A Busy Day of Grooming


If you’re a Glamour Puss, there’s a great deal of jiggery pokery that needs to get done, if you are to appear places and look 100% ‘ooh laa.’ Today is my day of grooming and believe it or not, it can get kinda tiring, when what you used to do for a hobby, or fun, turns into your JOB. But saying that, i could have it a lot worse (hahah) therefore, i’m gonna shock my system up and get to ‘Le Groom.’ (Eventaully. I’m hungover and it feels awful. But i’m sure i’ll feel all feline again after, a pull, tug, poke and spray down.)

I have to work tomorrow night, therefore the grooming for that evening, will have to begin NOW. Today, i’ve got to tan 3 times, (I fake bake, and don’t sunbed, but only because i’ve left it too late to gather a gradual tanning bed bronze, and there really is nothing wrong with a healthy ‘orange’ glow.)  Then i have to trolley down to a salon to get my hair done, and prepped so it can be shaped, curled and lifted 10 feet high an hour before work tomorrow. Then i have to have a full set of nails extented onto my pretty finger lingers, and maybe get my feet done too. Infact, i might even fit in a massage, why not? It’s a definite way to ease your way out of a tragic hangover.

After that i will have to outfit pick. Run through a whole bunch of delicious ‘ooh laa’ that i could maybe vision myself wearing, followed by being eyelashed, air kissed and spritzed with various scents, until i find one i enjoy. ( I prefer fruity, to flowery.) Infact, i have a kind gentleman sending pictures of dresses to my Blackberry right now.

After all that, i might have wine inbetween, but i really can’t be arsed to have a tipple today…i shall return home, after not answering my phone all day, slip into a nighty and fall fast asleep. I am exhausted and the day hasn’t even begun.

Have a day of pampering my darlings, if your not already. It’s a great sunday treat, and well makes you feel like a woman all over again…all sexy and powerful. I feel a bit anti-social today.

Big love

Chrissie x

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