Opportunity Knocks?


So, in life…there are ups, there are downs, there are open doors, there are closed doors there are good opportunities, bad falls, there are the most wonderful times on the planet, balanced out with the most heart breaking times on earth, yet there is always two options and the option of developing yourself for the better, or doing nothing and staying put.

Now, i’ve always been an ambitious girl. Anyone who’s ever known me, will tell you that since being 13, i’ve always aspired for greatness. I’ve wanted to make my mark on this earth since being born, make money, be a star, work hard, be a success…be everything i could be. Yet at the same time, i’ve wanted to be loved, hold love, enjoy life, grow a family, be a decent human being and be able to have it all. AND I WILL.

Today, i’m here to tell you that, you can totally have it all. If you make giant career moves, that sacrifice your love life…know that the right guy or girl, no matter what will always stand by your side, through thick and thin and that’s what love is about. Plus, they will cheerlead you through your dreams and ambitions, instead of stifling you or your opportunities, which could prevent you from moving forward in life. I hate that. I don’t do that to anyone and I would never let someone do that to me. However, I have in the past left opportunities slide, due to boys i’ve been dating int he past, who didn’t want me to pursue such greatness…:) and well…every day I regret it. So, from that point on i never stifled a boy and his dreams and always focus on achievement, paving my own way to success and doing so like a hero.

Also, if you’re giving up some kind of lifestyle or work, simply for the art of love and life…y’know, for something that you care about…know that as long as you ARE in love and not infatuated, then that also can be a wonderful thing, as you can find any job, anywhere, that can make ends meet, Yet you may never feel, find or be as lucky to meet or be with the person you’re with right now…ever and as the saying goes….love conquers all and all that jazzy stuff.

So at the end of the day it’s all about balance. It’s about being able to finally straighten your life out literally, where you have it all, the job of your dreams, a family, the perfect partner and without any grief or trouble. Money, love, family, happiness, self worth.

All it takes is two of the right kind of people, who see life through the same kind of eyes…and everything turns out what i call ‘Wunnaful.’

I’ve usually dated boys who have either not approved of my occupation, lifestyle or the way Wunna land works, as it’s very different to most usual life styles and almost more surreal than people think. It’s only when you become part of it do you realise how tricky or how wonderful it actually is. But no matter and i used to say it years back, that  i’ve always known that the right boy will fit in perfectly because he’d just see me for me, understand what i do or have to do…and celebrate it with me. I have never ever thought differently and it is THAT, that makes me attractive. I am the most understanding human on the planet and simply because i’ve lived, walked a million paths all over the world and fucked up LOADS.

I’m a supportive girl and i’ve always cheerled people on, whole heartedly as i see far too many people around me who have never ever tried to make a dream come true, never exercised ambition or never even thought to make something of themselves. I’ve watched people shut down the dreams of others and squish them into nothingness.

Everything i’ve said i was going to do in life ‘move to Hollywood, be on the telly, marry a movie star…’ i’ve done. EVERYTHING. Even when i said i was going to play ping pong with Leonardo Di Caprio. I did it. I said that Joe Fiennes would take me on a date…he did. I said i’d write a book, have children, start a beauty line…I did…i did…and you can do it too. I’ve never kept a ‘Bucket list’ because before i’ve written my next point down..i’ve done it.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and know that you will always have the best people around you, no matter what choices you make. Those people will not hinder your process, but help…

Anyway, away from that, I’ve felt in my own head at work today. Odd day, when you’ve sort of ploked a smile on your face, but on the inside something is worrying you. That’s been me.

People noticed, which means i’m usually the kinda chipper that isn’t just external, but radiates from within. (That’s a good thing.) But like the trooper that I am, i got on with it.

Right now in life i just believe that life is so short and the rug can really be pulled form under you at any time, so it’s important to enjoy the world, love hard, do things, be happy. Never throw a pity party. Always just get on with it., whilst knowing that everything is going to be okay. MORE than okay.  🙂

The good thing is that i’m doing dreams come true. The lash line is currently doing really well. The blog is hitting heights. I’m happy and i honestly can’t even believe how lucky i am, just to sort of have things the way i kinda wised it to be. I want more and i’ll get more success…yet every step i take i’m sort of super grateful for…because i know a lot of people have life a lot rougher than i do.

I went to quiz night last night. I was dying for a drink after work and the Artisan Tap and Barrel in Pontefract is my new favourite place, because it’s just of good quality. It’s a cosy place, where you can enjoy good liquor and have a fricking cheeseboard.

Quiz night was fun. It was only really my group of friends ‘quizzing it up.’ so we all go separated into ‘twos’..my two being with Tony and our Team name being ‘Balls deep.’ He had his new selfie stick all night so everything was all about ‘selfies’ and well Luke was a ‘tapper’…meaning he tried to scrag things off everyone all night. Lol. Everytime he did, i’d sing parts of ‘Goldigger’ at him. But he loved it. 🙂

We all tried a bit harder than last week and got our competition faces on. The quiz went well…we rocked it. We didn’t win. Infact NO OF US WON and there were four separate teams of us! LOL.

Who won?

This random guy that walked into the ‘Tap’ in what Dodge (who packs actual kebabs in his luggage for food) called his ‘quiz joggers’ WON the entire thing! He came into OUR BAR and stole our fucking QUIZ…and WHILST HE WAS FUCKING FASHION CRIMING. Maroon quiz joggers and a beer belly.

He won.

We all nearly did. (No we didn’t. We came second t fucking last)

Then we ate sandwiches, chattered and all got tired and went home.

I feel like an oldie right now. But i like it. 🙂

I’m on chill mode. I’m on grown up mode. I’m on ‘focus on work’ mode and success, but still have love, feel love with a dash of excitement and fun..mode. (Since, i’m saying it a lot.)






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