A bit of before bed banter…


I’m on my busy work week and although already ‘sh’ for shattered…even though it’s Monday, i’ve got a red wine and a heart filled with loved, as i sit in my pj’s watching my babies sleep.

I had a weekend of shopping and perving on 17 year old boys, during a ‘High School Musical’ movie night bonanza. I definitely want to marry Zac Efron and i definitely took my toyboy fetish a bit too far this Sunday. Hurrah! Rum for all! I informed my a guy friend of mine who i’ve been texting about..well all sorts really. I’m refreshed by him simply because he is intelligent and humourous. I’ve decided to gather intelligent, funny guy friends. Fair enough, this one is accidentally physically broken, so he states, yet i’m used to men being emotionally broken, so ‘hurrah’ to that…it’s a makes a great change for a male to be sane, secure, but maybe with a couple of kinks going on with his anatomy. I’m collecting ‘good people’ right now and i’m impressed with myself. I like my soldiers to be dandy and filled with a warm, happy soul. I’m quite a good judge of character. But only after experiencing so many dodgy people. (Especially pervs. I tells ya, i am perved out today. They have exhausted me. I can’t be bothered with them.  Tuck ya boners back into your pants boys! Wunna is too old for your shite. )

Anyway, away from all and pointing towards the things that matter…MY LITTLE BABY JUNIOR WALKED. He took his first proper steps and is now a WALKING MACHINE and his face when he struts is the most impressively excited face ever! I am gushing with utter pride and well i couldn’t be happier.

You know, you kinda get down sometimes when you’re a single mum, running a day job an doing life, whilst planning to run your own business…You don’t get time to yourself or to do the things you wish to do for fun…as the other part of the ‘half’ does whatever they want, whenever they wish.

BUTlet me tell you, the BEST thing about being a single mum is the simple fact that you DO NOT MISS ANYTHING. You GET to see your children’s first steps, hear their first words, be the first person they love and trust and enjoy every moment of ‘first’ that they have going on…which matters in life. It makes the world light up with the best feeling of happiness EVER and i couldn’t have got a more warmer feeling to watch my baby 2 take his first champion struts! Then to top it all off, it was RUBY who helped him, by holding his hands, walking with him and then slowly letting go! WHAT A STORY! The kids are doing me PROUD and well it makes single mum times worth every minute…So mums don’t feel down, as the like i said, the other parents might have all the time in the world to do all the things that we as women with babies can’t do…YET THEY DO NOT GET TO SEE ANY OF THE STUFF THAT MATTERS. They don’t get to experience the happy rush you get when you witness the miracle of first steps. 🙂 I am BEAMING! Junior…can WALK..and i was there!! I WAS THERE TO SEE HIM TAKE HIS MAN STEPS. And well more than anything, it was his little face that made it amazing. HE was more shocked and impressed than anyone and it was that, that made me giddy. 🙂 Eeek!!

Okay, it’ salmost midnight, i’m knackered and i’ve got a long week of work. Friday off to do beauty line stuff…but i’m working hard and long right now.

I’ve started to name my eyelash styles and i’ve named them after my favourite LA boys. All real boys in my life and all great..handsome…fabulous gents, who i simply adore and mainly because I have a story with each.

I’ll tell you more about it later, when i’m not as tired and chaiiter chatter to you about each boy. GREAT times with each handsome. GREAT stories to tell!! More importantly…GREAT LASHES!

Anyway, here’s my ‘help a friend’ moment!

My family friend Nicola (producer for the BBC) needs YOU!!!  Fancy being on telly?

Read this, if it relates to you in any way, please contact them immediately!

Breastfeeding glamour models, dancers or strippers please get in touch!!! TV production company betty are making a one hour, one off documentary for Discovery Networks International which aims to look at the attitude towards breast milk and breast feeding practices in the world today.

The programme aims to inform the audience, and give people taking part a platform to celebrate and challenge preconceptions about breastfeeding. We are looking for a wide range of stories to cover in our documentary and are particularly keen to explore the dual function of breasts as both nurturing and sensual .

We would like to speak to breast feeding mothers who use their breasts in their role as a mother and in their role as a model or dancer. If you are a breast feeding glamour model or dancer and happy to share your story please get in touch! There would be no expectation of filming, initially I would just like to learn about their experiences. We look forward to hearing from you! Phone: +44 (0)20 7 290 0207 Email: breastfeeding@betty.co.uk’


Nighty night…

I’m need some sleep!


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