, he panics and then we fight.

Anyway, i’m off!

I love you. Enjoy the sun!

Chrissie x


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