A burst before bed


Exhausted, but ON IT! I’m currently buying wigs. Yes…wigs at 9pm at night, after a full and very busy day at work. I got in late and once settled, then had to commence organizing everything for a photoshoot, that I need to tend to as soon as I possibly can. I’m on a MAJOR DEADLINE now and fitting everything in is SO HARD.

I’m body has worked so hard, it’s worn. I’m almost hitting my panic button, but not.

I have a full day at of work tomorrow and at the same time five alternate outfits to throw together, by myself, for a shoot that I still need to organize.

I’m trying to book a billboard. I’m going on a ‘lash tour’ where I visit shopping malls and lash you all up.

Things are great, but I AM SHATTERED. 🙂

I have help. I’m happy. But i’m running as fast as I can on empty…like the clappers, in heels.

This time, i feel determined.

I feel unstoppable. But also wish that Christian Aid, Farmer Copleys and Asda QUIT stealing all the billboard space that I wish to purchase! UGH!

Other than that…my i’ve had a guy call me ‘high maintenance’ and ugly and another call me ‘slanted eyed.’ Lol. You can’t be fugly and racist and score points. Just because I’m Burmese (which I’m super proud of) doesn’t mean i’m not British and just because i won’t bonk you, even though you’ve never met me, doesn’t make me ugly in real life or high maintenance. 😉

I’m about to place myself in a position now where others are free to banter and all for others having their own opinion. Yet, the shit storm that comes along with being Ms.Wunna…is a ball ache. Can’t you JUST BUY LASHES. They’re coming out…SOON.

Nighty x

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