A Jolly Good Bollocking…

In approximately 30 minutes, i’m about to get the biggest bollocking, i have ever recieved. Now, i’ve  received quite a few jolly old words of *bollocking* for the silly bits of ‘Chrissie Wunna’ that i wish i could tape over. However, i don’t think i will ever receive one as brilliant as this one. I’m nervous! Infact, so nervous that i have placed a ‘to get bollocked in ‘ outfit upon my Kitty body of ‘ooh,’ in dying hope that i get cut some slack and the ‘Bollocker‘ goes easy on me out of pity! I look rubbish and deliberately. When people tend to look rubbish, people tend to feel sorry for them…I’m going for this method of attack, simply out of desperation. Like i haven’t even combed through my hair! *Devastating* much!! I’m actually sick of having curly hair…it gets me into far too much trouble. (When you’re blaming your faults on curls…you know you are in too deep. lol)

OH MY GOD….i can hear the car pulling up. UGH!! Wish me luck! (Oh and when i say ‘bollocking,’ I am refering to a deliciously stern ‘telling off’ and not the art of someone whipping my eyes with their fleshy sweaty ‘man sacks!’ That has happened to me previous and yeah…his hangers smelt like a beef dinner. Niiice!!)

I feel terrified…. (I’ve just remembered that i have to call ‘Latin Lover,’ right now. What time is it in LA?)

Oh noooo….here we go! I’m gonna pretend i’m really busy on my laptop or something?? Right?? I was gonna do that ‘i’m fake asleep’ thing..but the laptop thing is better…right??? Oh god! Ugh!

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