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Right! I’ve been inundated with messages galore, about yesterday’s blog. Everything’s fine. I’m all good. You needed to check my Insta Story (@chrissiewunna) to know that. I just needed to voice it all out…simply to let it go, before I muscled on it, to ‘champion’ things out. (Everyone always wants me to write about how I really feel and when I do…everyone then gets into a mini fluster. Haha.)

However. thank you so much for all the support. I might not have a gazillion followers, but the ones I have are the most loyal ‘winks’ and that alone is worth so much more.

Bottom line. I’m happy. All’s wonderful. As soon as I strutted out of my ‘drama’ yesterday, my friend Mel, zoomed straight in with a Whatsapp message, filled with help, love and confidence. (There’s a comfort to that. She’s been through it before & she’s strong.) My Mum was an absolute Queen and ‘DBear’ troopered in, with that irrepressible feisty strength he has. I love you all. Thank you so much.

Y’know, ‘DBear’ has this very attractive power of being able to stand up for all of those, he cares about. He does it whole heartedly. I have the exact same Superpower. It’s something we share, as traits. You might think that standing up for someone else is not that big a deal. But you’re wrong. I’ve seen SO MANY ‘apparently ballsy’ people walk on by, say nothing, do nothing or bury their head in the sand…in a moment where they needed to hand over a bit of support, strength and gusto.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying get involved in everything, or anything where your powers are not needed. Lol. Yet when they are…and you know when they are, because there’s a *pause.* You feel that moment in the air….YOU SHOULD.

You’ll feel a sense of injustice, or you’ll take a look at a moment and notice that a friend in need, may not ask, yet absolutely requires a lil’ b’zinga.

That’s when you should step in, WITHOUT FEAR…and with B’ZINGA. (And you can’t do it shit, either, because once you go in…you’ve got to go in with nipple tassles on…the lot! )

I once had a friend ‘go in’ with B’zinga at a cocktail bar once. In fact, it was Neighbourhood, Leeds. They started off really well…& then got insecure half way through the mighty delivery. Haha. It was ace…It was like she quit mid way, cos she was a little parched.

‘Jeeves! I need a Pina Colada!! Immediately!’

If someone else has already owned ‘Operation B’Zinga,’ it’s rude to butt in, if you’re not invited. Haha. However, there was a moment where she looked at me, like a glittery lifeline of sharp sassy charm was needed. I took that as my I invitation…

Precious: ‘Thank God, you took over. She’s was in my face. I couldn’t think of anything else to say, other then her brow game was shocking. Haha’

Me: ‘Lol. Don’t go in unless you’re gonna finish…Haha. I HATE impromptu sass.’

Precious: ‘You did it so nicely. Well I couldn’t tell if it was so evil or so nice? You’re like a James Kitty Bond.’

Me: ‘Haha. I’m a glamour puss, not a shot putter. It needed grace. Did James Bond have fights in bars? I thought he killed people & had sex with all their wives?’

Precious: ‘Honestly. Who TF cares! Get me a gin! Haha.’

Anyway. I got distracted.

I faced fears yesterday. It ignited my soul with a juiced up ‘whoosh’ of ‘ooh laa.’ It felt good. It felt empowering. Therefore today, it made me face another fear……which was putting actual air in my tyres….by myself….at the petrol station. Haha. Honestly, it scares me so much. I usually make other people do it, or buy new tyres. (I’m that pathetic.)

Jules: ‘She once. Couldn’t be arsed to wash a giant pan after using it, because the task looked far too laborious, so she threw it away in the wheels bin and bought a new one.’

(That was the one time I cooked. 😜)

There you have it. I’m a total Queen. Do something that scares you.

Wait!!! I think I need to go? I have a video call at some point today??? I can’t remember what time??? It’s to influence someone’s book.

Video calls scare me..So ‘BOOM’ another fear faced. Haha. I’m on fire. I need a prosecco.

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