Films, Telly & Catch ups

Okay! So, I don’t even know where I was up to with life? It’s been AGES since I’ve had time to blog…so I don’t know how far I’ve got with you? I haven’t even checked to see what the last blog was about? Hahah. Yet, when I can’t blog and I’m having to catch you up, do know that I class that as a good thing! I’m really thankful (especially after the drama of 2020, to be working so much in entertainment.) It’s almost like my life is changing every single day, but for the better & we know it hasn’t always been that way. I’ve had to really work hard for everything I have and everything I am. But what I’ve learnt at 39 is that having to learn everything the hard way, has truly served me well, as it’s made ne tremendously grateful for every little moment. So when it cones to finally being able to paddle in my ‘happy place,’ I look back and see everything I’ve been through (I even flash back to my Hollywood days) and in a way it makes me value & treasure every tiny, little achievement I’ve accidentally or purposely made…because it didn’t come easy.

Every day I wake up and I never know what’s in store, but then I sort of ‘blink,’ and all of a sudden, out of nowhere a little miracle has swirled my way. I don’t even know why or how so many wonderful things are happening? But gosh, I’m beaming…I’m trying my best to do ‘Wunna land’ proud.

But enough of that… right now, I’m in my bendy rollers, I’m chilling in my Japanese kimono. I have a 0% Heineken by my side. I’ve just posted my ‘Tricky Challenge’ tiktoks on Mubarak Insta feed. Ruby has a Stilton and crackers. Junior has a pizza. …and I’m resting up for another delightful episode of ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch,’ as I’m in the studio, lunch mating both tomorrow AND Friday…on Channel 4 (12:30)

Code for ‘Watch it.’ Lol

On my last blog, I think I’d just wrapped on a film? Was it ‘Stained Canvas.’ It must’ve have been? Anyway, since then life gallopped and went full speed ahead. The nation went into lockdown and well it didn’t even touch my sides, simply because I SO GRATEFULLY working through the whole entire thing.

Since my last blog I’ve filmed two whole feature films with ‘Jagged Edge Productions.’ Just AMAZING! That’s all I can even say.

I played lead characters in both films. ‘Sienna Woods’ in ’Dinosaur Hotel’ & ‘May Steel’ in ‘War of the Monsters.’ Both Ruby and Junior aka ‘The Wunna Babies’ were in the films also…and well, what can I say, other than working with ‘Jagged Edge’ has been out of this world, incredible.

I mean Scott (producer…he cast me, so I love him lol) and Rhys worked so so hard and I’ve never in my life filmed two features, back to back, so QUICKLY, that look as phenomenal as they do!

The cinematography is insane! The scripts are exciting! The talent within the cast was top notch. The crew & Director ‘Jack Mundy’ smashed it..I mean even the turn overs of the films are going at the speed of light and they’re of ‘First class’ quality.

We all just worked as hard as we could…to bring the two stories and the characters to life and hopefully that will radiate through the films.

I can’t wait to see them. I think they release Summer 2021.

More than anything I’m really grateful to be working with Scott…and I look forward to doing as many movies as possible with him!

I’ve met a really great team and some truly great actors…So i’m in! It’s an absolute joy to be part of their ‘magic.’

I feel so lucky.

So yeah, those two films wrapped at the end of November and straight away I was back at Channel 4, on ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ lunch mating.

In the time that I had been cast in both Scott’s films, I had also become a regular lunch mate on ‘Packed Lunch’ so it’s just been all GO!

It’s wonderful!

It’s almost like I’m getting the best of both worlds!

I’m an actor, so I get to go away and bring the most amazing characters to life for that good old silver screen. Then at the same time, once I’m all wrapped, I get to shimmie back into the fun & wonderfully glitzy studio, for Channel 4, at the Leeds Docks and go make daytime telly via the form of banter & lunch with Steph! Not to mention a conga line of absolutely ace, tv talent. (I mean, I get to have people like Russell Kane teach me how to be funny. John Waite teach me how to cook and Anton Du Beke teach my brain cells how to work. Haha.

It’s just bliss…and I’m glad to be making history and making those oh so important memories.

It’s all we’re doing in this little thing called life really….and it’s beautiful.

So to catch you all up! I’m on Steph’s Packed Lunch, 12:30, channel 4…on both Thursday (tomorrow) AND Friday.

Friday is my LAST show for 2020, (don’t worry I’m booked back on for Jan) as I will be heading off to go film ANOTHER feature film m with Jagged Edge Productions called ‘Dragon Fury.’ I play ‘Nicole Folland’ a mountaineer.

I head off on Dec 14th and get back on Dec 22nd, just in time for Christmas.

I actually headed to snowy, cold mountains to film…AND I have a birthday (my 40th) whilst I’m there. I’m really excited! It’s gonna be ACE!

So anyway, there’s a lot going on…

I’ll try and tell you my story more often.

I love you all very dearly and I thank you all so much for your constant support.

I’ll leave you with this.. lol