December 28th just always feels great, right? Well..maybe for me? I’m sure it’s shit for some because you can’t win’em all, can ya? Good day? Bad day? At least we HAVE days, right? But I’m filled with a good old peace, that is still bubbling with excitement. I’m looking forward to 2019 & I have no clue why? Haha.
It’s chilled though, right now. I feel like I’ve been nurtured!
I slept so well, after ‘last night,’ back & forth messages with a new ‘path cross.’ You know how people just find you, by accident. I got found, by accident…on Twitter. Yet this crossing of paths seems ( and I say ‘seems’ because I don’t know anything about them really,) it seems peaceful. Like…no drama. And even though they may have JUST gone through a somewhat public tinker of a ‘hoo-dee -doo,’ they SEEM to have it together.

They like to make people happy. As do I! Tits…Tits? Haha! I meant ‘IT’S’ a good trait. A trait, I not only honour, but understand!

Theyre also SEEM really respectful. Again, a trait I share. I find extremely appealing in others.

(Is everyone else still have Christmas booze in the morning? Haha! )

So yeah…I’m peeking through the playpen bars and seeing what’s snazzily out there!

Life is introducing me to some really amazing new people right now and it’s making me feel good! I always think you cross paths with people for a reason. Do you? Who knows? But there’s a magic in the air right now for me…

2019 feels like it’s going to be ‘fingers crossed’ delightful!

My work cogs for the New Year have already begun. They started before Christmas actually. I don’t believe in starting productivity on New Years day, which I will be doing NOTHING for, other than family! I like to hit the ground strutting, but WITHOUT a flipping prosecco this year, because I’m doing Dry January!

I know!! Who am I!?!

But being 38, drinking in the Christmas
morning and eating everything in sight, CALLS for a mini detox!
Dear Liver! I am SO sorry! I am SO f****** sorry!
I want to get into moderate shape. Feel good about myself. Pose in a bikini and not feel wibbly about my wobbly bits!

I want to ‘MEOW’ it!

Jan 3rd is my first gig. My first shoot of the year. I’m feeling pretty confident now! I’ve goal set in stilettos and I’m gonna smash it! I’ve already done my useless, essential worrying about it. So I’m sorted. I’ve filed it under ‘blah,’ and poured myself a cup of of the old confidence, instead!

I learnt a lot in 2018. It adjusted me well! I think? I hope? If not? Then fuck it!

I’m also gonna sort my shit love life out this year. Well…let’s hope I do! Although it’s not a focus, I am naturally a romantic. I can’t help it. I learn a lot about love and my relationship with it…EVERY year. I just don’t act upon ‘the learnings,’ so to speak! Haha!

Going on ‘First Dates’ has actually helped me lots because I got to WATCH myself try to DO Dating! Lol
This coming year… it’s going to be different. You only live once! I don’t reckon I’m gonna be wearing my ‘single’ name badge for the whole of 2019! I’m ready for love now. My bikini is charged! Haha! There’s a genuine glint in my eye!


I have a few extra inches!!!! Oooh Daddy!

I’m talking weaves! I got my hair DID! I’m armed with a fresh ‘Talking Heads’ dolly weave, so now surely I’m unstoppable! (Thank you so much for your phenomenal job!)
I had it sewn in yesterday, by the best chica in the land…So now the world is mine…and all that! I’ve been swinging it about like an Asian Rapunzel, at a Roller Disco!

Taking time to look better, makes me feel good because it fools me into thinking I’ve treated myself, instead of being a slave to an Insta Like! Haha!

But teal talk!! We forget to treat ourselves, as we grow older, don’t we? Don’t feel guilty for treating yourself! Get on it! Enjoy it! You deserve a pamper. A moment where someone else takes care of you!

I don’t have anything else to say, other than SPREAD LOVE, and leave a lil’ happiness wherever to go!
(I need to go try on outfits for the shoot!)

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