Peeky Forest Fun Time

Happy Brunchy…my winky winks of an eye! My hubby and i stayed up and watched movies all night and although he kept taking peeky looks at me…weirdly (i’m not sure what he was thinking, but he kept looking at me in deep thought, yet not saying anything, before shaking it off and going back to the movie,) we were fine. It’s like there’s a bizarre kind of underlying stress he has a holding inside of him? However saying that, he did keep spanking me, telling me how sexy i looked, with moments of trying to clamber on top of me with manly rushes of excitement. I couldn’t tell if he found me sexy and couldn’t believe his luck. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or whether his *glare* had nothing to do with me and was really to do with everything else going on in his life. When it was bed time, i made two warm baby bottles, in my see through knicker and vest pyjama set and well he excited cuddled me and threw me onto the bed, whilst i was all topless and giggly…..then as he was pressed up over the top of me, filled with love and laughter, he paused…stopped and then said, ‘It’s weird…it’s like you’re not my wife?’ Then climbed off and merrily tucked himself into bed, getting ready to read to me?? How odd?? I mean, he claimed it was because he hadn’t got over me being apparently mean to him the evening previous. But i don’t buy it….there’s something going on in his head and well it’s certainly a lot more than that.

Anyway, the rest of the evening we spent naked..warm, tucked up in thick white quilts, as he read to me. It was actually really romantic, as the forest is so peaceful and deathly quiet during the evening. All we could hear was the sound of snow falling from the trees, almost like a gentle rain shower. It felt fresh and alive. We were discovering life together, loving each other and listening. It was perfect. The good thing about us, is that we learn a great deal from one another. We teach each other our own views on the ways of the world all of the time. We cuddled, the bedside lights went out and he snuggled me whilst telling me how he truely believes that we were meant to be together…meant to meet. How he must have been searching his entire life for someone like me and vice versa. Then we fell asleep.

I had a lot on my mind last night. Maybe because, before i came to the forest, i was wildy stressed, so the ease out of that takes a little practice. I had nightmares and woke up not as positive as i had hoped. But the presence of my delicious Baby Ruby perked me up a treat and i’m not back to flying high on smiles and stepping on my princess perch of all things ‘positive’ once again. It certainly is a manner and practive that you kinda need to train yourself to achieve. But when you feel good, good things happen. That’s the crack! Only then can you conquer the world. Add love to that and you can conquer the universe.

On a more cheeky note, i spied on people hot tubbing this morning. A young fit, gentleman, in red shirts had a dip in his private forest hot tub this morning..and his lady friend got in with him…but bizarrely with a t-shirt AND shorts on??? I love that i’m already spying on people when they want privacy. ย ๐Ÿ™‚ Even though they are quite far away from us, one of our walls is a giant window displaying the picturesque forest, which shows me their cabin and terrace. I can’t not peek…especially when there’s half naked hot tubbing men prancing about. She surely couldn’t of been his girlfriend? Or maybe they’ve dated for ages, as when would you ever get into a hot tub fully clothed? Maybe people are a great deal more reserved than i? I mean, i’m full blown pregnant and still rock a polka dot BIKINI, in winter…with my bump on show for the hot tub. When Ruby wasn’t with us..i flippin’ did it naked. ๐Ÿ™‚ I shouldn’t really spy. But i actually don’t mind people peeking into my life, (hence why i blog it and have it filmed ๐Ÿ™‚ ) i must tend to go on my own rules of life, instead of respectfully obeying the rules of others, who are trying to live their own. #badformwunna #yippee

Other than that, Ruby is currently taking her lunch time nap. Keiran is out on his bike, thrusting through the forest air at speed. He needs it to destress and feel alive again. It does him good. I’m chipper and snuggled up warm on the sifa a movie watching. However, i’ve already managed to go insane at the telly. I tried to help Ruby watch a Disney movie, yet it weirdly keeps coming on in Danish!!! I can’t for the life of me figure out how to turn it English! I went bonkers and went bonkers in just my pants. So there i was in just my knickers and eyelashes, shouting at the plasma, as Ruby was pulling her nappy off and telling me she wanted the movie on NOW. As timing would have it, out of nowhere popped a gentleman, who works for Forest Holidays and does the daily hot tub treatment rounds. He was stood at our giant window wall, which views over our hot tub and in the most polite fashion ever, tried to refrain from looking in at the madness that was occuring. I didn’t know what to do, so i covered the obvious parts and ran away with Rubes…who was madly giggling. It’s moments like that with make ‘Mummy/daughter’ moments magic. Poor Rubes must look at me and think ‘Jesus, who the hell is raising me!!!!??!!’ However, she didn’t and just asked for grapes and watched the movie in Danish. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love my little family, we just adore each other, flaws and all and get on with it. We are filled with love with every breathe we take and certainly one of the closest families to be a part of. I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter and a comedy bump…what more could i want!

Anyway, Keiran’s just got in from his bike ride. He’s freezing and has spots of dirt splattered all over his face. Cute though….although he is pacing around the cabin with a smile on his face stating that he feels ‘crazy’ due to the cold. He can’t feel his hands or something and fell off his bike trying to do ‘jumps?’

Whilst he’s been away i’ve been quite productive, as i told you this year i was going to push hard at entertainment to make it my money year. I have two ladies who want to interview me, some tv stuff (that i can’t do) and well a lot. I’ve been sorting out some of the book promo also. Plus, i’ve think i’ve just missed a call from the show that i’ve been filming all year.)

This year, i’m going to hero my way to victory, in the style of kitten ofcourse and well try a lot harder than before.

However, for now, i must go make cups of tea, as my wife duties are a calling….

ps/I’ve had lots of messages about ‘Blond Emma’ being super lucky to have Goodhall treat her to a lovely new house! ๐Ÿ™‚ It sort of makes every woman wish they had a ‘Goodhall,’ or wish that they were ‘Blond Emma.’ I love it, as it really does show men, how woman should be treated. However, do enhoy who you are and who you’re with….make your love worth millions and flutter it to the heavens…or even just the bedroom. Either’s fine. You’ll find your way x

Piccie from last night. It’s actually our neighbour’s cabin, before night fall shimmies down upon us forest filly folk. #imuststopspying


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