Shit shorts, Karma and good vibes.

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I’ve worked my kitten arse off all weekend and i’m ready for this bit of ‘sit down’ with a Sunday wine! I’m feeling quite feisty today, so i’m all about voicing whatever I so wishy. Hence why I popped up a cheeky photo…and simply to celebrate all things Wunna!

I thought I was in panic mode, but i’m not. I always forget that i’m super great when under pressure. I seem to grow ten feet tall and champion life with a ‘zing.’ I like a challenge and when challenged, I like to win. I usually do and with a simple ‘wink,’ so the fact that I have only 4 weeks left to finalize EVERYTHING for my eyelash line, to launch this Christmas, isn’t terrifying at all. The fact that there’s soooo much to do, isn’t fazing me one bit. ๐Ÿ™‚ The fact that I have a day off work tomorrow and a day of getting business together with ‘American Zach’…who is wanting this line to be the best best it can be…is even a tiny bit frightening. I mean, it’ snot like i’m still waiting for all of my product from China, that I need to then photograph, which I ten need to plonk online, AFTER i have managed to find the right home (online store) to house my eyelash line, followed by designing the promo ad…building up the marketing and then selling it all before Christmas! There’s even more than that. But i’m going to champion it. Working a full time day job and being a Mum of two, makes it harder, but if i represent anything, it’s the fact that WE ALL CAN DO THIS! GET UP OFF YOUR ARSES AND WORK. Try a little ‘dreams come true.’

Whatelse? I’m getting another rash. My face is clear. THANK GOD. But now my arms are getting spotty. FOR FUCKS SAKE! Plus, I also just found out that this entire week, where in which Keiran had told me that he was away working in London..(.hence why he couldn’t do baby pickups…)..well i found out, by accident, via the fine art of Facebook tagging, that he was actually in Ibiza, doing closing parties. Not a tremendous way to find out, because it wouldn’t have bothered me at all? Just odd, right? Why not just say, I’m off on holiday with the boys? Lol. Men are weird. AND shit at hiding anything. I then got called a ‘cunt’…no infact…a ‘horrible cunt’ by one of his friends, (nice manners) for simply stating that it didn’t really look like London. PAHAHA.ย Don’t have a go at me, simply because you accidentally dropped your mate in it. I didn’t pretend to be in London ‘on business.’ LOL. I didn’t then make fun for him for being dropped in it. I WASN’T THE ONE IN SHIT SHORTS! HAHAHA. I’ll say this again….you cannot verbally abuse someone if you are FASHION CRIMING. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re dressed like a wally…the other person automatically wins. I mean,the photo was funny… it’s like they all get fucked up…dressed up like twats…took a picture of themselves and posted it, like they thought they looked really ace. Dare i even say ‘sexy.’ HAHAHA. Then they took it out on me. PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Only certain people can ‘rock’ certain things…Find what you can ‘rock’ and celebrate it. Oh and don’t call glamour pussed ‘cunts.’ It’s not good manners. ๐Ÿ™‚ HILARIOUS! I’m actually surprised that I’m about mad about this? I even asked my friend why I wasn’t? Apparently it’s because i have too much going on right now and because i’m happy. Moments like that humour me. The best thing is that he performed the say tale (as in the run off to Ibiza story, without telling me) almost the exact time, LAST year. So, in an entire year, where I seem to have grown up, developed, worked a day job, raised children on my own, developed my own beauty line, moved house, recovered from thyroid surgery…. and well pretty much moved up the success ย ladder an inch. He has accidentally stayed the same. ย Boys need to know when it’s time to pull their socks up…or just where better shorts. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I actually liked his shorts. I’d absolutely wear them out. I just don’t like being a called a ‘horrible cunt.’ I find it unattractive and ugly.

OOh i need a wine.

The babies have been ace. We all had a ‘giddy’ night last night where we pillow fought in pj’s and belly laughed until they cried. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was one of those nights where you’re all racing around, in your most comfortable zone and just enjoying family. I’m really lucky. I remember looking at Junior and seeing him WEE HIMSELF with hysterical laughter, to the point where he was rolling on the floor, sweating and giggling. Then I looked at Ruby who was racing around the living room, laughing her little heart out, carefree, happy and just like life couldn’t be any better for her. It was awesome and it’s those moments that I work hard for. My Mum stopped by and i told her that no matter what i was going to make this lash line work and it was going to work for the babies. I’m gonna give THEM their dream come true!! Ruby will always look at me and say ‘You can do it, Mum.’ Then Junior will glare, giggle, shout ‘Mum’ and just trump. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure that mean’s he loves me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ *Wiggle..wink.*

Other than that, today I met a 80 year old man. A jolly, happy 80 year old man, who i seem to know quite well. He always sings old school songs to me and calls me ‘sexy’ for fun and well calls every lady ‘sexy’ for fun and mainly because his wife passed away, years ago, so he tries to stay social and happy. He tries his hardest and well when i told him how chipper he always looked today, ย he paused and told me that he was actually really lonely. ๐Ÿ™ How awful!! He said that he tried to stay out and about because no one really visits him, he’s on his own and he doesn’t have anyone, but himself to talk to. ๐Ÿ™ It sort of made my heart sink…Then he said, when he had his wife, he thought she was a ‘bugger,’ but no that he doesn’t he looks back and wishes that he treated her the way every women deserves to be treated. His heart was still in pain…and from that point on I decided that I had to some how make his life better. I’m gonna send him a gift or something to make sure he knows that he’s appreciated. I don’t like to see anyone lonely, let alone old people, who cheer me up, when i look down.

Then just like the karma GODS were watching me be a ‘do gooder’…another lady, who I’m also acquainted with, crossed my path and well she had gone out of her way to purchase me some Lush Bath bomb gifts, just to be lovely. HO AMAZING!!! ‘Lush’ is my absolute FAVOURITE bath time choice! I even use it with the children. They don’t get anything less than a ‘Lush’ bath bomb. It;s funny because i adore this lady, but would never have thought that she would adore me enough to save up her pennies, travel to a different town, buy me gifts that she knew i would love and simply just out of kindness. I thanked her madly with love and hugs. Yet it sort of made me secret smile and nod. Y’see, they’re the kind people that I adore in life and mainly because she was shimmied from the same batch as I. I love great people and the awesome thing about her is that she doesn’t go around smearing everyone with over nicety, cheesy ‘look at me i’m such a goodie goodie.’ She has a laugh…an appropriate, sarcastic banter…a naughty streak. Yet, out of the blue, she’ll go out of her way to do something sweet. When I asked her why, all she said was that it was because i’m always good to her. I LOVE GOOD PEOPLE!

SO, what i’ve learnt today is that the people that call me ‘cunt’, don’t know me at all. The people that do, buy me bath bombs. ๐Ÿ™‚ But the people who live next to me all jump out of their homes to move their cars, as soon as they see me attempt to reverse out of my drive. I swear an old man, in a wheelchair was healed! I swear I saw him running toward his car in order to get it out of ย the way, as i went backwards on wheels. ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone needs to chill. I hit walls, not cars! ๐Ÿ™‚

I need a wine!

Day off tomorrow. Big eyelash line day ahead. I’m determined to get it sorted and prioritize correctly. I’ve got a lot of other things to do also. Yet, like i said, i intend to champion this shit! Hurrah!

When i got into my car this morning to drive to work, this song was playing…(skip the ad)

..and when I had got done and stepped back into my car to drive home, it was playing again!

To me…that pretty much rounds off your day!! ๐Ÿ™‚ What could be better! ๐Ÿ™‚






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