5 Ways to say ‘sorry’



Okay, so today was meant to be 100% stress-free, filled with love, baby making and ‘oooh laa.’ However, in the last 20 minutes, i’ve managed to have a bit of a bicker with my hubby-to-be over vegetables, to the point where i ended up ‘Diva-ing’ on him, (after he threw my fresh steamed veggies in the bin,) pickin up a half full pan of baked salmon and pasta, strutting to the patio door, LAUNCHING it on the lawn, then turning around to throw the now empty pan (with onion bits in) through the air and into the corner of the living room, on to a music playing system. Yipppee!

He’s apologised, i’ve forgiven him and we’re laughing about it now. (I mean if i was going to ‘dodgy food’ him to death, i’d do it the sexy way with arsenic in leopard print heels and not carrot clumps.) The fact that he pre-tuned the tv to ‘Real Housewives’ made me forgive him. I’m not mad really. I wasn’t ever. I just have a ‘diva’ whenever i feel 1% unappreciated. But i love my little fool. I can’t help it.

Anyway, since my little saucepan flight, i figured it would be a good time for me to post this blog…one that i’ve been meaning to post for donkies years, but never got around too.

Men…you always mess up. I know a lot of you, have dated a lot of you and yeah all the time you tend to accidentally balls everything up and find yourself in a position of ‘i’m sorry.’ Therefore i thought i’d help you out a little, by presenting you with 5 WONDERFUL ways to say ‘sorry’ to your girly. You really don’t even have to utter a single word. Just leave it somewhere where she’ll find it and find yourself scoring MAJOR points!

The above ways also work for ‘I love you…’ which is a much better option.

I have a good hubby to be, meaning i have delighted in most of the above from him…without it having to be a ‘sorry’ and it always being an ‘i love you.’ But i assure you, there is not one girl who wouldn’t appreciate at least one thing from the list above, when you need to get out of trouble. 🙂 (You have a love letter, flowers, a cuddle, a handbag, or jewellery)

Lots of love

Chrissie x

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