40 bloody winks

Hello my boys! I’ve missed you!! Are we having a Heatwave or what!! LOVING it!! Definitely makes my stay in England worth while, isn’t it lovely!! Well it’s a bit too hot, but….isn’t that hilarious. We brits spend so much time moaning about the weather and how cold it is. Then when the sun decides to ‘get his hat on,’ we all shake our heads disapprovingly, and say ‘well yeah, it’s hot, but it’s a bit TOO hot.’ Life is good, work is rolling in, yet the BIG things now. I’ve got a little bit lazy, as when the BIG things roll in, i always think i don’t need to do the little things…hahaha! I will probably make a pretty decent DIVA superstar, cos i have tantrums coming out my arse!! No not really. Can’t remember what i was gonna tell you, as Big Brother is distracting me..not sure why, as it’s a pile of poo now. How long is this thing gonna go on for…just someone WIN already, or FIGHT, or SHAG someone!! GOD!! It’s always the same isn’t it? No-one wnats to tune into the same old ‘sitting around.’ Well i don’t!  Anyway, whilst i was in the hospital visiting daddy, i did (in the bizarre hospital canteen, where everyone asks me whether i’m american everyday,) see a young boy i went to school with. He was 3 years below me, i was a 6th former and he sat on my dinner table everyday for a year, directly opposite me. WE got along well, and mis-mentored each other! I always thought he would grow up to be an actor, as he was an phenominal one. So i’m tucking into my cheese n bean toastie (as i don’t eat meat now), and explaining to my mother how weird it is that i’m currently having a conversation with her, when i use to live inside her!! It’s WEIRD right?? Anyway, mid munch, this boy/growing gentleman, comes to my table, squats down, and says, ‘just thought i’d stop by and say hello, for old times sake…since your eating lunch,’….it was HIM, little Lewis Jardine!! I guess i mentored him well…lol…he’s now a Doctor, and i’m a Glamour model…lol!!! He was more shocked at the fact that i wasn’t currently in LA! I keep randomly bumping into people i once knew…it’s lovely, brings back a flood of magical memories!! And i have some good ones charlie boy! hahahaha!

Other than that, i’ve been up about and everywhere today, in this sweaty tropical heatwave, we’ve been having in good old Yorkshire!! I shopped, stuffed a penis looking doughnut into my face, visited the sickies on Ward 2, and dotted around like a tart! Actually to say it’s so hot, i’ve probably worn the most clothes ever today!! I have no logic. I failed my General Studies A-Level!! I do have GREAT boobs though! They bounce now!

The only problem with today is, that everytime i was left unattended i mananged to fall fast aleep. Seriously, i must have taken 45 naps today….and quite embarassingly ANYWHERE and on ANYONE!! I looked sicker than the sick people on Ward 2. Don’t know what’s wrong with me? I could go for a quick 40 winks right now! I passed out in the car twice, on a bench, in the hospital, on my grandmother, on the street, in a cyber cafe, over a baked potatoe, and a random waiter. Life is Grand!

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  1. have a moses then chrissie/ im pleased your old man is getting better babe. it is to hot though me head has blisterd it is that hot i hope u had a good poets day today vhrissie have a good weekend babe take care treacle tada scratch


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