A day and a bit much


SOOOOOOOOOOOO, i’m knackered, i’m really tired, from a giant load of hard work….BUT i’m happy and i’m happy because not only did i score myself a DOUBLE PAYDAY, but I also have my lash line ‘almost’ ready to launch on Monday…which is December 1st! EEk! Fair enough, i don’t have any time to dedicate to errand running, Christmas shopping or chilling. Especially because I have very little help right now…when it matters and when I really need it! lol. Sods law. However, it seems i’m handling it all with a ‘wink’ and doing pretty goddamn well. I’m managing to fit everything that matters IN..and when you can do that, still feel adored, still take care of your responsibilities and still make money…then you are the dogs glitzy bollocks!

Now, i’m always lucky in December, simply because many moons ago I was born under December stars. Makes me dead lucky whenever this time of the month waltzes around.

Sooo, i reckon that this little eyelash shaboogie, is going to go alrighty…meaning that i’m feeling quite confident and all because i’m happy. (Gives you all the right vibes, doesn’t it!) Everything, right now seems to be going right. The only shitty thing that happened was the fact that i accidentally pricked my finger..well cut it. When ‘Sleeping Beauty’ did this, she got a 100 year kip out of it…well she almost did, as she got woke up by some hot Prince smooching her! Alright for some. ME…on the other hand, cut myself on a cup…a ceramic broken one, in a sink. It bled and now hurts, like a swollen bruisey. No kip, no Prince. No joy. (I really do need a pamper day. I have a birthday coming up everyone!!!!! HINT! HINT! Oh..and i need a handbag….a good one. 😉 )


I’m working all weekend, through the day, through the night..and being a Mama all at the same time..AND the Kitty Queen of Greatness, might I add… *Wink…purr*

Therefore, all i really do have to say to you, whilst i’m in my sexy, but shattered state of ‘ooh laa,’  is Monday December 1st….my lashes will be ready for you to BUY! BUY! BUY!

It’s the first FIVE hundred that i have for sale…and well I have one and a bit days before you delicious dolls or guys can get your luxury mitts on them!!

I’m excited. You’re excited.

December 1st.

Coming soon!

Chrissie Wunna lashes.

(Perfect gift for Xmas.)


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