When Romance is alive


Well last night after a pretty easy day at work…a good day….a normal day, well until I got bollocked in an office and not the good kind and for no real reason other than the stress of another…which i get at times, as ‘business running’ isn’t easy. However, I’m a being who notices hard work and good intentions…and will never make anyone feel unappreciated, if i believe they’ve slogged their guts out over time. But, i felt unappreciated…and it immediately adjusted EVERYTHING.

So, as I waltzed out, i accidentally bumped into Ruby and my Mum, meaning in a flash my world was back to wonderful, as it makes you realize what matters in life and when you love, or have something, or someone you love, you can always feel grateful for your existence.

Everything changed and i was as happy as can be. I mean GOD just to see how happy Ruby’s face was to see me, made my day completely worth it.

THEN to top it all off, I drive home, after buying last minute bits and bobs, I pull onto my drive, Ben opens the door, Ruby rushes inside…I’m told to relax, take my coat, boots and ‘everything’ off…and then I’m told to venture upstairs in the dark to see my surprise.

I LOVE SURPRISES these days, as life isn’t so bad, meaning they’re never scary or bad.

As i walked upstairs, and had a little peek, Ben had prepared me a boiling hot, bubbly, lush bath bombed, giant candlelit bath, equipped with a Mimosa and a smile!


Now, with me, the small things make a huge difference and well the idea of romance. I’m a sucker for it. Like i’m a girl that you mess up with, buy her flowers and she loves you again. Lol. Just to note…he didn’t fuck up, he just saw a Facebook status saying i needed my back massaging and decided to champagne, candlelit bath surprise me. PLus, i’ve been stressed recently and he didn’t want me to think about it, as we have a relationship that everyone seems to comment on, which i don’t mind, as i’m used to it. Yet Ben is a sensitive creature, meaning it upsets him.

So after a shit bollocking, it was lovely to bump into Ruby and come home to such appreciation and love. I mean it was just the fact that he made the effort to do it for me , just to make me smile and make things even better. I felt loved. I felt appreciated…and that is the KEY to women. Plus, I love romance. I love it with every inch of my soul. So when one performs such acts…be they little or large…i’m the best kitten to perform them on, as i am as girly as can be and i BEAM.

But yes, i’m en route to work and yeah…it may be super rubbish today, or may even be great. However the ace thing about it is the simple fact that I’ll come home to a whole lot of family and love.

Wuns x

*Vogue Arms here*


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