A Cheeky little Quickie


Off to work! Busiest weekend ever! Loving it. Getting on with it, can’t wait until it’s Monday! (My day off! 🙂 )

Didn’t eat my salad. Have arthritic toes. Sex was good last night. Making Ben watch ‘The Notebook’ today, as ‘homework’ whilst I’m at work, simply because he has NEVER EVER seen it….doesn’t believe that it’s good or a ‘weeper,’ and well sometimes a dude’s just got to sit down on his own and watch ‘The Notebook.’ (I’m testing him on it, when i get back…and all he asked for, if he watches it, is takeout pizza. LOL.)

I’ve got 20 mins to get to work. I’m definitely missing the babies. I’m powering through, as it’s nearly Christmas, meaning the ‘mad rush’ is almost accomplished! I’ve still got lots of Christmas shopping to do. I’ve never gonna fit it in.

I’m Happy. Cheery. Having a wine on an evening. Feeling a bit more glammy. Can’t wait until Monday. 🙂

Just a little quickie.

Love you.

Chrissie x

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