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Quick 5 mins before I shuttle off to work! I’m filled with excited and all things are looking good for the future. The new eyelash line development samples are here, the babies are the happiest they have ever been because I have comforted them with stability, the day job brings nothing but a smile to my face and well lines my bank balance with a very merry smear of ‘yeah baby’ and i’m feeling better than ever and I don’t mean fake ‘better than ever’ i mean better….than EVER.

Working hard, sorting out the babies passports. I’m taking them on their first abroad holiday this year, so it’s all very delicious. We’re doing abroad TWICE..so they have a practice nearby run and then a tropical exotic bit of chillax with Mama. (We deserve it.)

Loving all the people around me. My day job is making my body ache, but is fantastic. I’m so happy and well have such a sense of worth now. The love life..well i’m no longer speaking or associating with the boy in question…and I do refer to him as ‘just a boy.’ I’ve blanked him for the past week and simply because when things are going well in your life, you don’t drag in the baggage. His own fault. He’s been texting and calling…but i’ve had enough, so i’ve just shrugged him off, which is a lot nicer than the things he has an idiotic human being has put my children and I through. (Don’t you just love being a lioness! I love this phase and new that I would finally get there. *Applaud here.* That morning when you just wake up and you’re done. You’ve gotten over being treated poorly, but for real this time and you can smile, as you see that you have so much going for you. He punched waaay above his weight with me and nothing is better than saying nothing, walking out of a tanning salon and having the lady owner, stop me, pause and then say with a smile, ‘He’s an idiot and going to spend the rest of his life kicking himself in the balls. He’s never going to do better than you.’ Yeah!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, as of right now, he’s made no attempt to clean his act up and doesn’t realise that it is actually detrimental to the welfare of his son, as it makes him less of a parent.Meaning, I guess we go to court. I have no problem meeting him there, i could’ve BEEN a lawyer if I wanted to. He can fight me with his ‘I passed one G.C.S.E in PE,’ working brain. I’m passionate irl, a strong femme and well when i’ve had enough…you’ll know it because Wunna land slips right out of your hands, just like rugs being pulled from under you…so to speak. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m happy, I’m stronger than ever…he’s horrible (haha) how could i have been so stupid. Lol. As I Facebooked today, the good thing about raising children, especially one being a baby boy, as a single mum, is the simple fact that you as a woman contribute to a new breed of men, who love, honour and respect women. Junior’s MY boy and he’s being raised ever inch a Wunna. I mean it’s because of my mum that he goes to one of the best nurseries, he’ll go to the best schools, he’ll have great morals, learn life the way I did growing up and have his heart filled with love every day. To be a good parent, you have to set the example…when you don’t…it’s your child that will one day look at you and laugh at the disgrace that you have become.

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