A bit of a positive preach


What is my 2014!! Lol. I have honestly NEVER in my entire existence…EVER gone through such a year of insanity! Fair enough, the sun’s gone in..i can live with that, my legs are brown anyway, I forget that i’m ethnic.

It’s my final day off of the ‘two day’ dash of freedom and Junior has certainly let the chicken pox get the better of him. Lol. That’s what men do. Yet at least he’s a boy that adores me. I have a total Mama’s boy on my hands and i wouldn’t have it any other way. I think the children are just over excited, as we’ve moved into our new home. Yet, right now due to their delicious mother’s work schedule, it’s still just an empty shell…with beds etc…simply because I’m having to schedule purchasing and deliveries between my work days and well all the decor and delightful bits again can’t get done until i’m free. PLUS, I’ve of course gone an ordered all new sofa’s, dining tables…blah, blah..blah..which actually take forever to arrive, especially when you have two different life  timetables to meander and make whoppee with. It’s literally hell for Mama, yet for the babies, it is UTTER BLISS, as it’s almost as if they have their own giant, empty, play room of a home, where they can run around like mad people, screaming, giggling, playing and in Junior’s case…. trumping on carpets.

I’m doing the whole entire place up and out. I’m even winking at a garage conversion. I mean, i’m a girl, I don’t store heavy duty anything. So, i figured i’d turn it into a chill, glamourous living space/play area for the babies. Half living room, half play area…and a door that leads straight to the garden…with a gate that leads onto endless fields.

Now, Mike the handy man has assured me that he will be able to take care of ALL OF THIS. All i have to do is purchase, explain exactly what i want doing…be it anything from painting, to light fixtures, to furniture, to conversions…and he’ll do it all. ALL OF IT. And in a couple days. Meaning i leave with a troubled face of ‘ugh’ and return like i’ve just been gotcha’d by 60 Minute Makeover. He’s quite handy simply because things like light fixtures, door painting and brackets for telly’s on walls…i know nothing about. Him and his best friend usually come in and I ‘supervise’ which is just ask them about their love lives and listen to them swear at one another and talk about life, diving in Thailand and their ages.

I’m planning the big re-do NEXT WEEK, yet still don’t know what my free days are as of yet. I mean, once the purchasing has been done, i believe we’re steady away. I can’t wait to turn a house into a home…and one that is fit for Wunna land. I will tell you that this place feels amazing. Each morning iv’e woken up i’ve felt fresh. I think there was some disturbing energy in my old home, as it was filled with arguments and bad vibes. This home feels free and peaceful. It’s just what i adore and just what I need. I can’t wait. I mean the view from Ruby’s room is amazing! She looks upon fields for miles around that sway and smile in the breeze. It’s making country life worth it.

Junior’s chicken pox are almost over. He simply looks like he’s been in a cage fight? The pox have all scabbed over and well…he’s a treat with spots. I adore him. I’m glad they’ve got them out the way.

The home and the need to organise it all is stressing me out. More stuff to deal with in 2014. Lol. Throw me a bone and let me knock myself out with it. Yet on the whole, i’m happy.

I’ve just recieved my a new book for female business princesses…’The F Factor,’ got it for free and well i’m so excited to read it. Us women need more applause in life, simply because we do a lot and without much gratification. So for every single mum who is or wishes to be a success, you can and WILL DO IT. Due to circumstance, we end up in these positions where we are left holding the babies sorting out work, money making, love and life..all at once. At times we’re defeated by it and other times, we’re ‘strong like bull!’ You can have success without the final struggle and this is what that book is about. I’m a single, full time working mum of two…with ambition and my own business to launch this year. Things aren’t easy, but i KNOW that i can do this and because so many other women before me HAVE, And i want to be one of those success stories that people look up to and realize that they also can do it all and have it all…

Don’t let life or circumstance get you down. Pick up the pieces and put them all back together or rearrange them to make the puzzle work for you. You don’t need a man to help you. You just think you do at times. It’s the pity party. All you need is to just stay focused and not be bothered by what people think. Keep your eye on the prize. The happy ending.

I knew a woman in LA was was completely homeless with her daughter…and 3 years later she lived in her own $1.5 million mansion and was running her own company from her own home. She had no help, no-one just her own wits and heart. And i mean, that woman who’s made the headline of the paper this morning, who’s pregnant with baby number 17 and she hasn’t once EVER claimed benefits. That is a SUPERMUM. It certainly makes you wonder why there are women with one child, still young, still able and sat at home, claiming benefits, moaning about the foreigners taking all the jobs, simply because they can’t be bothered or are ‘too good’ to work for minimum wage? Snooze. Even when my father was  SURGEON, (this is when he was young|) he still collected glasses at a bar for extra money, on a night because i popped out of nowhere. 🙂

Be inspired by those who set great examples. Work hard, reap the rewards for it later. It’s not a race against time. Anything can happen to anyone, at any time.

Dreams come true.

C x






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