A bit of Sunday banter

Much cheerier today. I actually thought I wouldn’t be, yet weirdly I feel like a huge weight (from nowhere) has been lifted off my shoulders, by half naked Greek Toga’ed hotties and flown into ‘The Heavens’ to nestle over…other people. I don’t know why, as like I said, there really was nothing burdening me, apart from my own new found dignity, ofcourse? Yet, i don’t enjoy the art of feeling stressed, mixed in with a combination of ‘rushy-rushy’ and ‘surprise.’ I’m not a kitten who enjoys a ‘surprise,’ when it’s a big change. I mean, i don’t mind surprise gestures of romance, or cute little surprises….from Tiffany. 🙂

However, the only surprise I will ever truly be happy about is the ‘Oh shit, I’ve won the lottery’ surprise. Every other ‘surprise,’ simply doesn’t cut the mustard..hence why I’m not keen on them.

I’ve been moody over the last couple days and well I’m now determined to shake it off, wrap up my pity party, actually communicate properly, (when you hide what you truly feel, you end up in all sorts of awkward predicaments) and steam forward in spikey heels, a faux fur and my ‘diva’ shades.

When I creatively work, i’m happy and well i’m gonna immerse myself in ‘getting ahead’ and putting my time to the things that matter. Keiran and I are both hard workers, dazzled in determination. However, we’re really different when it comes to approach. I’m careful with money and the making of it. I’m a great deal more patient and have no problem taking the time and putting in the effort to get where I want to be, knowing that when I do, i’ll be in a champion position…even if it takes years. (But I’ve made enough right now, to be a bit more settled with where I am in life, to refrain from the ‘rushy-rushy,’ heel totter.) Whereas,’The Hubs’ is far more dotty and darty. He’s ‘Hands on Larry-now now’ and will throw everything he has, into whatever he has set his throbbing heart upon and he’ll do so threefold…with his fingers crossed and a dagger of impatience. Which is also not a bad way to do things…yet, for me…and with ‘dollar’…I prefer a more careful approach. If you ‘slap-bang- hit’ the balance between us, you’d have it exactly right. It’s a soap opera…and we’re living it like champs.

Rubes has been picked up and is currently enjoying her time with ‘Daddy Pete,’ for Sunday dinner. Keiran and Pete weirdly get along quite dandily, which I absolutely adore because it means they have my glitzy little Bambino’s best interests at heart. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not supping pints together, or skipping through grassy fields, holding hands to nursery rhymes. But they’re merrily cordial and I like it. I think she’s going swimming today, as it’s one of her new favourite things to attempt. She’s loved it when we’ve gone to the spa, or Oulton Hall and she’s loved it in the forest hot tub, so hopefully, the Barnsley Metrodome will suffice. Yesterday, whilst every other child in the nation probably played out in the snow. MY CHILD instead wanted to rock out her ‘fro, and eat bowls of cheese, under blankets, in a jumper and with her neon fairy pillow. 🙂 That’s my girl. I was dreading having to face the cold, but would’ve done it anyway.


Today and because I missed my Mother’s birthday, I’m off to TGI’s at Xscape for a casual family lunch, to celebrate her ‘another year older.’ I’m sort of on a ‘not eating everything I see’ preggo diet. Don’t worry, i’m not foolish and I understand that I am pregnant. Yet, i’m trying not to chow-down for two, so that losing my Baby weight won’t be as tedious this time around. I’m doing quite well at it, as i’m quite disciplined when it comes to eating sensibly, it’s the ‘Hollywood’ in me, a stamp that i’ll never be able to rub off. However, sometimes you’ve just got to gobble up that extra bit of dessert and do it with a smile. The good thing is that you can then blame it on pregnancy, meaning it’s a ‘win-win’ all around.

Life is good right now. Nothing much to report, with it being Sunday, a day of God and all that vajazzle. I’m currently obsessed with wanting to be a novelist, one who writes saucy ‘Hollywood’ books, filled with martial scandal and delight. I’ve been looking online and it seems that it’s quite a hard task. So, i’ve decided to go with ‘fuck that’ and do it anyway. When taking on a task, it’s important to read the positive and learn from the ones that have made a success, instead of dwelling in the bucket of ‘it’s not that easy’ dish water.

I’ve done a lot of things in my life, that people weirdly think they can never achieve. If you don’t think you can achieve it, you need to try before you actually give up. I literally watched people’s dreams materialize right before my very eyes.

Keiran and I are once again back to ‘fairytale’ after a dodgy bit of ‘umming and arring,’ at each other. When you’re married, you kinda have a responsibility to make the most of the love that you have and well that’s the road we always try and take, making our love spicy…(but that may be because of the ‘surprise’ blow jobs. He, unlike I… likes surprises.)

See you all later,

I’m off to do my face x

ps/ What’s all the Andy Murray drama? I have a Facebook timeline filled with it.



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