Best Christmas Ever



I’ve had a wonderful Christmas. So wonderful that i don’t think I can even begin to tell you just how much of a marvel it was. I’ve been unable to blog, simply because often in life and when you’re a blogger…you just have to do life. πŸ™‚ (Believe it or not.) I’ve had a tinsel dipped, family loved, ooey-gooey Crimbo of magic. Rubes got her Furby and GIANT new play house, that spent it’s first few moments of *va voom* being situated in the middle of the living room, under the chandelier. (Santa is now her best friend and i believe she expects presents every day now.) I have never seen her so happy, apart from when we made magic in the forest and well…right now. (We had ‘Hotel night’ last night. A night that is quite common in Wunna land. If you need to get away or enjoying a treat’orelaxadus with your family…’Hotel night’ is the key to ‘oooohh laa.’

Keiran adored Christmas day more than anyone. Now he’s a darling of a fellow who relives his childhood via this time of merriment, so even though he worked all the way up to the big day of ‘Santa chimney popping,’ and we had a bit of a ninja fight the evening of Christmas Eve, over the making of the surprise giant playhouse. (We had gone out for an 2 hours fr a quick *cheers to Christmas* locally and very last minute with the Goodhall-Hartington combination. Good friends of ours and well i find them delicious and rather in love for a comedy, loved up duo. They guzzled champagne and we laughed our way through Xmas Eve..then at 10pm, Keiran and I popped back home to go make a playhouse. WE fought. Making children’s playhouses after hoopla and merriment is not that easy i believe and especially if you have me down ya neck, screaming at you to go faster. πŸ™‚ )

Anyway, it all worked out and when Ruby woke, the first thing she whispered was ‘Santa.’ She didnt do the 6am wake up. I mean she is ethnic afterall. She woke up at 10am. πŸ™‚ Then she was piggybacked down the stairs, through a messy kitchen..that we blamed on Santa..’Wow, Santa’s left stuff EVERYWHERE!’ She was told to then close her eyes and when she opened them…the utter glee in her face to have seen the giant playhouse was enough to make any mummy tingle with delight. The rest of the went swimmingly. Keiran got the most presents and enjoyed opening each and every one of them…like a child. The first one he opened was his novelty gift that i intend to get him EVERY year. It was a ‘Lordship.’ (Which he bizarrely adored more than anything in the entire world.) Blond Emma had also bought her Loverboy Goodhall the same…and completely by accidental genius. We totally scored! From that moment on…Keiran loved me that little bit more, making the opening of his other 19 presents even more exciting.

I was gifted with wonderful glamour pussy delights, smellies, mirrors, gallons of delicious grooming delights, hair curlers, vanity cases, perfume, the works….and well then after a bit of a *pause*..(there had to be *pauses* for baby and because i was making Xmas dinner. I know, insane right. I’ve turned from ‘party girl,’ to ‘hey, can i make you a spud with that.’ It may sound whack-attack to you, yet i’ve still got my *wiggle* and that *wink* can make any bun rise with a glitter strut.

Okay, there was a *pause* where the hubby pretended there were no more pressies for me…like i was 4 years old. πŸ™‚ He was interupted by my ‘mouth.’ (Not sexually, just by the volume of it.) Then he restarted his ‘*pause,8 for dramatic effect. Then after the *pause* he ran upstairs, ran downstairs and presented me with a little square box. He’s presented me we many a square box during our time together, i’ve been a very lucky girl. Yet this one, i opened with a slow careful pizazz. In it was the most beautiful designer rose gold, diamond studded watch. The most gorgeous thing i could ever place on my wrist. On the inside he had gotten these words engraved:

‘To my beautiful wife, love Keiran xx.’ AWWWWW!

It was magical and well i can’t wait to flaunt it around town with a smile on my face, after it’s had a few links taken out. (I have pathetic wrists that don’t work.)

My family came over and we had the most cosy time, filled with joy. laughter and pressie giving.

The next day, the hubby went back to work. I went shopping with Rubes and The Wunna’s…life was great and infact on the evening of Christmas eve, Keiran whilst cuddling Ruby to sleep looked at me and told me he had never been happier in his life and how much he loved both me and my little loin fruit, more than anything in the world. Magic.

Anyway, he’s been off work since and well Ruby, Keiran and I hardly ever get to spend full on quality time with one another, so we’re enjoying every moment of it. The day before yesterday we lunched, played and enjoyed and we followed that up the next day with lunch at an italian restuarant, pretty lights and a last minute booking of a hotel.

Yep, i am currently blogging from our hotel room. Room 208. Keiran is shirtless and dreamy. Infact he’s sat on the end of one of the beds, watchong monkies on the telly. πŸ™‚ Ruby is happier than ever, running around with glee, in a nappy. (She loved big girl dinner last night. She’s gotten really chatty and can order her own dinner now from a waitress. Her manners could do with a Β a polish up though. She sort of demanded..’ I WANT A MILK.’ And once she saw her dinner, shouted ‘GIVE.’ πŸ™‚ I’ve taught her well.

Great night of chill. We love random hotel room bookings in our family and well nothing could be more perfect. Keiran looked at me with hungry eyes last night. All i’m gonna say is, that i tried to squeeze into a white (virginal) nighty and do a jokey naughty dance for him. Jokey doesn’t work with Keiran. He WILL come and get you. Once i did the comedy beckon, he had turned over to the dark side and *pounced.* I had to abandon the nighty and put on some proper ‘fit me’ pyjamas to cool him down. (He was sooo sexy last night and told me how he never wanted to lose me. Aww…. AND he told me he had a moment where he re-fell in love with me yesterday at lunch, over pasta.)

Life is great right now.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year. This is our chill time, before a very very busy 2013.

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