Getting Ready For Crimbo Folks!


Happy lunch, my delicious delights of ‘almost ready for Christmas.’

It’s the cheeriest time of year and I have been as busy as a Christmas BEE. I am currently working my little over the knee high and tastefully woolly socks from Topshop ๐Ÿ™‚ OFF!



(If you know me you KNOW that I ADORE over the knee or knee high socks. You ALL need to celebrate a pair this Xmas! )

Anyway, there’s a lot of organizing taking place and well I’m not really good at the organizing until I pretty much get going. The ‘get going’ was tough..but now i’m on a roll and once my roll has started to shimmie..I’m like the most unstoppable Asian Barbie of Glamour Pussy kitteness EVER!

So far this morning, after tending to my darling little kiddiwinkles…I’ve emailed China, i’m getting my head around all the business paperwork for my new beauty line…I’ve getting excited for The Clothes Show Live this year, (still can’t believe that i get to be a part of it) and i’m putting together MY GIANT CHRISTMAS, CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM GIVEAWAY SPECIAL!

Now, we all adore Christmas. I’m a December born baby, so of course I think that I’m luckiest around this time of year…In fact I don’t think..I know. It’s my favourite time of year. It’s filled with warmth, coziness, good will, family, singing reindeers, magic and tinsel. I mean, ย I’m a child that was born during a season where it was acceptable to tie tinsel around things and call it ‘glory’ so you have to excuse my general manner, as to me the world is all a glitter. It’s all a bit glam.

This year and because i’ve been highly inspired by The Clothes Show, Santa and of course mulled wine, ๐Ÿ™‚ for the first 2 weeks of December, I am going to be GIVING AWAY a lovely little Christmas TREAT to one lucky blog reader EACH DAY! And they’re good treats. Not rubbish ones. Plus, they are also treats that I myself ADORE. So they’re kinda ‘Chrissie Wunna’ inspired.

I will also be attending The Clothes Show every day this year and will be picking up a whole bunch of yummy pressies purchased by my own kitty hands to give away to YOU. It’s all part of the GIVEAWAY BONANZA and i’m loving every minute of it. I adore giving things to people, present buying and just playing Santa on all levels. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a time to spread good cheer and well if you can’t make amends, be merry, celebrate, love and share at Christmas..then when CAN you do it? It should be a time when the darling little ‘good’ in you pops out with a smile… and I do mean out your heart and certainly not out ya trousers. (I’m only saying that because I accidentally logged into the wrong Facebook today. I say ‘wrong’ but I don’t mean wrong. I mean my very public page where gents around the world send me messages about willies, porn and marriage proposals? It’s very odd. I thought I was on my personal page (I only had to open a second because I reached my Facebook friends’ list maximum on the first meaning that i couldn’t share Wunna Love with anymore people.)

Anyway on my personal page…the friend’s list is more people that I actually know. (Always a good thing.) So you can imagine my surprise when I didn’t realize that I was on my the wrong profile page and some guy in pants and a smile filled with sin asks me quite raw questions about my darling little ‘lady part.’ Erm? Romance is alive! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s not good Thursday morning behaviour. Lol. I mean, I know it’s nearly the weekend. But lets strap our flies UP for a second and celebrate the joy of Christmas.

So yes, all morning alongside the sorting out of my own beauty line, i’ve been getting together the prizes for my big GIVEAWAY BONANZA. A lot of people, brands and companies have got involved and so i’m really excited. I feel like a budget Oprah. (Y’know…when she does her Xmas Giveaway show and the audiences shriek with delight like they’ve just given birth to 20 diamond dripped mammals. (In glitter ofcourse.)

But i hope you like my choices and I hope you all take part. Look at me being all interactive and cheery. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It all starts December 1st and like I said each day for 2 weeks…I will be GIVING AWAY a lovely Christmas TREAT to one lucky reader.

You get a pressie from ME! Yay! And don’t forget that I will be personally covering ย The Clothes show from Dec 6th -10th and during those dates will also be shopping around and picking out my personal favourites, bought by ME…for you!


It’s all very exciting!

Anyway, i just wanted to remind you that this blog is read on every continent of the world and is lucky enough to be translated into 40 different languages and read in 164 different countries!

I have YOU to thank for that, as you’ve been keenly following my life, through it’s various ups and downs.

I’m feeling super positive and hoping you are two!

Make sure you don’t wear a scrunchie!

Lots of love,

Chrissie x

A bit of a sing song to get you in the mood…

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