Looking Back

Morning my fabulous fripples of friction! I have risen with a smile on my face, a peek at the sunshine and a breath that is assuring me everything will be okay.

havvy.‘ He assured me she’d be dead in a month. (This is why i shouldn’t leave people!)

I mean my ex-Jonny for example…i leave him behind temporarily and now he is NEVER  found on a drunken mid-week night, in a bundle of butch trannies, trying to figure out if he made out with the ‘edgy’ one. He now stays home and paints his bathroom ‘pebble beach.’ What has become of everyone!!!! I mean i thought he’d surely have herpes by now, a pair of heels…or a tattoo. No-one’s learning anything!!!


I mean i’m an attention whore. (We know this!) I like full attention on Me. (Heeellllooo?) If it’s not…and especially if part of it has been given to an old flame (eww much) …..you’re in trouble. Really big trouble. He’s trying to talk his way out of it….but i’m an expert when it comes to people talking themselves out of shiteroo. Nice try! Forgiveness denied. (Gifts would be good.) I’m currently being told by a chick friend that i’m a Glamour Puss that only likes life when i’m single…and because i very rarely am. I apparently enjoy short, sharp fireworky bursts of love and whenever i feel like it. I’m still just gonna go with ‘gifts would be good.’

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