Get the look…..


Here’s another ‘Wunna Look’ for you! I do this one ALL OF THE TIME. It’s my casual, day to day, look!

Do it with a mini denim, or with tight jeans or jeggings!

I love a statement, slogan tshirt!!! I love them! And i tells ya…a pair of sexy heels is great with a slogan tshirt, if you choose the ‘tight jeans,’ option. I prefer comfy boots, with a ‘mini.’ (A bit of leg, but not too much.)

Perfect for going into Spring, whilst we’re still a bit chilly, yet wanting to feel sunny.








Growing Up, Saving Up & Diets


Gosh! I’ve been eating like a piglet, a ‘chubba’…a Hungry Hippo on a period. I want it to be Summer and although i’m enjoying this Spring weather…(light nights, brisk, bright mornings,) as it leads us into a super hot June…my body is just not ready for it. It’s all kebabs and burger meat. I need fruit, salad and watching my weight to occur.

I’m just being a girl, but I am one, so i have an excuse…but the back of my thighs are all wibbly and orange peely. They’re having a giggle and my expense…literally whilst I walk. And even though I find it funny, as now that i’m old, i’m far less body conscious, as you just have to let nature take it’s course, you can’t be thirty something, with babies and expect to have the body of a 19 year old and men who expect that are tools. Women shouldn’t feel under pressure and if you’re in the right relationship, with the right guy, you won’t. He’ll love you anyway. Isn’t it gross when you hear boys boast about it their ‘young girl or cougar’ bonks. Like they’re willies are much bigger now. But whenever you see a fifty year old man with a 20 year old girlfriend….it shows you his level of insecurity and her level of ‘need dosh.’ 🙂 It also show the exact same, when you flip the coin! Don’t get it twisted.

Women are beautiful anyway and when their beauty or body fades, you better hope to God that her personality is worth it, as that’s all your left with when you’re growing old together. Lol.

Diet starts today, though, so forget all that!! HAHAHAH. Why do we always want to look good? Or at least look the best we can??? So bizarre???

I’m saying all this, but i’m finally at a stage, like I said in a previous blog where in which i’m actually so content and peacefully happy that i couldn’t give a ‘monkies’…and that’s not like me. I’m competitive, ambitious, annoying and thirsty for life, achievement…great bodies, love and all sorts. So, i’m either old and losing my touch, or growing up and sensible now.

You decide? (I need to snap out of it and make bras out of coconut shells.)

I love that exactly a year today…as in LAST YEAR, I was doing this….

Like this..


My little Emily Woodcock. (Who’s now moved to Bermuda, to live with her handsome partner Mark. THEY MET ON TINDER. I know! Amazing!)

And now i’m all chilled and calm, being ‘Mama,’ handing out my knitting needles and giving out good advice to randoms who think i chat shit. 🙂

I like it. It’s makes me smile. Fun is only good, when you’re with the right people. Fun with the wrong people ruins everything.

How are you all doing with your money saving goals? I’m still doing my savings chart thing… It was my New Years resolution, lots of people are doing it, or a version of it, where in which you put £1 into savings on week one, £2 on week two etc….I’ve now saved up around £40 (lol) whoopppeee! (Some are doing it with a penny isntead of a pound and that’s still great!) It’s a good feeling, as by the end of the year, I would’ve conjured up an extra £1300 or something near that?

I’m budgeting. I’m not spending nearly as much and i’ve had things like ‘do’s,’ birthday parties…all sorts. I’m giving myself a weekly budget and i’m loving saving up. Once it’s in there, you CANNOT TOUCH IT.

Life is much easier when you accumulate first,before you spend. That way you’re never living from paycheck to paycheck and having to go back to zero each time. If you can take time out of ‘fun’ or spending for a while…and gather your fine earned pences….(yeah life is a bit dull for a bit, but worth it in the long run,) then your plain sailing…aka HAPPY!

Get Saving!!!



Shocks, Tears & Peace



I’m currently in a coffee shop in Doncaster. I’m feeling great, refreshed and happy whilst I enjoy my own company (probably because it never happens) and i’m getting on with life, alongside all that it throws at me, with a smile, a wiggle and of course that infamous and somewhat delicate *wink.*

Right. So…everything that’s been going on!

As you can imagine, internally right now, i’m kinda going through a lot. Lol. However, instead of throwing a ‘look at me’ pity party, (I never actually do that, as dramatic as I am, when i’m going through the ‘big things.’ I’m the Queen of turning actual mountains into molehills and therefore despise those who take the opposite approach to situations. I feel like people have enough drama in their lives, without having to turn tiny ‘don’t matter’ situations into ‘big deals.’)

I was at work Saturday and those around me had read my blog, some didn’t want to mention it, some did, but didn’t….I continued to work as normal…because I would, wouldn’t I. Lol. THEN ‘Baby Adam’ strolls up to me by boxes of great smelling, unsliced soap and hand sewn playhouses and says, ‘So, what’s this then about…well…y’know…Demi & I read your blog…and…’ 🙂 Aww!

So, I just told him. I explained what was going on, my condition and what was going to happen. He was actually SUPER HELPFUL. More helpful than anyone would ever imagine. More helpful than he should even know about! Lol.

There were people who were shocked. People who were dying for me to have a baby. It kinda made me feel happy to see one of my work colleagues, who i’m really close to say, ‘Y’know, i’ve had a really bad week and this has perked me up.’ Moments like that mean a lot to me. However, the circumstance, was obviously difficult.

Incase there was confusion….no actual ‘changes’ as of yet had been made. So I went to work on Saturday pregnant. I didn’t say much. But that’s why i sometimes like my blog, because I can tell everyone something, then they all know without me actually haven’t to chat about it. 🙂 Easy way out.

Ben and I had already decided that we weren’t going to go forward with this actual pregnancy, due to funds and us already having our hands sort of full and instead we wanted to plan more appropriately for a family in the future. The sensible option.

However, i’m not good in these situations, as i’m all heart aren’t I. I’m awful for it. I’m skin to the wind and ‘i can do this.’ So even though i kept telling myself that I’d be fine with a termination. (Sounds so awful, but i just need to make sure the two that I have already, are 100 percent okay before i introduce any more. PLUS, if the boy is telling you he’s not ready financially…HE’S NOT READY. Lol) Basically, my mind was in two places. Do you follow your heart or use your head? And in those moments, as hard as it is,  it’s important to be able to step away from what others are expressing and make your OWN decision, on a situation, without being swayed. You can get lost in the excitement at times. Lol. Well, I can.

Got on with my day. Got home. Had both babies with me. Happy as can be. In two minds, but not letting it show.  My ‘Stress rash’ made an appearance, but only because when you have issues, and you’re at work or a mum, you can’t or shouldn’t take them to work with you, or show the babies, that you’re not okay. I get on with it, with a smile. My issue. I’ll deal with it.

Talked to Ben. His mind hadn’t changed. It was our issue anyway. I knew that I probably wouldn’t be able to terminate anything, when it came to the crunch, as i don’t have it in me. Lol. I’m great at pulling up my socks and moving forward, but rubbish and soft when it comes to moments like this. I sort of didn’t want the decision. I didn’t want to commit to the decision. I wasn’t ready to make a decision, but i felt that the clock was ticking on me….I’m still taking it all really well…and i’m just getting on with life. It’s kinda almost ‘Matrixy’…yet the pill you choose to take doesn’t determine your own life, it’s someone else’s existence…making it MUCH MUCH HARDER. (It’s easier for boys, because they don’t have to go through it, physically or emotionally.)

Then the weirdest thing happened.

I fell asleep that night and i dreamt.

Now, i’m quite spiritual, but a cynic when it comes to most things of that sort. But I dreamt…

and that night in my dream, everything was white, my Grandfather (who has passed away and whom i was really close to) appeared out of nowhere, with a newborn baby in his arms. He didn’t look at me, just looked down at he baby. He turned around and walked away from me, in a happy, content fashion and waved me a goodbye hand signal.

Sounds so silly and creepy.

Woke up the next morning, first time i had woken up without feeling ill in a week. I played with the babies, sang songs, made breakfast…went to the loo…and I had completely bled out into my underwear. I KNOW!!!!!

Insane right?? I’m not even kidding.

So, on Sunday morning, well Saturday night, without me knowing…I began to miscarry.

It was weird and sad, yet relieving in the sense of, ‘i didn’t have to make a decision, because Mother nature had made it for me.’

I still had Ruby and Junior though, who were as happy can be…so i made like nothing was going on and played with them all morning, full smiles, filled with love.

Ruby went off to Pete’s for Sunday lunch. I picked Ben up form his Mum and Dad’s and armed with Baby Junior we did Sunday dinner (I did salad) at The Carleton…like nothing was even going on!

Great, happy, simple, day. A family day filled with peace. Junior was beaming. Ben was happy to be back at work and hopeful. He came back to mine for a bit to chill. Ben and I are good and still in love, yet he says that he’s feeling a bit unimportant to me at the minute, because we hardly get to see each other. He knew about the ‘miscarrying’ situation…and was highly concerned because he didn’t want me to be going through any pain. However, I simply told him that he’d watched far too many episodes of ‘Hollyoaks’ or been around far too many ‘dramatic folk,’ (see, i hate mountains out of molehills,) as it really is just like having a normal period. The emotional part is different. But physically…it’s nothing. I spent a whole lovely day with Ben and Junior, doing lunch…whilst miscarrying…at The it can’t be that bad physically, right? And i’m a wimp.

When there’s nothing you can do about it, you just have to get on with it…

But yes, he stated that he loved me, but currently felt unimportant to me. However, I simply explained that internally, i’m kinda going through a giant chunk of much right now…and when i go through ‘chunks of much’ I do it privately, on my own turf and time. That’s why i always bounce back fast because I’m good at the personal healing process.  I do it well. That’s why I’m a calm, happy Mum, instead of a stressy one. I teach them along the way, openly and honestly, how to deal with life…ALREADY! 🙂 They’re super emotionally schooled, are Ruby and Junior. They understand a lot for their ages and just get life really well.

If i think of all the shite that i’ve been through, this is nothing, right now, in comparison… my life is pretty charmed.

Sometimes you can get lost in your own bubble, as when Ben’s feeling a little bit unimportant…I’m still madly in love with him and actually more than ever. I’m really appreciating every inch of him being in my life, because he’s a really good person. He stands by me through thick and thin…and I do him, and yeah we might have a moan, but i’d never trade him in for anyone else. He’s my best friend. My ‘Forever boy.’ I feel lucky to have him and well, i noticed a massive situation the other day because after Junior was born and I went through the same sort of thing, with a pregnancy and miscarriage…Keiran (who i was married to at the time didn’t care one tiny bit,) he was so concerned about himself..and focused on hating me…that he forgot to actually care or aid me emotionally…and well it utterly stressed me out. It was a rollercoaster. Keiran’s good to me now, and a lot sweeter to me.Yet years have passed, so i’m really not bothered.The good thing about it, is that is makes co parenting much easier, when you’re both agreeable. That, if anything…makes me happy. I just don’t have any respect for men who walk out on their family and their responsibilities because they’re not strong enough to find positive solutions.)

Ben on the other hand is the opposite. He goes through everything with me, stands by me every inch of the way. He’ll make sure i’m feeling okay, the children are okay and be concerned for me, He’ll sort take on the responsibility of being ‘the man of the house.’ He’s dramatic, but emotionally strong and yes, he’s learning…but he’s good at it. He cares for Ruby and Junior. He knows them inside and out. He knows where I stand when it comes to caring for my children and doesn’t push the barriers. He’s the kinda guy that I know i can go through anything with in life…and we’ll be okay…even through the dodgy patches.

That’s why i’m lucky.

So, yeah. i’m going through a lot…Lol…and I’ll be honest and tell you that there was a moment this morning, where there was just me, sat in my leoparrd print pyjamas, nobody, no babies, no work, no schedule…and I sat on my bed, looked at myself through a wardrobe mirror, smiled and had a little cry. I never get those moment because i’m always so busy or i’m waiting for someone to arrive, or dropping someone off. So i had it…and it felt good. 🙂 That’s why i like to ‘blog it out’ my system.

The great thing about my life is that i’m surrounded by love.  I have a really great family. A great Mum. Really wonderful friends…all different, all ages.  A great partner…he’s lovely. Beautiful children…and a bubble that I can calm down or ‘busy’ up. I have a lot of support around me, all of the time and a lot of love swirling by me constantly….which makes times of this sort so easy, so i couldn’t be more grateful to everyone.

I’m enjoying my ‘Just Me’ day today. I needed it.

Lots of love,

Chrissie xx

















More babies for me?


So, i told you that i’d been through a lot….

Well, for the last few weeks id been worried, feeling dodgy, still working, auditioning, being Mum and doing life. I’d been tired. I’d been feeling weird…but noticing that something wasn’t quite right and that was ‘late.’ (If you know what i mean.)

I waited and waited….did nothing….did nothing….then, I checked.

Two tests later….and one of them checked over by my Mother (who is one of my closest friends and of course a family planning Doctor)

…and yes…

They both came out positive.

After panic, private discussions, talks with Ben, talks with my mum, excitement, fear, tears and ignorance…

I waited…and tried to find time to think. I couldn’t sleep.

I expressed my feelings to Ben. I let him ponder the notion. 🙂 Then I let him express his feelings towards the situation. These situations are always really tricky for me, as i never want to displease anyone, but i have to do what’s right for me. I’m not always good at that.

However, we both came up with the exact same conclusion and that conclusion was, that right now, we’re not in a strong enough financial situation to effectively provide for THREE children. They’ve got to go through private school, childcare…all sorts….there’s a lifetime of things that they will need and because we hadn’t planned for it, we weren’t ready YET.

My Mum had actually agreed, but when i told her the result of our conversation, i could tell that part of her was really upset. She’s so lovely, because she’ll always go with the sensible option, even if her heart tells her she doesn’t want to. SHE IS NOT USED TO ME BEING SENSIBLE. And to actually hear me say that we were going to go ahead with the pregnancy, even though she would think it’s right, it actually worried her, knowing what i’d have to go through, i think? I don’t know, but when she left, I did a massive cry, because you just don’t like to see your Mum worried and everything suddenly dawned on me. Don’t worry, i’m fine. I’m a tough cookie. But you need those moments of realization and tears.

Ben’s happy, simply because he was unsure as to whether his bits were in working order or not? Now he had confirmation that they are, he’s ready to work hard, accumulate and try again next year. We just thought that the timing was off, Junior needs a lot of love right now because all of that he’s going through with his Daddy. We’re gonna wait until they’re both in school and then plan away for Baby 3. (If we decide to, as i’m knocking on a bit now.)

But there you have it….That’s been my week so far!




Catch up, futures, plate spinning and life



I’ve been up, i’e been down, i’ve been around and around. I’m back at work. I’m enjoying it. I’m shattered. But i’m happy. I’m, early nighting it. Being pretty plain. ENJOYING every SECOND of being pretty plain and loving every single moment of being a Mama.

Ruby turned FIVE, two days ago. We took this extra glamourous gift boxes in for each one of her classmates and that was after we got up at the crack of dawn to celebrate her birthday, with gifts, cake and family love.

Junior’s been poorly…but i’m excited to have him back, as he’s spent the last two evening at his Daddy’s. (I hate sharing babies, but sometimes life just rolls you a situation.)

I’m loving being calm. I’m naturally a worrier. Not my own worst enemy, as i’m a go getter and i think i’m pretty awesome. Just someone who looks ahead and worries at times. But don’t get me wrong, i’m patient in the moments where you just can’t do anything but life. This is the first time in a long time, that i’m not craving anything, that i’m not dripped in ambition or greed. It’s the first time that i’m feeling utterly content, like i would whenever i go to the forest and everyone always says that, when you feel like that, the true understanding of life and what it’s about, has sprung on you. So yippppeeee, i’ll plonk that feather in my cap and start heel clicking in all the airs!

I’m addicted to cape gooseberries right now and that’s quite odd, as they’re a thing that if you like, you need to eat lots off, but because they taste so weird, you end up feeling sick afterward. 🙂

Ben’s started his new job! He’s happy, i’m happy for him, he’s already done his back in, but i simply told him to ‘get on with it.Lol. It’s only been Day 1, so i’m waiting for Day 100 and seeing how well he does with the at of ‘accumulation.’ HAHA.

I’ve been through a lot over these last couple days, weeks or whatever. I was gonna tell you in this blog, but i’m not…i’ll tell you in the next one.

Right now i’ve got opportunities coming out my kahunas. There are companies who are wanting me to feature them on my blog, so i’d write for their magazine and i’d post it here for people to read. I’ve finally found a better ecommerce site for my lashes. I have auditions lined up, if i so wish to go on them. But right now, i’m not so telly orientated. A modelling agency has asked to sign me. And…this year is all about me getting it right, doing what’s right for me…and accumulating funds for an amazing future.

Sometimes life just spins you around, but it’s the clever ones that cling on, smile, do it in the best heels, and survive so well, that they end up on top, adjusting the ‘spin.’

Next Stop….Work


Gosh! What is worse than knowing it’s the last day of your week off! But nevertheless, work is work and in a way getting back into some moneymaking, normal routine is great!

I’ve been happy, tired and lazy! Hence, why going back to work will chipper me up a little and get me back on track. Lol.  But I will say that I spent Saturday morning, getting up at five o clock in the morning, travelling through cities in a pink party dress, looking like a plank and performing the ‘show’ that is ‘Chrissie Wunna.’

It was pretty okay. It was hard, but great. I met some alright new faces, yet there was point in the day where in which I sort of looked about, thought ‘why the hell i am here?’ I just fancied getting back home, getting straight in my pyjamas and being with the babies.

If anything, I realized how much I enjoy a really simple life and that i’m so utterly different to how I was years ago. I love the way I was ages ago, but simply because I actually developed as  a human, so looking back makes me feel good.

I got home, flung off my heels, was happy to have met this awesome friend named ‘Lee’ who travelled back with me…ALL THE WAY, until our last stop. The dress was flung off, weave unclipped…I grabbed the babies, smooched them and in the name of Pontefract we ordered a giant pizza, with a kebab follow up! It felt like bliss!

So, yes even though i do well at times and bad at times at being showbizzy. I really do much much prefer a normal, chilled existence. I’ve done a lot, but when you’re an oldie, and when you’re a Mum and when you actually feel content…life is great and you wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m looking forward to normal work, blogging, doing the lash line and being Mama.

So yes, I’m at The Carelton with Benny. I’m getting off my laptop, simply so I can spend some time with him (I haven’t seen him in ages and it just feels great to have him in my eyeline. I’m happy. He’s ace. He looks happy to see me, which is always good.)

I love you all.

I’m off.


Chrissie x


Look Two! *Glammy Casual*


Here’s my next ‘Glammy Casual’ option for a ‘Sailing into Spring, but we’re not quite there yet,’ look!

The weather’s still a bit nippy, so i’m still adorning faux fur coats and knee high boots all the way, every day.

It’s a  good look to shop, lunch or hang out with your chick friends in! If you’re a Mum! It is an AWESOME ‘look at me’ school run choice. LOL.



Enjoy! Keep warm. But saying that, it might be bikini weather tomorrow!

Chrissie x

‘E’ is for Errands


Errands! Errands! Everything errands!

I have my car back. My Mum was super appreciative of the help. I managed to drop off Vivienne Westwood earrings to Jenna, Tea towels to Lorraine and £20 to Katie AND buy a prawn sandwich, after looking at a rather expensive, but still beautiful playhouse. (I do mean for Ruby and not just another house for Me to ‘play’ in.)

I’m well rested. Probably too well rested. I’m dreading going back to work now, yet still find comfort in being there. Lol. It’s a weird catch 22, isn’t it?

Ben and I are back to normal. I’ve ventured to Doncaster to buy hair, makeup, everything under the sun and back. I’m chilled. I’m looking forward to a school run and I can’t wait to see Baby Junior, who was at his Daddy’s last night!

I have a chilled evening, but a busy tomorrow. But there’s nothing that I can do about my busy tomorrow, except winging and enjoy it.

I’m currently hormonal and opinionated, which is ‘Wunna’ at her best and worst all at once. It’s hilarious because at the same time as being my own worse enemy, with giggles…i’m also my own greatest solution.

I’m kinda liking life in it’s simplest form right now, so wanting to book the forest cabin for a week at Easter. I fancy it. I’m at my most peaceful there. If you’ve never done a luxury log cabin in the woods, you should, as it’s divine because it’s something you would never actually realize how much enjoy, until you do it. I used to cry whenever I left. Lol.

I’ve got a Vimto to my left. I’ve watched far too many episodes of ‘Real Housewives’ to the point that I now think I am one. I explained this to Jenna this morning. I’m waltzing around like I have some kind of Sugar Daddy, or billion pound home, that boast trees that has money growing upon them. Luckily, come Tuesday my own reality will kick in and i’ll happily go back to normal….still in my diamantes.

Ruby’s looking forward to the weekend. She aced going back to school after a week off. It’s only a few more sleeps until she turns five. I’m looking forward to dipping Yorkshire puds in gravy with Junior, whilst watching nothing but Peppa Pig for 40 hours straight, ALL NIGHT.

Everything’s lovely. Everything’s fine. The only bad thing about getting your car back is that you then have a bunch of things you need to do it in and a bunch of people to drive around in it. Lol.

This weekend Britain is meant to be hotter than MEXICO. I don’t know whether that means we’re having a heatwave and must therefore reach for our bikini’s and pork sausages for the BBQ, or if Mexico’s just gonna be really cold and they’ll all have to knit cardy’s, that match their sombreros. (I want a sombrero.)

Three more days of my holiday left.

I could add three more days to it mentally. Yet, you can’t get anything in life, if you don’t flipping go back to work and make that dollar.

Love you all,

Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂



Glammy Casual! My Look for Winter!

DSC_4135 - Copy

Hey Dolls!

Check out my favourite ‘Glammy Casual,’ Winter look!




Nothing is more fun that a great tan in Winter. Especially when near snow.

Dangly diamante earrings (really great for insta ‘GLAM’ and twinkling in crisp white sunlight in the wind.)

Hot pink shoes (of any variety)

A warm ribbed jumper. (I enjoy bright colours that clash with your shoes. Makes people think you’re happy. 🙂 )

Giant, white, up to the waist, faux fur coat (Lots of these in the sale right now.)

A solid Mac lipstick. (I’m currently loving ‘Velvet Teddy’ and ‘Honey Love.’



Operation Home Truths

ac6 - Copy

I’m still enjoying my holiday. I’m loving every single minute of it. My mum has my car, so I’ve chilled all day physically, yet managed to get LOTS of work done mentally, for the new lash website, work, auditions…and all sorts. I’ve literally done loads.

THEN, I got on a text conversation with Ben and I don’t know how it ended up being so home truthy, but it did…and I enjoy home truths because I think they’re bits of actual information that people can use to develop themselves further. I know I do all the time whenever I hear them and it’s always my closest friends or Mum, who will home truth me. I never ‘baby, baby’ anyone because I always find it hinders them. But i’ll be patient. Watch ‘the show’…then suggest changes….my way. 🙂 Which always comes out harsh.

Don’t fret, I didn’t say anything crazy. We just have different outlooks or speeds. I doesn’t mean that I don’t love him. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t care and wouldn’t bother chittering at him. For example…the things that take him a week…I would do in a day….non stop and crazily, to the point that I would drive myself into stress, but feel a sense of achievement once i’ve thundered it through. It’s like a work out.  He’ll do one thing, wait a few days and do another thing……have a few drinks, hang out with friends….maybe try once more…not see a result….wait a day or two….try again….because that’s the mode he’s most comfortable in. Neither is wrong. We’re just different when it comes to pace.

Like, I haven’t had my car for two days because i’ve given it to my mum. I haven’t really felt ‘stranded’ as Ben called it. But because i’m super aware that at the top of my street is a bus that leaves every 10 flipping minutes to either Ackworth or Pontefract town centre. I even got on it today. So, it sort of made me think of all those times he grumbled because he felt trapped and couldn’t go anywhere, because everything in Thorpe Audlin is cut away from life etc…blah blah blah. Firstly, yes, if you don’t drive it sucks. I do. Secondly, you can’t moan, if at the top of the street, which is a five minute walk away…. there is a BUS STOP (an inexpensive way to travel) that will take you anywhere you need to go. Lol.

That’s how ‘home truthing’ started, by me pointing out that instead of feeling cut away, i found another way, aside from my own set of ‘wheels’ to get somewhere. He didn’t like it. But whatever…it was the truth. I don’t even think it was harsh…because I was actually delivering it nicely…but bluntly. Yet, that’s how all my friends and I speak to one another because we’re all open, all close, all grown ups and all truthful.

So yeah… it went on and on and on and on…and developed onto other little things…that went on and on….and then it got less ‘fiddly’ and more regular and moderately chipper. I forwarded him leads, I told him how I felt. He explained his situation. He simply said, ‘Thank you.’ (Which means he’s in a mood really. Lol.)

Today is a great day and I have no idea why I feel so good, but i do. I’m going on a walk later to simply because it looks so sunny. (I know, it’s cold. I’m prepared. I’ll have wine in a flask. ) I’m excited for ‘Real Housewives..’ It reminds me of being pregnant and waiting for Junior to pop out, as i must have watched every episode under the sun, back to back, doing squats, eating pineapples, sniffing curries…all sorts.

I’m chilling. I’m loving it. I’m doing well. I’m getting loads of messages about my Vlogs! But i blogged about it. I filmed three videos before and Ben lost two of them. So that’s why only ‘Emergency Mirrors’ was put up. Simples. If I was going to film more, and I do want to, as so many people are watching them, (I mean Ben and Nick are still filming there’s, yet hopefully they’ll catch on soon, so their views go up faster,) I really only have tomorrow to do it in. So I don’t know really? It’s sort of a shame. But yes, when i put them up…they do really well. 🙂 There’s just not many of them yet. But I thank you all for having a peek at them.

Hope Thursday is going well…

Chrissie x