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Okay, so yesterday after gettin judged at a local Post Office, firstly by grannies and secondly by a rumpy middle aged man, (‘I thought you would’ve at least tried to grow old gracefully,’ -Nothing like a bit of verbal abuse with your ‘may i post this recorded delivery,’) my lovely handsome Hubby-to-be and I Keiran found ourselves on route to Radio Aire for a bit of video taping, audio recording, information absorbing, wedding talk, competition and charity.

The weather was the beautiful kind, all nippy, yet crisp, all sunny, but cold and as we quite merrily chugged along towards the Leeds Radio station, (right by ITV Yorkshire,) singing along to our favourite songs, giggling and basking in our ‘fairytale’ of a love…we found ourselves *buzzing* into Radio Aire with a ‘Hi, we have an 11am appointment. We’re here for the ‘5 Brides 1 Wedding’ competition.’ And there we were.

We tottered into the reception area, where we found 2 other couples (our competition) sat on comfy seats, looking mildy nervous and sizing our jolly little selves up. (Lol…Lord knows what we must have looked like. They all looked like nice, normal, quiet but happy couples. We rocked in with the mini-skirt, boyband haircut, sunglasses, diamantes tan and a ‘HI EVERYONE.’)

Anyway, long story shirt, we were escorted to a conference room, after being cheered and applauded by all the Radio Aire staff, as we walked by. ( I do like a bit of applause at the best of times…as does Keiran, we’re like peas in an ‘adore me now’ yummy pod of ‘ooh laa.’) We all sat down in our allotted blue foldered spots and in that moment we were told about the magical adventure we were all about to go on! If i’m being honest, Keiran and I didn’t really know what to expect, having being a last minute pick. However 5 minutes into it, and with 5 other couples, we were IGNITED, excited and ready to take the bull by the dream wedding, ‘Cash For Kids,’ Radio Aire…glitter horns.

We had a bit of banter, Keiran managed to get himself all kinds of over excited. We filled in the correct forms in love in our pretty little eyesand after filming a bit and taking an audio for the Radio station, followed by branded and very posey piccies, we were hooked. We’ve noticed that we always seem to be getting ourselves into merry little adventures and excitement. All last minute, yet randomly AMAZING. And well…this adventure is probably the best yet, as we will always remember it and for the rest of our life together. (Keiran and I are both ‘go-getters’. These adventures we accidentally find ourselves on are the things that make our relationship magic, unbreakable and filled with love and laughter.) -Feel free to get a bit jealous here if you wish 🙂

Okay, so this is what we’re doing! Out of thousands of couples, who entered the ‘5 Brides 1 Wedding’ competition with Radio Aire and ‘Cash For Kids’…700 were shortlisted. Out of that 700…FIVE couples were selected to take part in the adventure! Luckily, we were one of those 5!! We’re Couple Number 1.

Incase you didn’t know ‘Handsome Keiran’ and I are wanting to get married this year and well Radio Aire, alongside ‘Cash For Kids’ have given us the opportunity to WIN the WEDDING of our dreams..worth £37,000. Where we win every little bit of our entire wedding, plus wedding planner, AND a luxury honeymoon to an exotic place of glory. (How lovely!)

Each couple has been given ONE WEEK…to raise as much MONEY as possible for the ‘Cash For Kids’..which helps the children in your local community who maigh tnot get a chance at a fairytale without this money and well the couple that raises the most, wins!

Therefore from March 3rd, to March 11th we will be ALL OVER Yorkshire, all branded up, with our ‘Cash For Kids’ car, with full Radio Aire support to gather as much money as we possibly can for thes children! It’s a charity that is really important to me. I have my little baby Ruby and being a mum has been the most amazing chapter of my life, meaning I 100% support all childrens charities. Therefore i’m firstly can’t believe we’re gonna get to do this and i can’t believe how EXCITED Keiran and I are. (If you give back to your community…Life gives you a big old kiss and blesses you with ‘dreams come true.’)

All i know about my love with the ‘Handsome,’ is that we have the kind of love that is so ‘fairytale’ and because it flourishes from a strong foundation. By YOU kindly donating to the ‘Cash For Kids’ chairity via us..yes, we’ll win our ‘fairytale wedding’…but you will also be blessing a little girl, or little boy, who would never ever have the chance to flourish without community help. You will give them THEIR foundation and therefore, THEIR fairytale.

I can’t think of a better way to get married. I’m so happy.

I’ll put more details of this up, when i have them. We pick up our ‘Charity car’ today and well thanks to Radio Aire we’ll be bag packing at your local supermarket, car washing and winking money out your wallets 🙂 ALL WEEK LONG! If you do see us out and about, please do take a moment to donate with love. It all starts tomorrow and we couldn’t at all be anymore excited. We laid in bed las night, madly in love, ranting about it, like little giddy kiddies on a sugar rush.

I actually have a really busy day today. I have lots of very important phone calls to make. I have to take baby Ruby to a audition..bless her. (Aww. I love it.) We’ve got to go pick up the car. Followed by shoot in a wedding dress. I then have a 2pm skype audition that i’m having to do over the phone, (it’s for something amazing and very ‘Chrissie Wunna.) Then i’m back home, organizing the entire mound of Wunna land, doing a bit of book stuff and then going to a PR meeting at 9pm.

Hectic. But amazing. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Love you. Oh and please stay tuned. (Everyone keeps making fun of my granny knickers?)


(Us at Radio Aire)

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