Dream, Conquer and Celebrate…

It’s my first evening in our luxury forest cabin and i assure you nothing feels more peaceful, than relaxing with my little family, in my ‘trying to be sexy’ see-through knickers and vest top. (It’s cream see-through tiger stripes, with a light pink filly rim, with bows. Holding onto you’re youth and sexiness is always a hilarious event in ‘Wunna land.’ But you can’t hate a girl for trying. I look *bumpilicious,* like an Easter egg, about to give birth to a gorilla. Yet the hubby’s not complaining, He loves a bit of his kitten. Even though Baby Ruby has taken up most of my attention so far and simply because we mums…can’t help it. I’d rather be a good mum, who’s always there for my baby, than one that never get a ****, making them grow with ‘love me/love me’ issues.

The hot tub was delicious and mood lit blue, which was an ulitmate delight amongst the tall, dark forest trees and the laiden snow. EXCEPT it got cold….fast and after about 10 bubbly minutes of chillax and Baby Ruby excitement, with the rubber duckies. We opted for wrapping up in our robes and slippers and running back inside to keep cosy. I then made dinner..a healthy dinner, simply because i’m now terrified of piling on the pounds. (I’m in that dangerous third trimester, where ‘mama’s go mental with the chow down.) Then we all cuddled up on the sofa, for a wonderful bit of movie watching, before putting ‘The Rubes’ to bed. Rubes hates sleeping in her own bed, so tonight will be eventful. She’ll be kicking and screaming. My bump will be kicking and screaming…meaning Keiran will be kicking and screaming, followed by moi. 🙂

However, right now we have peace and are enjoying the simply things in life, until that phase of the evening begins. (I’ve noticed that Keiran hasn’t written a blog in a couple days, which saddens me, because hundreds of people start blogs, write 2 or three, then give in, because they feel they have a lack of support, Like for some reason and on our drive up here, in the snow, he bizarrely said that some people are telling him that he shouldn’t bother doing one, or even bother chasing pipe dreams, because ‘greatness’ never happens.)

Hmm…? Dream come true all the time. I grew up in a town where everyone in it travelled there to be a star. It was competitive…yes. But there was always a magical *buzz* in Hollywood. Why? Well because everyone was so focussed on success, so determined to ‘make it’ and truely believed that they could or still can. People around these parts are so far behind when it comes to the *push.* Like they really believe it never happens, when i’ve watched LOADS of people with dreams, turn their dreams into a reality. I’ve watched them say exactly what they wished to become (when i was in LA) and 6 years later, they’re doing it…whether it be, being a celebrity chef, being a star of a tv show, being a champion record producer for R.Kelly, in the new Tom Cruise movie. Most people don’t ‘make it’ because they give up on their dream and give up hope. And well just because you don’t think you can make it, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. So people shouldn’t pass on negativity, especially because when that person does make the big time, they’re the first people in line to try and creep back in with a ‘oh yeah, they’re my best friend’ line. (Just wanted to say ‘Well done’ to my good friend Ronnie Woo, who is now ‘The Delicious Cook.’ When he was 19, we worked together and played together at Crunch gym and shared our ups and downs of Hollywood with one another. We were really close and he was always such a decent person. Infact, all the people that i now who have made, have al been decent people. It’s bizarre? They worked hard, when everyone else partied and well now years on, it was all totally worth it..as all the people who decided to ‘toss’ it off are still waiters, or working normal jobs. Which isn’t bad. But just isn’t their dream.

Anyway, i must go, because i’m wanting to spend some quality time with my lovely hubby. I love him very much and well i do really hope he continues to entertain you with his life, because if anyone believes in him…it’s me.

Big Kisses,

Love you lots!

Signing off, from the cabin. x



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