Cos You’ve Got To Cry in a Kimono.

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I woke up this morning. Laid in bed naked. Scrolled through my ‘socials.’ Checked to see if ‘DBear’ had messaged me. I then tapped on my Twitter account, on my phone and I couldn’t login, because someone had hacked into my account, changed my email on the account, changed the name, changed my password…and well they’re now using my Verified Twitter Account, for themselves.

I have no access to it.

Yippppeee! Great morning vibes.

It wound me up because it made me feel violated. So violated…(because it’s just happening too much right now…Almost every other day.)

Anyway, I did what any Asian Glamour Puss would do, with a heart (longing to be filled with wine) and I cried. I kitten cried, like a Princess….quietly….because I needed a release from the stress of it all.

I mean, i’ve been so happy. I’m currently smashing work. I’m doing so well. I’ve been telling you how happy i’ve felt…(even though i’ve been going through a secret hard time.) I’ve had wonderful around me, offering me love and guidance.

But heaven forbid me be happy, fall in love, nurture my babies or make money. GOD! I’m not allowed that am I, because someone somewhere hates me for it…and has therefore decided that they need to either try and ruin everything (for kicks,) or use me to make dosh.

I cried in a peacock blue, oriental kimono this morning (lol,) with my weave in full force, diamonds in my ears, eyelashed to fuck and in plum lip liner and pom pom toed slippers.

Ruby: Why are you crying mum?’

Me: ‘I’m not. I’m fine. Let’s get ya bag ready for the residential trip.’

Ruby: ‘I heard you call Grandma and say it was because someone hacked into your Twitter.’

(She always knows everything. Haha.)

Me: ‘Yeah. They did. I’m not crying over a Twitter account. I’m crying because no matter how well I do, or how happy I become…I guess, some people don’t like it. They just want to do mean things to me, for no reason.’

Ruby: ‘Oh. So you’re crying to DEEE..stress…That’s fine then. šŸ™‚ You know I love you. Junior loves you too. It doesn’t matter what people do to you. They’re not part of our lives.

Me: ‘They affect our lives though..’

Ruby (Do remember she’s only 8): ‘Only if you let them, Mum.’

Then she looked at me, with the EXACT SAME face, that I always look at her with, whenever I lecture her about being strong. I taught HER THAT! She held her head high and had the most powerful stare. And just like that…I got it.

After that, I had an in pour of support and love from my friends, my family…everyone..

House of Solo: ‘It’s cos your hot right now, girl.’

Wazza: ‘Don’t take it personally. It happens to people all the time. Your password will be on a list , which they can sell to spammers. It’s worth something when the accounts verified.Here’s what you do. I’ll help ya.’

Everyone made me feel better by being helpful, loving and productive…because I hate a ‘pity party.’ Especially when i’m in a kimono.

After I cried, I turned rebellious and got angry. Lol. Us girls are good like that!

Then I found out WHO DID IT…and when I realized that I actually knew them and trusted them….It upset me again and I cried once more…Haha…In my peacock blue kimono.

I guess, they thought they’d get away with it….But I found something out and just approached them directly. (I’m good like that and i don’t like spiteful people.)

Me: ‘You do know what you’ve done is illegal.’

(They were also responsible for setting up those fake private Insta accounts. They actually had a copy of my ID and used it to try and prove they were me. Luckily, on insta they need to see your full face and hand HOLDING your ID. So they fell at that hurdle. They set up a bunch of fake online accounts to make money. They now have my Twitter..which they haven’t returned to me y. The whole to be pretended to be my friend.)

They even had the audacity to try and blame Wazza, who firstly they don’t know and secondly runs What they didn’t know was that Wazza and I were school friends, we’ve grown and known each other since being tiny kids. Our families are close. We’re raised so much better than that moralistically. So I pointed out some delicious facts that proved it was them….and THEY got it.

So yeah…

..My ONLINE privacy is being heavily violated right. I have people trying to hack into everything, my FB, my Instagram…They have my Twitter and it’s kinda getting a little ridiculous now. I have people showing up at my house. I have secret drama. I have all this shit…

And let me tell you…not one bit of it (after my Kimono weep) has set me back. I’m powering forward. I feel strong. I feel lucky. I’m happy and i’m doing so well.

They’re not a focus, my love and my family are.

People may try to imitate you, but they will never be able to BE YOU…meaning you always win.

Today, I wanted to tell you all about the most beautiful time I had with Steph at The Crown Well Being Clinic’ where I enjoyed 3D lipo, a caviar and LED facial….all sorts. I have so much to tell you…So many more POSITIVE things to tell you about.

So i’ll leave it to the next blog, so it doesn’t get jumbled up in bullshit.

I’m so happy it’s Friday. I’m gonna miss my Baby Ruby, who’s on her first residential trip away with school. I can’t wait until 3.30pm, to pick Baby Junior up. (He wants me to buy him a football, so he can be the same as his best friend Eoin.)

No more crying in Kimonos.

Feel motivated when people try to pull you down. Don’t give in.


(My Little Burmese Mum, turned all ‘Kris Jenner.’ today.)

Mum: ‘Right. Let’s show everyone what ya made of now.’

DBear: ‘Baby. Pay no mind to it. We don’t give a fuck about what people think of us.’

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