Ben, Babies and Love


Morning my delicious winks of *purr.*

Okay, so before I tell you about the rest of our London Date Night, (we did so much in The Capital and cocktailed like boozy superhero’s, that i need to make sure i’ve absorbed it all myself, before I * tippy tappy* type it all out for you properly. We literally had the time of our lives and ventured everywhere we could. I  enjoyed our Ultimate Date Night more than anything, so i just need to sponge it all in, before i deliver the news. *Wiggle, Giggle.*)

I’ve been busy, i’ve been working, i’ve had a moody Thursday, but enjoyed the company that i’ve been around. Ben and I are closer than ever. We’re still madly in love and the great thing about us is the simple fact that usually when people date, they go through this amazing ‘honeymoon’ period that slowly dies off, as they continuing ‘doing together.’ Right? But with us, (and we’ve been together AGES now, longer than anyone would think, as we were pretty much together for months before people knew,) our relationship just stays in ‘honeymoon’ naturally and weirdly gets better and better. We’re completely each others absolute soulmate and we really couldn’t be happier. I get that there’s this sort of ‘show’ of ‘Chrissie & Ben’ and how perceive us or try to guess how we are as a couple. I’m used to it. I know the score. Ben’s a bit more sensitive with it all, yet the good thing about it is that i know he’ll also get used to it also and it’ll actually make him tough to it all. We’ve been having fun, we’ve been spending lots of time with the babies (and i LOVE that he’s a family man, it makes my heart melt.) We’re just doing life together and loving every minute of it. I feel lucky. He’s the most amazing guy and even sometimes when he may not think he is…I can always see and always have…even if we were to rewind 8 months back, how wonderful he really is.

We love our ‘stay in’ nights and we’re playful. It’s fun. But last night we went out for a couple drinks with friends, after seeing Rich and Katty’s new house. (Happy for them. I had Ciroc and lemonade and liked a grey leopard print blind.) Dodge, (who got pissed in Chequers, with strangers who had a caravan on their front drive,) Sophie (Who i like, but don’t know as well…but she makes me smile because we’re the same kind of bitchy) and Reuben (who vapes like a  custard cream Cruella De ville)  were also there.

We did drinks. Ben looked all hot in his shirt. (I heart him in a shirt.) I did pinstripe, booby dress and we had actually rocked up to Katty and Rich’s, after a bottle of champagne and really great sex TWICE,  in the space of an hour, with a mini nap and a shower inbetween. 🙂 We came home after Friday night drinks (we ventured to the Tap and Barrel…where most people were out having a cheeky tipple) and after banter, Mcdonalds, a cold breeze and a big ‘at home’ chat in our comfies. We’re good chatters. We do it a lot. We went in for round 3, which surely makes us ‘bedroom gangsters.’

Our relationship is good because it’s completely well rounded. We can do posh hotels, cocktails and fun and be lovers and actual best friends  at the same time, without anyone else having to be there and help us through it. Lol. We can chill in our comfies and be ‘mummy and daddy’ and find it the easiest thing ever, whilst we do take out. We’re good at talking business together. We infact are going to start our own business together, after being offered the opportunity to cocktail at places for money…I’ll tell you about it later in my second Date Night blog. We’re really lucky.) Finally, our sex life is really great and even though it sort of may sound crude (i’m just really open about things of this sort 😉 ) we both find sexy time an important part of any relationship. We’re highly sexually compatible and well a hundred years down the line, we’ll still be at, because i don’t think i could lay in a bed next to him, unless i’m completely and utterly shattered and not want to at least feel him up a little. 🙂

Okay, so HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone. It’s a holiday that i’m not bothered about because i hate anything scary. I’ve got  a lot of errands to run today, with Ruby to get ready for my lash party at Ego tomorrow night.

Ben’s off to help people move boxes after lunch with Ruby and I. They’re really close right now, after Ben spent the entire day with Ruby whilst I was at work. He took her to the cinema, he treated her to all sorts. He took her to his parents to chill and my child, made me look great by telling his Dad Dave, (after a regular ‘Hi, I’m Dave’ greeting)  that i drank loads of wine. Haha. Cringe!!)

Life, is good! I had an amazing previous week. I’ve just been working hard over the last week and i’m so glad that you join me on it! x



London Date Night Part 1


So! Ben and I are back safely on Northern soil, after the most AMAZING time, with the most AMAZING memories and well the most AMAZING ‘Date Night’ experience EVER… in London.

We kinda only planned it a day and a half before. However, I’m just the kinda kitten who believes that life and love is all about living, so if you’re in a position to do so…and EVERYONE IS….you must, must throw skin to win and ENJOY.

If you’re in love…Date Night’s are a MUST. I’m currently madly in love…so to London we ventured.

Like, I told you, Ben had never really been to London and done it properly. so it meant so much to me, to see him so happy and well to share such a  big experience with him. It was the first time he ‘did’ London, the first time he ever travelled in a black cab, the first time he had ever had room service, the first time he had been on a ‘train that went that fast,’ the first time he travelled First Class…and the first time he did it all with ME.

Now, i’ve been to London a gzillion times, I used to even live there, but nothing is as special, than doing it THIS time, on ‘date night’ with him. We were treated so wonderfully. We cocktailed like the world was our oyster…we lived, we loved and we made it our own.

We caught the train from Doncaster at 9.47am. We’d already had breakfast and a wine by then and tottered onto the train, where we drank Prosecco out of plastic cups, red wine out of chipped cups and Stella that ‘he didn’t want.’ (I upgraded us to Prosecco, simply because of our first drinks were shit. Plus, it was hilarious, simply because I had to WALK down the entire train to retrieve Prosecco. Not only DID I FALL. But on the way, I must have bashed every single human on the head, with my bag full of mini booze, of course by accident and in diamante heels. 🙂 ) I was a really annoying train buddy. But I was filled with excitement and love. It was worth every second of my Tom Foolery.


We arrived in London quickly and well just like that, we literally stepped off the train and went straight to one of my favourite ‘first stops.’ The Great Northern Hotel’s cocktail bar. 🙂


I completely adore the GNH bar and so did Ben. It was a wonderful great first stop off, to kick us into ‘Date Night’ and fair enough Ben was rubbish at picking the right cocktail…but on the whole, the experience was amazing. Such a glam spot. Such great service. A perfect place for us to have begun.


Time sort of flew, even though we knew we couldn’t check into our hotel until 3pm. We laughed, loved, Tweeted and got our hot arses into a cab across town, to get to our hotel of choice…which was The Grosvenor…the one by Buckingham Palace.

The were excited to see us…

..they checked us in early, they gave us an executive suite upgrade,  they treated us like royalty and we loved every single moment of it. Such a beautiful hotel, filled with elegance, class and decadence. Again, the service couldn’t have been better. Plus, the food and cocktails were nothing short of divine. (It was a great place to fall in love with Ben over, and over again and it was worth every single moment, penny and cocktail. 🙂 )

Our room was gorgeous. The bed was so comfy. We beamed with delight, simply because we couldn’t have been more in love and we were away from the dull normality of Pontefract. It felt like we were on holiday…and it meant the world to us. We get along so well and can have the best time ever regardless. But it was extra special and felt really romantic…so yeah, we celebrated by hitting the Reunion Bar, in the hotel (which was the height of Glamour) and we sipped Champagne cocktails, as Ben pissed himself at how posh he was being.


We drank loads, headed to our suite, chilled out in the room, were so happy to be given little sweetie treats, wine, biscuits and a note greeting us both warmly…

then we ordered room service,


…got showered… (no pictures for you 😉 )

I actually got bathed, as Ben got showered right next to me…I *heart* bathrooms that you can both use at the same time…and after dolling up, a little bit of a ‘belly full’ boy nap… (lightweight alert)

and lots more booze (Ben looked so HOT in his shirt…i looked weirdly conservative, to say that I can turn anything ‘Playboy,’)


..then we went back down to the bar for more cocktails..this is AFTER CHAMPAGNE to the room and whilst sat there, we talked about our love, our future, marriage (I KNOW)  and home life.

Then we taxi’ed to Notting Hill, to dine at West Thirty Six, which is my good friend ‘Big Brother Rex’s’  NEW restaurant.

West Thirty Six is AMAZING and i’m not just saying it because it’s Rex’s place. I mean, yeah he came over and greeted us, chatted to us and spoilt us to bubbles, after I yelled ‘WE’RE HERE’ over a counter at him. BUT OMG, we ordered the ribs by recommendation and a rare steak. IT WAS LITERALLY THE BEST RIBS AND STEAK WE HAD EVER HAD IN OUR ENTIRE LIVES! And we’ve eaten EVERYWHERE now, to the point where Ben is a food and cocktail snob. 🙂

Rex showed us around the entire place after our GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS meal and it’s massive. Very trendy, but cosy. Sooo many floors, all different feels to each section, be you a private diner, an outside terrace kinda couple, or cigar lounge type, or an open fire ‘toolshed’ kinda girl.

Amazing place! The food divine. The service again wonderful.

We got a taxi back to the hotel at around 9.30pm. (I saw Caprice, walk by whilst waiting) but because our bellies were full to the brim, with fine dining…and we intended on spending the entire evening cocktailing… when we got back to our suite…I sort of laid down on t bed, fully clothed…Ben laid down next to me..and well by 10pm, I fell asleep! HAHAHA. I didn’t even put out! HAHA. I was far too comfy and far to ‘belly full’ content.

I remember Ben trying to wake me up every so often. But they were all just little blurs. I remember him laying next to me? Waking me up because he might of wanted sexytime. Waking me up to make me go downstairs to the cocktail bar and waking me up because ‘how do you work this coffee machine.’ 🙂

I was out. Fast asleep. Fully dressed.

He watched a bit of telly, then tucked himself in next to me…

We fell slept like babies that night, under the London night stars, on our third ‘date night’ in our Grosvenor suite…

I couldn’t have been happier.




Date Night 3


I’ve been enjoying life!

I’m happy!

I’ve wallowed in ultimate family time and adored every inch of being Mummy. I’ve shopped. I’ve cocktailed. I’ve waved the flag at having a week off work and i’ve loved.

Ruby and Junior are as happy as can be. Ben and I are stronger than we’ve ever been. It’s kinda good when you’re a girl to know that you’ve found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. A guy that you adore, who you know will always be there for you and care for you. I mean, they’ll be times when we rub each other up the wrong way and times when we rub each other up the exact right way. But most of all, we’re happy and i never know how people see our relationship when they look on in. However, to us, we’re great. We talk about the rest of our lives together, a family, our current little family and life. We’ve been through a lot together and therefore trust each other when it comes to safe guarding the heart of our counterpart.

Over the last couple of days we’ve just had an amazing time, with the babies and when we’ve just been ‘us.’ We’ve been in Doncaster a lot. (My home town.) We’ve hit Zest, for cocktails. (We actually went back this morning because it was so great and had the best spicy lamb wraps ever, with Mimonsas.) We’ve done Relish. (Where we had the BEST Bloody Mary EVER…and i love a Bloody Mary. I literally have them all the time…any time.) We’ve celebrated at our new local ‘Ego’ in Ackworth (even took the babies there for early dinner) and alongside an array of lunches and teas…we’ve shopped, made each other laugh, spent the odd night out with friends, but on the whole, really enjoyed being with Ruby and Junior. (And they are LOVING family life, as they’re kids, who have never really ever had or experienced a long term ‘at home’ commitment from a guy, in their lives before. I mean it was hard for Ruby at first, because she’s so head strong and bruised from her previous heartache. Yet now, she’s really embracing it and i couldn’t be prouder. Junior embraced it from day one.)

Anyway, yes. Today we went shopping. I bought a ‘Date Night’ outfit. Ben bought a ‘Date Night’ outfit. (A couple shirts and everything. *Oooooh.*) I’m a great shopper because i’m QUICK. Straight in. Straight out. I’m done. Ben takes AGES. LITERALLY. Lol. It even takes him longer to get ready on a morning. But i’m glad that he got what he wanted and well tomorrow, we’re on our third ever DATE NIGHT. I mean we do go out and do things together a lot. But once a month we have a solid ‘getaway’ date night…and completely by accident, we decided that we were doing London. (As it’s usually Leeds.)

So tomorrow…and we only decided this yesterday. 🙂 Or was it the day before? But yeah, at 9.47am, we’ll be on a train to London to check into our hotel and spend the day, evening and the whole of Saturday in London, with one another.

I’ve done London LOTS. I even lived there. Ben hasn’t done it ever. (Well not properly.) So we’re both really excited. This time around i’m going to miss the babies soooo much. But i think in relationships you’ve sort of got to do your ‘Date Night’ because it keeps your love alive. It keeps it current and not dusted over with a ‘memory of.’ It’s still sparky, it’s still hot. It’s still sexy. It makes you happy and when you’re happy…(and we’ve both been through the ringer and back when it’s come to our past relationships,) you’ve just a better human in general…making us better role models for the babies and for each other.

The train tickets were booked this afternoon, whilst drinking at Ego. The hotel has literally ONLY JUST BEEN BOOKED right now.

Whenever i go to London, i usually stay at the Great Northern Hotel at the train station or The Mayfair. The Great Northern is completely booked up. UGH! And The Mayfair only have ONE ROOM LEFT and i didn’t book it because the bargain fare for that room was £3000! Crikey!

Instead, I had to choose somewhere else, which is always hard when you’re with someone else, as you don’t want it to be shitty. But because you’ve never been, you have clue what the place is like or where it’s situated.

I pondered it all evening…then went with The Grosvenor, simply because of it’s lobby chandelier. 🙂 I’m good like that! I mean, I’ve been driven passed The Grosvenor lots…but i’ve never stayed there. So in a way it’s great because it’s a first time for us both.

Ben and I are both laid back when it comes to most things. But i like luxury and Ben’s now a hotel snob. HAHA. So even though it doesn’t matter…it sort of does.. You’ll get my full report, once we’ve experienced it!

Ben’s currently out drinking and catching up with Rich and Katty who have just got back from New Orleans. I’ve been with the babies, cuddling them to sleep, which i love doing and need to do when i know that i’m going to be away on a trip, an overnighter…etc…I’m gonna miss them madly.

Telly has been shitty tonight and i’ve actually written this entire blog with a KFC friend chicken piece in my hand. 🙂 Glamour, glamour, glamour Puss!

Anyway, i’m knackered and i need to tan.

By tomorrow morning, after i’ve got the babies ready for nursery and school runs. We’ll be straight off and on a train to London…

See you in the Capital!

*Blows you a kiss.*

Chrissie xxx



Feet, Chats & Babies

ac6 - Copy

Morning my delicious kittens of love festival. Hope you all take a second from building your Chrissie Wunna shrines and smell the vodka roses that all bars have at the ready.

I have the entire week off work. A poorly baby boy. A Chrissie Wunna Lash party to organise and a ‘time of the month’ to shimmie with, which I kinda don’t mind as it reminds me that I’m all woman. (Booyah.) In fact, I once got kicked out of a club because a tranny decided that I wasn’t all woman and wanted to fight me. However….it ended well…because my vagina still firmly exists. *SURPRISE.*

I’ve had an easy work week. Danielle decided to dye her hair ‘pornstar’ by accident in the form of ‘lots of money.’ Ben is missing his Mum’s cooking 🙂 and Keiran is mildy concerned over my current situation that I have going on with Ben and the babies. It’s like he’s wheeling on in now, to win back ‘his family.’ I get that. But it’s a bit late? I mean, waiting two entire years, until I’m happily settled and the children are living like a family and I’m wanting a divorce is not the best timing ever, is it? Lol. (Very Keiran. The boy who enjoy’s a challenge…with bells on.)

Everyone’s happy…yet all this began when Keiran popped in the other day to drop Junior off and demanded to have a ‘chat’ with Ben about some ‘ground rules’ that he wants laying down when it comes to the children. Hmm..?

Luckily Ben was upstairs, in bed and asleep…so the ‘chat’ (which seems like it’s going to be quite stern) got frisbeed to ‘next time.’ Fun times, i’m sure. I get that Keiran would want to MEET Ben, as that’s pretty regular. He says he doesn’t know him. He doesn’t know who’s around the children. I get that. I get that. Yet Ben’s been pretty good with the children and i’ve known him for ages now, so coming in with ‘Daddy ground rules’ for Ben firstly seems a bit bizarre, controlly, unnecessary and threaty and secondly it will basically turn tense and give them an rapport that any glamour puss would label as ‘eww.’ I mean, I did tell Keiran years ago that once he left, he’d have to deal with things like this, the oh so famous consequences and that the picture that he had glamourised in his head of how family separation goes down, wasn’t exactly how real life worked and he wouldn’t like it. But yes, the ‘chat’ will happen and i’ll just make sure the babies are out of the way. (Jeeze.)

Pete didn’t ever set ground rules and well both Ben and Pete get along well and not even in a fakey ‘we’ve both done Wunna’ kinda nice because there is a baby. They genuinely get along well. However, the Keiran/Ben thing isn’t going to go as swimmingly and I get that they’re all different boys, with different ways and different approaches to situations..and that’s fine. I embrace that. But it definitely makes me cringe a bit. Lord knows what this ‘chat’ will be like.

(Ben doesn’t like me looking at his feet. He’s currently laid on my living room floor, hiding his feet from me, because they look like Frodo birthed him. Now he’s looking at mine and telling me i have weird shaped toes. 🙂 Our future kid will have bad feet. Luckily for me…ain’t nobody looking at my toes. *Wiggle, wink…hip bump.*)

Last night was fun. I worked all Sunday, yet it was easy. We just looked after babies, then did wine as they did bedtime, watched movies and fake snogged. (I sometimes do this ting….ting? THING! Where in which Ben will ask for a snog and i’ll open mouth ‘mong’ snog him for kicks. He loves it really. He does! It was aplayful night of silliness. Then we wore our specs and fell asleep, after blowies. 🙂 (He doesn’t like wearing his glasses in front of me. PAHAHA.)

Right, i’m off now because i’ve really got to pull my glamourous finger out start seeing who’s coming to my eyelash party, so i can begin setting things in motion. I’ll tell you all about it in my next blog. So yeah..stay tuned.

Feet are grim. Ruby doesn’t get why i was a model because i’m not made out of clay, Juniors passed me his flu and Ben & His sister think the children should have a dim sum/prawn toast advent calendar this year, so that they can embrace their Asian culture. YAY!




Happy Saturday, Love and Move ins


Happy Saturday.

Okay so the last time i attempted to blog was last Sunday! This was the first morning that I actually managed to have a lay in, so I felt absolutely delicious! Ruby’s ventured off with Pete and his new girlfriend Meghan, I was home with Junior (who was  begging me to make him a massive Sunday dinner) and Ben had just returned from a Blackpool stag do, where they managed to  lose one of the boys, as a result.

It was actually hilarious because I  had loads of ‘the girlfriends’ message me in a furious quest to solve the ‘lost boy’ mystery. I’d worked hard all day, harder than I realized, because when i looked back at all the work that I had accidentally done, I had kitten blasted my eyelash line business like a champion. I needed a cocktail, so me being me, SORT of helped the crusade, by going with ‘fuck it’ and making the executive decision to go for a poshy tipple.

That day, I  remember being impressed by the amount of work that I had put into the lash line and I guess, when you do something you love, it never feels like work, right? That’s what I reckon we all need to find in life. Our happy place, where the work we do is something that we are more than passionate about, so we finally feel free and no longer have to ‘clock into regular,’ simply because we have to. We can all get there. I mean, I’ve always pretty much done, or at least tried to do everything that I’ve ever dreamt of, so you can to.

Yet, the good thing about me, is that I’m never one to feel defeated…even if i’ve totally been defeated 🙂 and i’m never one to give up. or feel embarrassed. Even when i probably should. 🙂 Makes me a winner every time! But i’ve been pretty lucky. *Wiggle..wink.* I mean, i even have a Google search to prove it. 😉

Okay, so what have i even been doing? Work…home…Ben (literally 😉 ) and the babies and it’s felt amazing. In fact so good that Ben and I  now get excited about what we’re going to watch on Film4 every night, instead whether we can be arsed to go to ‘Biggies.’ It’s been a change…but a good change and the children have certainly enjoyed home life a great deal more.

Junior is ‘besties’ with Ben, Ruby, who had her first ever ‘Harvest Festival’ is now reading and being ace in school (just saw her teacher at 2.4.1 cocktails at Ego in Ackworth.)

We’ve been doing champagne evenings at home. Training the babies to do a ‘bedtime’ and enjoying life.

I have news….good news. (Hahaha sorry  Ben’s doing my voice at me and thinking he’s funny.) But yeah, Ben and I have done moving in! 🙂 Ace right! He has officially entered Wunna land, in more ways than one;)  but has moved in with a full belly, a couple cocktails and a smile on his face. He’s giddy. I’m giddy and the children are really happy. Well done me for stilettoing into ‘the next phase’ after actually spending a decent amount of time with him before jumping into vows before sex. 🙂 I tend to do it the other way around.

Lots of lunches, dinners and mainly Ego cocktails and Lunches at Cosmo Doncaster. (We’ve even been today and it’s made Ben really happy. He’s a simple creature. Give the boy a bit of meat and he’s chipper.)

Last night we ventured out for a couple drinks with Chloe at ‘The Tap & Barrel’ in Pontefract. I used to go a lot, yet never seem to find the time now, as home life has taken precedent. Chloe’s ace because she’s one of the most open girls you’ll ever meet. That girl will tell you anything and graphically. And those of you who know me, know that I adore it. 🙂 Right now, it seems she has boys all over her and well that’s the best thing about being a girl. Choices. I did give her a ‘girls need to be sassy and strong’ lecture, in a moment of her own insecurity, but she’s dandy. I don’t think she really needs a lecture to get it.

To be honest we had a quiet night. But a fun night. Dodge joined us. He did the night before also…or was it a couple nights before? But yeah, we just did drinking until we all got tired.

Life as a grown up is fun.

Dodge did state that I should call my next child ‘Jing ling’ which pretty much sums up the night, Plus, I got a free shit cocktail off a bunch of 19 year old boys who just wanted to selfie with me. (I still got it.)

Woke up this morning to a guy who wanted to meet up, even though i’m taken, in love and happy. (Boys will be boys.) And to a dick pic, Which my mind is numb to now, so it’s not even that exciting or funny anymore. (I’m good at boxing things away into mental compartments.) And, whilst Ben was talking about french doors, i was wishing i had the Christmas tree up because everything at work seems far too Christmassy for me to not.

I’ve just looked at him and asked what else has happened? All he’s done is laugh, blow his cheeks out and try to list events that i’ve already blogged down. How professional we are here in Wunna land.

The rest is rum and that fact that Ben seems to find it hilarious to actually call me ‘Christina????’ IT’S MY NAME.

Love you.

Chrissie xxx



Chrissie Wunna Lashes, that ‘bit of girl.’


Is everyone on a soup diet? Everyone everywhere is having soup. I’ve even just had soup, but it made my nose sweat, so i had to pack it in, whilst TOWIE is on my tellybox and i’m watching my acquaintance  ‘Johnny’ on it, who i didn’t know had been booked on it.

I’ve decided that i’m far too ‘can’t be bothered’ to sell my pants online. It was meant to be a joke, that Danielle and I thought was a fun idea, one afternoon. However, now that i know you have to nurture relations with men that i don’t know…i’m not so arsed. (So to speak. 🙂 ) I thought it would just be like a panty ebay. 🙂 (HAHAHAHA.) Instead, it’s just like my normal life, where you get an inbox full of gentleman, trying to charm you with…..well…. willies. (My nose is STILL sweating from the soup.) Yet, tot the girls that didn’t sign up for a joke and are high fiving it as a lucrative business, well done. It takes a lot. The business side of it, I like. The social side of the scheme is too rubbishy for me. I’d rather go out and have a cocktail, with winks, then nurture pervies for hits online. Lol.

Other than that, and on a more positive, girly note….i’m loving the new cashmere Burberry scarves.

The pink Louis Vuitton totes.

All bling, be it cheap or pricey….and my lash range. 🙂

DSC_7381_liq_urb_60_pc_normal_bok_sparkle (1)


ronnie3 017 001 013 005  wunnatitle




For me, it’s all about keeping things glamourous. It doesn’t matter what kind of girl you are, I can see ‘glamour’ in everyone and everything. Be you a police woman, a model, a librarian, a shop keeper, a tired stay at home mum, a glamour puss.

It’s all about that little bit of ‘girl,’ that i believe all girls have within them. Some girls wave the flag for it. Some aren’t confident enough to embrace it and other’s don’t even know they have. And i’m not even saying be the girl (like moi) in a sequinned, nipple tassles thong, in heels, over lashes, in too much pink lippy. Even if you rock a bare face every day, because you’re beautiful enough to never have to slap it on, or simply because you can’t be bothered to ‘doll’ up….that little moment where in which you roll on a tiny inch of mascara on your lashes to open your eyes, spritz yourself with your favourite scent, tinker a clear lipgloss on…or even look in the mirror before you leave the house….that is your ‘bit of girl.’

Be you young, old, rich or poor….don’t be afraid to enjoy a bit of glam, a bit of luxury, a bit of a treat.

Now, stop moaning and buy my lashes. 🙂

Love you lots.



Date Night


So weeks ago we did our SECOND date night. I didn’t milk it as much as I did the first one simply because even though we had the BEST night ever….as it was our first proper date…it rubbed a few people up, all the wrong kinds of way and to the point where they felt the need to call my place of work to call me a ‘slag.’ Lol. Losers. 🙂

It was Friday night, we checked into ‘The Double Tree’ in Leeds…simply because we fancied going to the Sky Lounge for cocktails. I’d booked a King Suite…simply because we all know i adore anything ‘executive’ and i much prefer a suite to a regular room, when there’s more than me chilling in it. It makes you feel more at home and well it means Ben and I can have more room to relax, as the suites are more like mini apartments…so we can make our own drinks, get ready and pretty much relax before the date commences…in the living room (living area) of the suite…as most of them come with a living room anyhow. Even the babies have grown up in executive suites, when they were tiny. They make the best family rooms ever…because you’re never squished and you always have space. I enjoy space.

Okay, so we’ve checked in. Our taxi driver Rob, who i love, couldn’t find the entrance, so we had to walk up from The Hilton, with rum in our hand luggage. I was in heels on cobbles…which is always Ben’s favourite. 🙂 NOT!

As soon as we were greeted, there was a few taps on a computer and with a ‘You have a suite…we’ve put you in the Tower Suite, which is a lovely room…it’s in fact the best room in the entire hotel and we’ve thrown in breakfast.’ (Wunna likes this!) We were off, up and elevating to the 13th floor, into the skies to chill, get ready and enjoy date night. At the Doubletree, they give you warm cookies on arrival. If you know Ben…this made his Date night COMPLETE. I mean, fuck it, he even had my warm cookie, because it had nuts in? Did it? No? I don’t know…i just didn’t want it. Lol. The cookies impressed Ben. Lord knows where they produce this warm cookie from because it really did look as though he just flung open some under counter drawer that had never ending warm cookies in. 🙂

There was a cocktail for those who fancied one at the bottom of the elevator…then we travelled up to the top floor…as he ate cookies in the lift. 🙂

Right, so we’re kinda used to this suite malarky now, so to us, it feels like the norm. I’m laid back with it all…and enjoy it…Ben enjoys it, but is now an executive suite snob and will compare and contrast the ones he knows of. It all depends on what the room looks like, the shower, how much space and what we get for free. 🙂 (I am the QUEEN of snagging freebies. Malmaison literally gave us the world and back.)


Basically, this was our night of love. No babies. No work. Now early mornings. Just us. And to be honest, the first thing we wanted to do was just chill and we did. We drank wine and rum, whilst we got ready and he showered. He plonked on some music and we literally just sat on the bed, having the BEST TIME EVER, in our own little world, singing every song we knew…followed by a musical theatre special. Now Ben’s a really good singer. So he’s in his element, when this occurs. But put a video phone him and he goes all shy and starts texting people to look distracted. 🙂

I’m a bad singer. I can go along with a tune, but i ain’t no Mariah. 🙂 But ‘the show’ is good. You plonk a camera on me…and i come alive. The only person i would be texting is an agent, to get me booked on The Xfactor. Lol.

The point is, we were having such a wonderful time…just us…and we get along well when there’s just us, so we’re lucky, as there’s always those couples that have nothing to say to one another when they’re alone and need other people there to save them. It’s like that when you first date someone too, i guess? I’m chatty, so i can talk shit for a living. (In fact…i do. :))

We got really drunk before we even left the suite. But we were determined to go to the Sky Lounge just to do it, because we were right there…and needed a cocktail. We ventured up…we had cocktails, we saw the most beautiful city view, from an open air balcony. Then we got bored and decided to venture out for Date Night fun.

Last time, we trolled the streets of Leeds for fun, after the most amazing dinner at Teppanyaki.  We walked for ages and bantered across the city. This time e cancelled dinner and just did cocktailing. The hilarious thing about it all was that, we spent our entire night only FOUR STEPS AWAY from the hotel! And it was amazing!!! HAHAHA!

Literally if you want a good time and you stay at the Double tree…you do not need to go anywhere, but outside your doorstep. We took two steps out and forward and we were in this awesome little cocktail bar, named ‘Archies.’ I danced, we laughed…i got really, really, really drunk. I was wiggling all over the place and loving every inch of being with Benny. He just kept looking at me and smiling…he gets drunk but styles it out better than I…and i’m really good at styling it out. I’m a glamour puss, i’m never the falling around drunk, i’m the EXTREMELY HAPPY, ‘PARTY’ drunk. I’ll dance, sing and talk REALLY LOUDLY.

We had rocked. We kissed, we laughed…we loved.

Then we ventured out the door and two steps to the right and went into another cocktail bar where we had the most awesome ‘can’t remember it all’ drinks. I think they were called ‘In the doghouse?’ But again, two steps away and the best time ever.

We just had fun…and did love under the Leeds stars.

Then we got tired (code for ‘too drunk,’) so we talked three steps back to the hotel and quite rudely started making fun of this random odd couple. Now, I know it’s awful, but it was a really old richy man, with some scruffy looking ‘escort type’ chick. It was very obvious that they were in for some ‘for money’ dirty night. It definitely wasn’t a love connection. I always find couples like that a cringe festival. I mean, if you’re going to do that…at least do it glamourously. 🙂 I’m all for that! Everyone was glaring at them…which was bad. But our voices are louder than others…and we were pissed…so we were probably massive dickheads. So…oops…it happens. You can bollock us later.

But yes, the queue for the lift seemed full. I guess, everyone had got tired at the same time, because it really wasn’t that late at all. (We’re proper grannies now.) We squashed into the lift, travelled up to the 13th floor, swung into our Tower Suite, threw ourselves into bed, after water…did ‘Date Night’ 😉 …..then fell asleep at midnight! Lol. It was literally THAT EARLY. We only ventured four steps out and went to bed by midnight! HAHAHA.

We felt fresh though by the morning to say we were so pissed. Go to an all you can eat breakfast on time…infact we had both woken up at 7.30am and didn’t even know what to do with ourselves. So we ate and well got back on it, with drinks. We treat ‘Date Night’ like we’re on holiday. We ate loads at breakie and then chilled at the canal, with drinks until check out, watch beings dressed as The Canadian flag.

Taxied home…got dressed. I had time with the babies…and then we ventured off to his sisters Vegas party for a bit of family fun.

Life is great right now. I feel really lucky. Ben’s turned really bouji and i’ve turned a little bit more ‘Yorkshire.’ Couple’s certainly rub off on each other. I mean, the boy now chooses to do a champagne breakfast, whilst he’s just chilling on his own..and that my darlings is very very ‘Wunna.’ I love him…and enough to let him use my hairspray. 😉




Stag Do’s, life and lashes


It’s finally THE WEEKEND! Hurrah!! And I cannot even tell you how much i appreciate an entire two days off work in a row, as nothing feels better than your first wine after work on a Friday night….your Friday night bath…the fling of your uniform into your pretty bedroom floor. It feels amazing and as a result…i feel amazeballs!

Now, i love to work…i literally have the best time ever. (Especially since it was Danielle’s birthday and I bought her a cake to make her Greedy little self smile, on what seemed like the never ending day of ‘back and forth.’) But all work and no play is shite. We all know that….so i push the art of FUN onto anyone. I’m naturally quite sprite…and it works…so please do not forget to have a good time, along your road to riches. I mean, even though i stayed in last night to chill with little Ruby Doobie. It felt good to simply relax, knowing that in the morning, there was no 7am wake up call.


So, in our house…when i get up in the morning…i’m quiet as a mouse…so Ben can get extra sleep, before i trot off to work. This morning, my alarm went off at 7am…and it seems Ben, needs everyone in the entire household to wake up…hahahah….simply to help him get out of bed. We were all up. We were all alive…and to be honest it wasn’t so bad. It was funny. Ben and I have loads of fun anyway. We’re lucky because we get on really well as friends alone, let alone romantically… One the first things he said to me, in his quest to get out of bed, whilst i was still laid in bed naked…refusing to get up because it was my ‘no work’ morning…. was…’Chrissie, get me my boxers.’ And from that point, i was up, out and he was making Ruby a burger for breakfast, on the new George Foreman grill.  🙂

He’s off on a Stag Do today in Blackpool and he’s really excited and it’s good to see him happy. He’s been much happier, well grown in happiness in the time that i’ve known him. In fact, now I think about it, this year alone, lots of people that i know have got happy, or perked up a little and it kinda makes me ‘eye smile’ knowing that things have been dashed or even smeared in love, laughter and good times for folk.

But yes. i’m chilling in boy boxers. Ruby and I are off to lunch. I need to stop into ‘Ego’ Ackworth,  to plan my lash party, that i’m going to try and throw at the end of the month. I’ve decided that I’m a decent wake up to ‘wifey,’ simply because I suggest awesome things like…’Why don’t you have a vodka for breakfast since you’re going on a stag.’ Different to, ‘have to packed your toothbrush?’ But still just as effective. And like i stated…it’s the weekend, so nothing can be better than that!

Things are going really well right now. I’m busy, but happy. The babies are loving every inch of family life. Ben seems to be enjoying it also. He has a soft spot for Junior….and Junior has a soft spot  for him…I mean, the poor boy tries to escape nursery, simply to see Ben and have a pizza with him. They’re weirdly quite similar, which accidentally makes them close. I’m working hard, have great friends and even though it doesn’t seem like i’m that focused, the eyelash line is going really well and i really hope that one day it blows up into a massive brand that keeps chicks glammy and gives me a sense of achievement.

Anyway, i’ve got to go get organized and try and fit work emails etc in whilst i’m free. Ben actually packed quite light for his stag do stay over, which i like because to say that i’m a Glamour puss, i’m a light packer. I hate carrying luggage because i have shit working arm strength. I mean when I did Vegas, I only took one piece of hand luggage and that was IT! Fair enough, i came back with a slutty wedding dress in it, but still what else would anyone need. 🙂 The next time i get married, i’m having a stag do.

Love you lots.

Thanks for following my life. x


Busy, Champers & Stuff


Lots has happened! I’ve talked to porny scarecrows, i’ve had moments where in which co worker Danielle and I almost decided to sell our underwear online to perverts for kicks, i’ve loved, i’ve laughed, i’ve served, i’ve done life, i’ve drank rum and enjoyed.

On the whole things are pretty alright as of present. I mean, Ben and I are currently drinking champers whilst watching some ‘Fast & The Furious’ movie…don’t know which one…with love. We’re in love…a bit feisty…but getting on with it anyway.

The babies are happy. I’m happy. I finally reasked Keiran for a divorce and i’m seeing a brighter future.

Things are kinda stressy for me right now, but only because i have a lot on my mind, so whilst people nag at me, i’m just sort of shrugging it off with a smile.

I’m feeling lucky and not taking the fact that a human asked to wedge his penis into my ‘large mouth’ to heart. (Men.) I’m surrounded by Christmas and i’m hoping to spend the rest of my life with the man of dreams.

Other than that and you all know that even though i’m dashed in ‘business woman’ i’m certainly ruled by love and .i’m doing well. I haven’t been out as much, aside from cocktails and a couple….simply to help train Ruby into a ‘bedtime.’ Ben’s pissed himself at my face with no makeup smeared upon it 🙂 (He did so by jumping up from the bed covers and screaming. Hahaha.) My friends are all coupling up for Christmas…and my forcing to buy lashes left, right and central. (It’s works.)

I have a lash party coming up…with Ego…a new swanky bar/restaurant in Ackworth. And well i’m just wanting to get to a point where i can focus on it and not on anything else.

Ben and I are still doing ‘madly in love.’ I couldn’t be with a better guy and life finally feels complete. He’s really bonded with the babies…and we’re slowly trying to sort our life of togetherness out with a wink.

I’ve met loads of new faces, sold dresses that i’m far too old for and looking forward to the weekend.

I’m still in shock that we’re already in October but i’m happy because from now on it’s festivity, after festivity until we shimmie into Crimbo.

I still have lots to tell you about our date night and i’ll get to that on Saturday, when i’m off work. But know that i’m still here, not vyer queer…but ready to get my blog on once the weekend commences.

Love you mucho

Wuns. x


When September Ends


As if, we’re actually in OCTOBER!  It’s almost as if the year has just flown on by at the speed of light, hasn’t it? And even though i’ve enjoyed every glammy inch of ‘this time around,’ (as I had a really shit 2014,) I really can’t keep up! Lol. It only seems two seconds ago when we were all beer gardening it, in booty shorts and moaning about having to work on sunny days.

Now, it’s October…and we are well and truly into Fall.

A week and a bit has gone by since i last blogged, but my life seems ram jammed with with ‘lots’ of good times, work times and busy times inbetween. I have so much to tell you, but just haven’t found the time. However, at the same time, i’ve sort of taken a moment to just enjoy life, without being too responsible about the boring things. You need moments where you just live and smell the roses, so to speak.

The babies have been great! I love every inch of being a mum. Ruby…ofcourse is a headstrong Diva. My own fault. My own upbrigning. But she is ROCKING big school like a champion. Junior is as sweet as a button. Cheeky, fun and charming. He’s filled to the brim with dinner and loving each bit of being Baby J.

I don’t even know where to start..but I will. I’ve been working my day job. day in and day out…and I love it. It keeps me busy. It’s extra money and I honestly work with the most amazing people, who mean so much to me, that i kinda feel lucky…as you hear all these horror stories about people in work places…and well that’s just not us. We’re a family and i’ve got friends there who i know i’ll adore forever. We’re that close! It’s awesome. (And we’re not even that nice to each other at times 😉 )

But yes, i’ve been working hard and constantly. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easy. But i’m doing it anyway. It’s really difficult ot juggle two babies and a full time job, with a side business. However, if i want to get to the core of running my own company in the end and saluting my kitty eyes at some empire that i’ve built (and i WILL BUILD IT.) I have to work hard and i know i do. But i’m not defeated by it. …Even when things seem shit in your life. Like you feel liek you’re swirling down the plug hole. You’re not feeling loved. You’ve run out of money, or you just seem to have no luck at all. Even if the shittest things happen to you. KNOW that there’s still a great deal of life to live and you can change ANYTHING that isn’t working in your life to a positive…meaning you can have whatever you want…if you just change it and try hard. I’m the most positive human ever…and because no matter what i’m irrepressible. The bad times don’t last forever…because i can always get back up and make my life wonderful. If i can do it…you flipping can. Having that faith in life matters…that way it cuts you some slack and gives you a high five. You deserve a better shot, innit! Lol.

My love life. It’s been wonderful. We’re still madly in love, probably more than anyone can even imagine. We’re wanting to move house and we’re pretty much living with each other right now and i love it more than anything. We’re happy, we’re super loved up and i think i’ve picked really well this time. 😉 I’m in love, the babies heart Ben and we’re all doing really well. We’re sort of a little family. I’ll marry him.

I’m actually going to tell you the ins and outs of everything in the next blog…i’ve got loads to blog about. How i feel about Ben, our most recent date night….a Vegas night we did at his sisters…and just our evenings out.

I’ve got to wiggle off…but they’ll be another blog tonight.

Stay tuned.