Happy Sunday! The day of God, day of hangovers, or if you’re a full on grown up like moi, a day of being happy to be an oldie. Life really does fly by. I even sound old saying it. But it’s true. I met an old geezer the other day, who fought jungle warfare in Burma or something? He was now in Ponty, drinking a tea for one, after a spot of cancer and a bit of a more difficult life. All he said to me was that life really does fly by and that I should be good to myself. I believed him, as far too many people say it, for it not to be true.

It’s a fresh day, a sunny day. I’ve errand run, I should be packing (house move,) i’ve peeked in new properties armed with family and well also found out that this next week is going to be a week of..wait for it..utter SUNSHINE! Yeeeah baby! I’ve also spent the morning giggling with my son and cheering up overdue preggos. Blond Emma is past her due date and should be giving life any time…NOW. Curry didn’t work. Disco dancing was rubbish. So today and because I feel her absolute pain, I suggested that she went in for the old ‘sweep and stretch.’ πŸ™‚ Impersonal..yet effective. I mean no-one wants a middle aged ladies fingers in their whatsit…yet if it sets off a very long 9 months of baby cooking, lets do it! Even though I hated the procedure, it was grateful for it. Em’s isn’t even nervous, just excited as in her owns words, ‘It’s got to come out somehow.’ She’ll breeze it…with painkillers. Then we’ll lunch and she’ll worry about her vagina being like a 7o year old’s..well her exact term of phrase was a 70yr old prostitute’s. πŸ™‚ You know you’ve made a preggo happy when they say, ‘I fucking love you.’ I’m so excited for her and well lets just hope she rolls over in bed tonight and her waters just decide to break out of nowhere! Turning into ‘Mama’ is GREATNESS. It’s the best thing that any girl could ever turn in toooo! It’s a shame that some girls, who turn into woman don’t appreciate it as much as they should. Same with men. However, both Ems’ and I adore such a title….it just brings a big old smile to our miserable, yet sexy faces. Push! Push! Get that Baby OUT! I will add that Goodhall, her lovely husband to be, has bought her an entire FULL GYM as a ‘push present.’ I DIDN’T EVEN GET A PUSH PRESENT and I WANTED ONE. I just got shouted at and then left, after 3 months of giving birth. Fun times! πŸ™‚ You should always date man over boy. A man puts a lady on a pedestal and treats her like a Queen…a boy is more selfish and has to live in regret when he grows up and it’s too late.

Great day today. Happy. Looking forward to ANOTHER day off tomorrow. I have a whole bunch of important errands to run, so i gonna have my rocket boots on. I’m excited for my lashes. Their luxury, so save up. πŸ™‚ AND well i’ve been having to wear the same contact lenses for a week straight now, due to running out and waiting for my order. Tomorrow..i get them. Wahoo! I will be gifted with sight once more! Life will be a wonder!

The babies are doing great. I’m doing great. I’m appreciating being adored and i’m loving working hard. All angles covered. The ex- Ralph Lauren model wants to now book flights to come and visit me…as does my good LA friend Jake. I’m concentrating on money making and loving my babies…as i’m almost at my goal. I haven’t really wasted any time this year, i’ve worked hard. The results will show and yes i will say again..SUCCESS….totally the sweetest revenge. PAHAHAHAH!

I’ve got a rash on my hand. I’m being called ‘Sexy’ a lot. My bra has snapped at the front. Not even sexy snapped, as in ‘pinged’ opened. Just snapped as in looks like it’s been worn for 100 years nonstop, that in a state of raggedness has fallen apart. I want to be as fit as that 80 year old, crotch back bending, swing me around like a beaver bollock granny on Britains got talent! Amazing stuff! How she did all that I don’t know. I’m impressed. That WILL BE ME, when i’m 80. OR i’ll just be the happy gin drinker at the back of a champagne bar, in too much lippy and diamonds, at noon. I would’ve said face lifted, but I after my thyroid surgery, i’d never ever voluntarily, give myself up for cosmetic surgical reasons now. You got through a lot of pain for something that doesn’t really matter. (Learnt it late. Shut up.)

But yes, life is wonderful. I’m happy. I’m surrounded by people who love, cherish and adore me. I’m filled with smiles and family and well i’m celebrating Sunday with a cocktail.

Love you!



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