Just can’t sleep


It’s late. My body is exhausted, but i can’t for the life of me sleep. Argh! I’m still stressed because i just can’t seem to relax. I’m doing that ‘lie awake in bed thing’ and my stress rash is coming back! Hurrah!! If i could just find my ‘chill’ place…something that comforts my soul, i’ll be okay again…Yet i’ve had two very good and very busy last two days at work, (I’ve been a target smashing machine,) which on top of everything else has kept my mind ‘busy.’ I want to relax and need to, as i’m being completely aggro to others for no other reason, other than releasing tension. I can’t even do a cry and when you can’t do that, it also means that you’ve closed yourself off emotionally…for a bit anyhow and that’s really odd because i’m a highly emotional being. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Not infront of you though. Lol)

Ruby’s stormed off and demanded to stay at her Grandma’s as she’ sure that my Mum won’t make her go to bed?? So, i’ve tucked Junior into my bed, simply so I can spoon him and feel loved. HAHAHA. That’s how sad i am. But i love it because I can do that stare at him while he’s sleeping thing. *Bliss…Bliss…Bliss.* He’s the littlest Wunna of us all, so pretty much gets babied… big time.

I’m behind on my blogs, but i’m gonna catch up. My nexy blog was meant to be all about Ben’s birthday in Leeds, because we all had such an amazing time…yet once i got home, I had babies to tend to and life etc etc…. and well it tired me out, meaning that I couldn’t find the correct mind set to just write a fun blog. And it has to be fun because it was all sooooo sooo fun! ย However, it’s coming..tomorrow ย (Friday, depending on when you’re reading this) and it’ll be a big one and to be honest it will be exactly one week since the affair, that it will kinda make it cool. (I can’t believe Ben’s Leeds do was a week ago already. Time really does fly!!!!)

Tomorrow (Friday) is my last day of the working week. It’s also payday, which I believe, be you rich or be you poor, it’s always a day that we all appreciate! I’m resting tomorrow and then probably out Saturday, if I can. But yes. i’ve got a lot on…to the point where i’m finding things to distract me, just to make sure that i refrain from losing the plot. Yippppeee! (I totally did or redid, my Bucket List today online, simply to find something frivolous to tend to. Blogging from The Bridge was actually pretty peaceful yesterday and rocked because I got to meet Ben and Rich for drinks afterward. Rich was actually really funny lol last night. There was also, ‘Wheelchair Dave’…who ended up doing a sick, after being left with me for 10 minutes and this girl called ‘Jess.’ Plus her two brothers. All very different to Me, all decent people…yet it turned a bit negative in the end Lol, to the point where Ben and I were just looking at each other, sat on the sofa, doing laughing eyes and sort of shaking our heads at life. It all started well because there was talk about tractor porn and superhero’s…than as they seemed to get drunker, it all started going tits up! HAHAHA. I mean there was even fucking tears! HAHAH)

I drove Ben home, after cheesy chips and was narky with him at the end of the ride. I hate it when i’m narky with people, because it goes against everything that I am or stand for. However, in life you’ve just got to trust that the people who adore you, adore you anyhow and can take a spoonful of forgiveness with a wink, smile and a ‘it’s all okay…bitch,’ It usually is, however, it doesn’t stop me from feeling bad. I actually felt bad all day because of it. I have no clue why? But I did. So, I did what any Glamour Puss would do…and didn’t eat carbs to punish myself. NOT! ๐Ÿ™‚ I simply text him a ‘sorry’ because at least then I could redeem myself mildly and i knew that he’d forgive me because well…i’d always forgive him. Innit. Plus, who the fuck would by him cheesy chips. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sat on my sofa. I can’t sleep. I have a free weekend. I’ve swapped days with Keiran tomorrow, simply so I can have the children near me, as I’ll not be going out.

I’ve noticed loads over the last couple days in people and well…now that I’m old, and look back upon the young, or even some that are edging into ‘oldie’ with me…happiness and love is all that people need. The young are never quite as grateful for the things that they have, and everyone really should be because i know from my life that ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN, AT ANY POINT, be it good or bad…and sometimes something that you thought would be there forever, may not etc…That’s why you have to embrace every inch of life and fill it with aceness and you have to notice who you have around you , as they’ll obviously be the folk who genuinely adore you and who quite blatantly the folk who don’t. You can kinda notice by ย simply observing as it’s never really about what people say and always really about what people do. Right?

Like a status that I saw today, I’ve fed mouths that have slagged me off and wiped tears off the faces that have caused me to weep. I’ve picked people up, who have tried to knock me down and i’ve done favours for people, where there has genuinely been nothing in it for me. But i’m always really really aware of you I have close to me and who I don’t because i can see through anything and i don’t even know how? But i do all that merrily because that’s just ME and if anything it kinda makes me happy because I really don’t know another kitten even half as strong and I do mean emotionally, as I couldn’t lift a bag of feathers if i tried. ๐Ÿ™‚ *Wiggle…wink*

I just need to relax, be around love and once I do, everything will be okay again. The stress button will be relieved and work will go on as normal. HAHA. (Yes, i’m being dramatic.)

I’ll also tell you that there’s NUTS everywhere, and i couldn’t be more annoyed!!!! I’m allergic to nuts and LORD you don’t even want to see what happened the last time i ate them. YET, i’m annoyed because I love them and all around me, all i can see is Peanut M & M’s…fricking Snickers….all sorts of nutty delights, that don’t end up in a willy spurt.

Ps/ I’m glad you’re all sending in pictures of your boyfriends etc…to enter my Chrissie Wunna Lash competition. ๐Ÿ™‚ I still have to blog about that also. But it’s making that side of my work, so much fun!

I love you lots. I’m doing well. I’m happy. And well you should all do a Bucket List too….

See ya!

Wunna x





Tinder off, Boys and Panic Buttons.

DSC_4135 - Copy

Dear Glamour Pusses! I am sooo sorry for for not blogging sooner, but i’ve been busy and i’ve hit *panic* button, with a big glitzy, kitten fist *thud.* I feel as though i have SO much on and i can’t get my head around it all, with ease. If this was a dance off, i’ve totally have it down, yet it’s not, is it? It’s real life, ‘trying to do well’ work stuff…which always makes me panic and I guess it makes me panic because I want it all to do well, which makes me feel as though failure terrifies me. However, it DOESN’T…as i’m used to picking up the pieces a hundred times over and it takes a lot of that to execute things appropriately in the end. I know that. I get that. I’m excited for my future, because it’s all going so well…but holy shit does it make me panic!!! I’m not good during times like this, as i surrender to the work load and sort of just start to spin out with my eyes shut, my fingers cross and maybe need a Princess stress weep. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yipeee!

I’m stressed. I have the new launch of my lash line to develop. I’m sorting out the new samples, sorting through potential models, doing the packaging, running the rest of the lashes, trying to muddle through hiring, firing, working my full time day job, keeping life social and of course the two things that matter….the babies!

It’s actually quite a lot and if i need anything, this little kitty NEEDS HELP. *Waaaa.*

Right, so in the last week, lots has happened. I’ve done meet ups, meetings, work and Ben’s birthday in Leeds. The weather is awful which doesn’t make things easier and i’m behind on all my work, due to a severe lack of time.

I’ve caught up on my sleep and i’m happy. Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t be happier. But it doesn’t mean that i’m not busy, mentally, physically and emotionally. My mind is on constant tick over but because i know i can do this. Once i chill and feel relaxed…even though i work better under pressure…i’ll be okay. I guess I just want everything to go well and everyone to be happy.

This time last week. I guess, it was almost this time last week. I was sat at The Carleton, with Ben, Nick, and Dodge. I reckon it was Thursday, but i couldn’t really remember, as time and days seems to mess into one. I’d worked all day and Ben had asked me to meet him after for a drink, which i’m always up for. I arrived there…in booty shorts….and the boys were found on some ‘answering questions’ game machine, thingy, at The Carleton entrance, getting shit wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

We all sat down, Nick ordered a burger. (It was like an anorexics version of ‘Man vs Food.’ He was sort of stuffed on hardly anything, yet acted as though he had just consumed 79 pizzas, in one sitting for the telly. I giggled and wiggle and then Dodge met us, within 20 minutes…and joined us at our table…to enjoy a ‘quiet one’…with brandy.)

Banter, banter, catch ups and delightful chitter occurred. They talked about midgets, with video’s, doing a ‘Booty dance,’ how some friend looked like Michael Jackson, who Dodge felt he needed to inform via Facebook. The usual…talk about cars….Eastenders…chicks..and all things inbetween…then Dodge and Nick felt like a ‘curtain off’ was appropriate, (which is the act of turning your hair into ‘curtains’ for kicks) as I videoed and Ben watched on. Ben was quite subdued. Tom Foolery wasn’t his thing that night. He’s quite balanced, so will only whop out silliness when he feels silly. Nick and Dodge are attention whorey , like moi..so any opportunity that rises, where in which a camera is plonked on and they can perform..they will…and i don’t don’t blame them really. I’m exactly the same. Ben is always really aware of what is going on and will carefully pick his moments. I’m similar to him in the sense that i always know what i’m doing, yet i’m far more of a dickhead and adore a bit of ‘look at me.’ He loves it to, yet is more conscious of what others may think of him. Not ย a bad thing really.


THEN, I decided that Nick had totally lost his mojo since ‘Take Me out’ as chicks kept ditching him. (He’s a sensitive soul.) This however, spurred on his inner ego and well, mine also, which made us commit to a ‘Tinder off.’ I even installed the app to beat his ass at this ‘Tinder off’ and well…let’s just say now..I WON. (But ofourse. I mean play me at chess…i’d be shit at that, but don’t play me at trying to make guys like me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Amateurs. Lol.)

Anyone, ofcourse you don’t know what a ‘Tinder off’ is because you’re not stupid and infantile like we are. But it is the art of going on Tinder, swiping through your choices, after the word ‘GO’ is shouted and trying to be the FIRST PERSON TO GET A MATCH, with a member of the opposite sex that YOU ACTUALLY FIND ATTRACTIVE. ย He even had better choices than I had, as I had a bunch of beer bellied bin men, party boys or strange ones? He had a bunch of average looking chicks…so he could have won this with his eyes closed…and by what he was ‘liking’ he probably did. ๐Ÿ™‚ HAHAHA.

I swiped though hundreds in a minute, saw a pic of one guy, who looked a bit more decent than the others, so i liked it..Nick did the same with his chick choices, but at the exact same time,WE BOTH got a match…meaning it had to be best out of three.

We went on, except, he got distracted with messaging them, well…because he’s a guy. I don’t do that, because…i’m ‘Wunna.’ Lol. I just tend not too because boys bite back with me. I mean, this one guy had been messaging me so much that i had to track through the thread to try and figure out why…and well it was because Dodge had once taken my phone and messaged him this:

‘I’ve had a whisky baby and i’m drying up.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ FFS


We started again, we ‘matched’ at the EXACT same time three times in a row (even though eh accused me of cheating because one of my choices apparently looked like Phil Mitchel. HAHAH…then BOOM. Last round, he was still swiping away…I did ‘like’…and WAHOOO immediately and before him, waaay before him, it was a ‘MATCH.’

Deal done. Wunna Wins, Nick had lost his mojo. I deleted the app.

Infact we laughed about it afterward because he actually RAN OUT OF LIKES on Tinder and who knew that could even fucking happen!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH. I mean God Knows, how many chicks he’s been ‘liking.’ No wonder he can never find ‘true love’…as spreading yourself thinly never works, i’ve done that, you end up all lonely and puzzled. It’s about noticing who you have in your life, or who has been introduced into your life and is making some kind of magical impact, to the point where you can’t help but fall for them, madly. Innit. If you spread yourself thinly, you’re taking short cuts on the route to love…(not that i’m an expert,) and when you take shortcuts…you fucking get cut short. (Cheesy, but true.)

(I’m currently writing this at The Broken Bridge in Pontefract and men with no teeth or Scottish people, keep hitting on me, like i’m NOT BUSY. I’m trying to take over the world here, not cop off with no teeth fellas.)

Okay, Nick left and Quiz night occured. Ben, Dodge and I accidentally got involved, but were up for it…and we had drank more, so we felt like it was a good idea.

Although he quiz was easier than the hard as hell one at The Tap…we still got most of it wrong and I cheated the whole time, with Google. (Oh shush i don’t care…it’s not like it was important. It’s a fucking pub quiz, not the elections.)

Dodge is up for cheating. Ben IS NOT! HAHAHAHA. Whenever, i wa whispering, ‘It’s Miley Cyrus’…he REFUSED to write it down because he hates cheats! HAHAHAHA.

Long quiz, great night, we still lost, a women even mildy told me off for cheating because her table won. Then we watched all these other people WIN these other lucky star prizes that we weren’t involved in and left.

Dodge walked home. Ben and I chittered chattered a bit, in our favourite creepy woods…which I find soothing now.

Got home, slept…and went to work the next morning!

To be continued….

Ps/ Writing this blog has made me so much happier. HAHAHAH. I simply adore great memories and dollies, i have LOTS!


Plain Sailing Thursday


Have we actually made it to Thursday in one piece? If you have..and ofcourse I have, then you have my sincere congratulations, as you have quite cleverly managed to handle the ‘hump’ of the week and sail into your ‘almost weekend’ like a champion! Touche! Wine for everyone!

Well, what i can say about today is that, it seems that even though we’re still only in July, Summer is coming to an end and I know this as people are already trying to ‘couple up.’

Now, i’ve told you my theory a zillion times, about Summer being a time for fun, flings, nothing serious, six packs drinking and holidays, haven’t I!

Well the second phase of that is the ‘now it’s almost Autumn/Winter’ and you know this as people start to decide they need a girlfriend or boyfriend, ready for the cold, Wintery and somewhat cosy months. Don’t feel bad if this is you, as really it’s human nature. We all love a spoon session with some being who we hope cares about us, as we go into the colder seasons and the fact that my work mates have ALREADY begun the ‘i need love’ talks, assures me that Winter is on it’s way!

I’ve had Danielle moan because she needs a man. I mean, we were washing out teapots, and writing her a pretend ‘lonely hearts’ ad, all at the same time. I’ve had Adam…eat a chargrilled chicken salad..that I actually made him…talk about how he adores a bit of a settle down, with a girl, when it comes to Christmas. It’s all happening…and it totally makes me smile.

I’m kinda lucky, because i have children, meaning regardless Christmas is ace for me! I also have a birthday in the cold seasons, meaning, it’s also fun!

But i’m certainly one who adores a snuggle, a spoon and a lot of cuddly love as we cruise into Autumn…)I mean I know that we’re still very Summery, but the Summer time sadness is approaching and the ‘coupling up’ season is en route. I watch it happen to folk EVERY YEAR and i’ve completely lived for yonks! So choose a jumper, a guy, a girl and a spooning partner and get ready for a bit of love.

I mean it’s also that weird transition time where people think about their Summery love decisions and decide as to whether they made a good choice or not? When the suns out and we’re heated…we do foolish things and like a statement i JUST read on Facebook, there are people who are not together who are utterly in love and people who ARE together, who really aren’t in love at all!

You never want you love life to ever be like that, as you should be coupling up or marrying your best friend, someone who understand you, supports you and adores you anyway. Not some that makes you feel like you need to adjust your step, your move, way of thinking or life. If they are not your dream girl or guy, they are NOT the right soul mate. Simples! And you know this right away because your gut instinct will tell you.

So enjoy what’s left of Summer…I mean, unless you’re going on holiday LIKE ME.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ soon…it’s pretty much dusted and start thinking about and preparing for what lies ahead.

My mum sent me an awesome message two days ago, saying that there are only two days that we cannot so anything about and that’s ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow. So although you are prepping for the future…make sure you’re concentrating on the the moment that matters, which is totally and utterly your present.





Great day today! I mean, from the absolute moment that I opened my little kitten eyes, for some reason I felt completely and utterly over the moon, just really happy, at peace with myself and just excited about life! Those kinda days are awesome and to be honest, i’m a happy girl for the majority of the time…yet today I was giddy happy, and that’s what makes life perfect. You should all do things that sort of make you wake up in the morning with smiley eyes…and a soul that radiates a weird kinda of warm, because I hate it when people see a day that they find themselves happy…a luxury. Life isn’t that bad. It’s all about what YOU make of it and if you choosey the right choices and surround yourself around the correct people, love and foundation…you’ll always wake up moderately chipper.

I’ve done the hard part of my life…the rest is all smooth sailing and up to the stars! I feel lucky. In fact that’s probably what made my work day decent. I felt a sense of achievement today, because things were busy and I handled it with laughter, charm, hard work, good people and great fun.

I might not be the squeakiest, cleanest dash of perfect…but i’m me…and being moi, really is delightful. ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, so yesterday after work and might i add that I am so glad that I can finally blurt it all out..I rushed home, after trying to get kicked out of work early, to get dressed int he nick of time and race to The Carleton, to set up ‘shop’ so to speak, for a surprise birthday gathering that I had arranged for Bestie Ben.

He knew nothing about it and I can’t actually believe no one told him, or let it slip. But i had spent the week, contacting every one i knew, who might know him to meet up on this random Tuesday evening, to surprise Ben and give him a little birthday ‘moment,’ (And we all know that I adore moments.)

It was STRESSFUL. But what i realised is that people are kinda good to me and that he had tons of actual friends, who would want to surprise him on his birthday. I mean it was a simple text or message to EVERYONE individually…and i had no clue who would go, if anyone would go…but immediately as soon as I sent out the ‘i’m throwing a surprise birthday, drinky, gathering for Ben at The Carleton at 7pm, this Tuesday….’pretty much every single person replied within five minutes, with the words, ‘I’m in.’

That says a lot about the people we know and kinda says a lot about him. It kinda made me happy, because everyone had work in the morning, or work that day, or were away, tired and all sorts. But no matter what…they made the effort to turn up, show up, not tell Ben…and be there for the ‘gathering.’ (Plus, it got everyone out and i love that too.)

So, the plan…

Ben had arranged to meet me for steak. I had already previously and days before arranged for Dodge to monitor Ben’s every move on Tuesday, as he was off work and i didn’t want him loitering off somewhere, and not be at his surprise. Dodge had also made sure he was doing ‘pretend steak’ with us both, so he too would be travelling up The Carleton anyway.

As soon as I get out of work, my rings and Ben’s already calling wanting to meet up at The Carleton immediately, whilst i’m trying to get ready, rush over and meet all the people, as they arrived, before he got there. I’m lying to him on the phone, telling him that I was tired from work and needed to get showered and couldn’t meet until 7.30pm. (He didn’t love that idea…but went with it anyway.) However, he then told me that Dodge hadn’t met him yet!!! MY MONITOR!! ย Lol. So i panicked and text Dodge, as i was sure Ben would just head to The Carleton anyway and it would ruin everything. I knew he wouldn’t actually go home, as he was meeting ME. I’m a glamour puss…i go well with steak. ๐Ÿ™‚ So he’s be there, plus, he’s quite reliable with me, so i always feel as though i can trust that he’s going to be there.

I panic message Dodge, who assures me he’s en route to meet him and states that he will TRY and keep him there…which panicked me even more. HAHA.

By this time, I was already at The Carleton, as Rich, Tomfri, Nick etc…were arriving…on time…and worrying, as i didn’t know fi Dodge was going to be able to do it. I mean, if i sent Rich, he would’ve been able to lie and blag it with his eyes closed and come up with all sorts of rubbish to get him to stay. However, luckily, Dodge sorted it in the end like a champ…and i think lots of brandy helped.

I’ve set up a couple tables, we have wine, prosecco, a couple pitches of cocktails…just little bits. I’ve opened up a tab for people to order on and slowly but surely one by one, everyone started to arrive.

I was stressed by this point and turning into a Nazi. I had banned people from eating or smoking…and all sorts. It was hilarious. By the time it was 7pm, enough people were there, to surprise him. I knew that others were arriving late, which was fine, as they would get there.

Ben actually called my phone AGAIN and TEXTED me, but i was sat having a wine with Tony and Nick, so I just looked down, saw it was him and HAD to ignore it, as i couldn’t have done the whole ‘make up a bunch of lies’ thing again…it would’ve been awful. HAHAH. By this time, Dodge had it under control and well and refused to let him travel to The Carleton until the last minute. We were messaging the entire time.

When everything was ready, i called Ben back and said that i had been calling him like mad, to tell him that I had set off and that i was now already at The Carleton. ๐Ÿ™‚ So being super reliable, super hungry Ben, he immediately did the ‘i’m getting in a taxi NOW’ thing..and i rushed around telling everyone he was on his way.

Long story short, we’re all chatting amongst ourselves…and 10 minutes later…i see a taxi pull up with Ben, Dodge, his friend Scott and Goth Charlotte in it. However, we had been allocated seats right by this giant window so we all had to BOB DOWN, like idiots, in the corner of the pub, until he came through the door.

He did…we walked through…we all shouted ‘SURPRISE’ and Ben looked at us all oddly, because he didn’t know what was going on. HAHAH. It was sort of an anti climax, but ace, because now it means i could drink and not be stressed.

After ย a*pause* and us telling him what was going on, he smiled, looked cheery and got on with it, as we explained what had been going on.

More than anything he said that he was in shock because no one had ever done anything like that for him before and it was a little overwhelming…which i liked.

We all settled, drank, chilled and enjoyed…as he went around everyone and everyone did the ‘Happy Birthday’ Ben spiel.

He was impressed because he kept doing secret, happy, ‘smiley eyes’ at me…like I had ‘done good.’ Infact, i told him repeatedly that i had done good and he replied with a ‘You have done REALLY GOOD. ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘

More peopel showed up, were all jyst talking and drinking really, as it was just a gathering to surprise him, because we’re all going into Leeds on Friday (his actual birthday ) for drinks. I think i just kinda wanted to create a little ‘moment’ for him to remember…so i figured a little ‘with Ponte friends’ surprise would be a good idea…and it was.

After a while, I sat down at the table with him (as he was still doing his secret smiley eyes at me) and i told him to open his cards…

No telling him too much about them…HE DID…and that was when ‘the moment’ happened!!

He was inbetween Luke and I, so it was only us who actually saw ‘the moment’ and saw his little face. He ย read both cards..and just looked so overwhelmed that he didn’t even know what to say. But his face said it all…and it was that moment when i knew that i had done good! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m the kinda girl who will go out of her way to sort of try to create some kind of memory for someone that I care about…and I do it because i’m lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ ..but mainly because when we’re all old and wrinkly…the moments and memories are have, in our ‘thinkers’ are all we have left. There the great times that not only made you smile, but made you smile because you had someone do something incredible for you…without any reason, rhyme or benefit and just out of love and kindness.

Lots more drinks on the tab, fun, banter with new friends, old friends, chitter chatter, passing hours and Marks and Sparks cake blocks that Jas managed to spell ‘rapey’ with, everyone slowly wished him a happy birthday and slowly dispersed…leaving ‘the fun crew’ to do their do.

The pub was actually closing…and half of the fun crew wanted to go into town…and the others wanted to do anything, but didn’t know what?

I looked at Ben..and although he was super happy, it was kinda a lot for him to take in…and i knew that because i could read his face. He wasn’t off into town. I could tell a mile off and i knew that he would just want some chill time.

So, the rest of the fun crew went into town and ended up doing cocktails and Murga’s and Ben and I went home…well to mine…to have a malibu and pineapple juice and to just chill. He needed to just take it all in, say thank you and do it calmly and privately, I think?

But i like those moments…those moments where we can be with everyone and have so much fun or banter…then we can retreat to our bestie haven…where there’s just us…and everything is calm, emotionally peaceful…and just happy. We’re really happy when we spend time together and simply because our personalities kinda just mesh well. We’re actually holding each other’s hand through life right now and it’s working. It’s great! We’re sort of helping each other along, and i’m learning a lot from him without him even realizing. (And being the egomaniac that I am…i never usually learn anything from anyone. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Long story short…his presents…(that i’m not going to go into yet, as i’ll blog about them later down the line…even though he’s probably now the most envied boy in Pontefract. Everyone we told were just shocked, openly jealous or wanted me to be THEIR BESTIE. LMAO.)

All i’m gonna say is that, if he tries hard, he’ll now be driving…oh and dolls…

WE’RE FLIPPING OFF TO MORROCO!!! (I know, i’m awesome, aren’t I!)

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

‘T’ is for Tuesday


Happy Tuesday!!!

Okay, today if you do anything you need to evoke your inner Wunna, your inner Glamour puss and just enjoy life. Whether you’re making a moment happen, simply getting through your work day or just chilling…do it with style, a wink and a whole lot of fun.

I’m at work all day, doing my do. I was up all night, not being able to sleep and trying to make gin and tonic in cans ‘nightcap’ me to dream land. But still, i tended to looking at the clock on my phone, whilst realizing that in a few hours I had to be up for work. It’s shitty when that happens, sin’t it! HAHAHA. I tried to get some shut eye, yet instead I sort of laid in bed, all sticky with tan on, glaring up at the ceiling. I love it when i’m useless. ๐Ÿ™‚ It suits me because I make useless look great!

Okay, so yes…i’m working all day like I said and then the babies are having a Grandma night, which is their favourite ‘night out’ ever. Once i get off work…i’m headed home to spruce up a little and well Ben text me last night, whilst he was tending to ‘nights,’ to see if i wanted to get some ‘beauty food’ (i believe was the term) after work, with Dodge.

Nothing is better to me than the sound of that, so i’m headed for a quiet bit of ‘dins dins’ with the boys, to close Tuesday with a smile. Hopefully my never drying tan will have dried by then, or i’ll have to roam about like a sticky Bob Monkhouse,…on a budget, without the cheesy grin, yet still an audience.

The awesome thing about Tuesday is that it is much better than Monday. You’ve kicked started your way through the shock of Day one…which eases you up for a bit of Day 2.

I’m not really sure what my Tuesday will bring? But i’m good at turning ย a mundane, frivilious ‘anything’ day, into something fun. It’s a simple day that we’re lucky to have…so enjoy it…get on with it…and well if you’re me, work through it.

Life is good…all is well…

Make the most of your work week and do it in heels.

Biggest Kisses Ever…

Chrissie x



Flashbacks, Tabs & Scruffy Mums


The work part of today was looooong! The fun part of the day was FUN, yet massively distracting. I mean, if i have better things to organize or have fun with…my heart will be taken by it, to the point where everything else blurs out into the distance. I’m like that with boys, jobs, infact all sorts. I just have a one track mind and when my mind is set on something…that’s it, i’m going for on all four cylinders….it’s MINE. (And when i enter that zone, i am this unstoppable, glittery, thunderbolt of glorious passion, that is dashed in sweet madness and ‘ooh laa.’)

Anyway, the work day was boring because i had nothing to do. I did a lot of other stuff…but gosh my soul was drained today. Hahaha.

If i’m distracted, i just can’t concentrate and start tossing it off. I have a dandy bit (all good) on my mind with the eyelash line going on, that i’m trying to ‘tick box’ the pleas of everyone who may need a bit of Wunna in their life…and well i enjoy it…i don’t mind thepressure…infact, i’m sexy under pressure. However, it does mean the mindless bit of ‘everyday’turns tedious to me. I’m a chick who’s ย looking to the stars…and i’m getting there slowly but surely. I just can’t embrace ‘going through the motions’ very well. I’m a lioness, dipped in ‘kitten’ courtesy. It’s passion all the way…so yes,the work part of today was loooooong. Everything about me ย is exciting. Even i feel it and don’t know what’s up?? Lol! I’m obviously very loud chatty and emotionally, yet notice that i’m only ever open with emotion if it’s positive and happy. Any negative kind of emotion, be it anger or weepy…is done privately and away from everyone else, in my own time. I am NEVER the girl at the bar, crying over everything and that’s not because i’m strong, it’s just because i’m too emotionally insecure to let you see me weep. HAHAA.

Anyway, yesterday, I was meant to tell you….whilst I was in Doncaster, en route to The Georgian Tea Rooms…I saw this what looked like 11 year old girl, with her scruffy looking, Mum and Dad. Her mum looked like an alchy and her dad seemed quiet and calm. But the mum was rambling on about how she was sick of her daughter following her around all the time and that she needed space, so she was trying to make her go home on a bus all my herself, just so she could….well score some drugs so it seemed.

I was walking by and i had sort of listened to the whole thing, as I spent the majority of their ‘chitter’ behind them. (Being glamourous.)

Now, i can’t stand families like this because it makes me feel for the children more than anything. I’m naturally a giver. I’m naturally caring and loving, even if i play with off with wiggling and winking. So to see how fed up her Mum was with her, and to see her trying to palm her 11 year off on a bus on her own devastated me.

Then as I walked by…i heard the girl say to her mum,

‘You’re my MUM. YOU’RE MEANT TO BE LOOKING AFTER ME. I want you to come with me. NOT SEND ME ON MY OWN on a bus. You’re meant to care for me Mum.’

Awful.. awful..awful….and i mean it was bad enough that she was dressed in a white Homer Simpson tshirt, black Reebok joggers, with a double red stripe down them, trainers and a pink frozen long sleeved top, that she had tied around her waist! That broke my heart before anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

But on a more serious note…and when i’ve stopped being a twat…when i walked passed, with my heart all an aching, i actually stopped and looked back…when i did and when i thought wouldn’t see, she paused and made this CRAZY eye contact with me. It was like he single most heated moment of energy, where in which we both just glared…in a trance….like weirdos..at each other.

She looked me up and down, like i was some glammy, odd, ย being of love…and I smiled at her warmly…like she was going to be okay. And just as she smiled back…her scruffy mum…grabbed her arm, started screaming at her for whatever she wanted to yell at her at and just like that our energy got cut off. *Snap.*

It sort of woke me up and i just walked on….but i felt for her.

I mean…when all is going well..the worst thing you can do is let that ‘scruffy mum arm’…whatever your ‘scruffy mum arm’ may represent get the better of you…as it can change everything in your life, within a second. I mean, honestly if her Mum and Dad weren’t there (and this may sound creepy) i probably would have spoken to her, given her some cash, told her she was ‘beautiful’ or even bought her an outfit. I mean, don’t put it passed me. Lol. I’m an idiot like that. I’ve done it lots. In New York, I once invited a homeless guy to my breakfast table and bought him a full breakie, simply because the staff had refused to serve him. A little bit of Wunna charm and he’s sat with me…eating…like a pig might i add…but still… he was happy. Lol.

Now, I don’t know why? But that story has just triggered a flash back of the time i was in LA, with Mike (first hubby), Tyler, Pat, Louise, My cousin Nicola, Timmy, Greg..and well loads of people. WE had all decided to have a night out, after acting class, at The Saddle Ranch, On sunset, because they do giant cocktails in vases, saloon style and you can ride a bucking bronco.

For some reason we ordered LOADS. We drank loads…and well i was really goodie, goodie, ebcause I was under the watchful eye of Mike, who was lovely, yet possessive…as in, if i went to the loo, he would make one of his friends walk with me and wait outside the entrance, until I returned from my wee. HAHAHA. It’s funny because we were just kids. We were 22.

Anyway, someone came up with this right idea that FOR FUN we were all going to run out on our tab (i know, it’s not funny at all…but when boys are drunk they think it is in LA…and we were young.) I got scared that I’d get left, so i had to go with it…This guy from Detroit, Timmy, who had this girlfriend who kept snoring…got the car and had it ready outside the bar, ready for everyone to jump in it. The place was really busy…and one by one we legged it into the car…It all went wrong and we all got scared and i guess me must have all legged it at the same time, because it felt like everyone running towards the car at once….to LOCKED DOORS because Timmy ย (worst getaway car ever) forgot to open them, then once he did, we had to squeeze into the car, because it only had two doors…HAHAHA. It was like a Benny Hill scene..but with clothes on.

Basically, it all went tits up and I felt guilty, so Mike and I paid for it all…which we should’ve done in the first place on MY DAD’S credit card, that i was a second user on! HAHAHAHA. (I remember when my dad looked at his statement back in England, he called me asking me what ‘The saddle ranch’ was as he thought i’d taken up horse riding. Lol. Awww!)

Even though that moment was naughty, it kinda doesn’t matter now, because well Mike ended up being a movie star, meaning he could buy The Saddle Ranch if he wanted…and well I could pay that tab easey peasy….like hundreds of times over, with donkies on my back. It’s just a fun stupid moment…that is always better than the time i woke up with a traffic cone taped to my head, or in County jail. ๐Ÿ™‚

Life you life, learn from your mistakes. Be good, but don’t be too good to those who don’t deserve it. If you’re privileged, try not to be a tool. It’s baby steps, i know…but fuck it, being kind is awesome.

Moments make a lifetime worth it.

Both babies have fallen asleep…i’m off to make a home gin. x

Love you,











Monday, Dreams and Stress Buttons


Sunday was chilled. (I actually spent most of my weekend at home, which was lovely.) ย Ruby darted off to see Pete, so I treated my Mum, Dad and Junior to lunch at The Georgian Tea Rooms in Doncaster. (The service was really good there and well i appreciate any place that delivers great service, as my people skills are AWESOME.) Junior then went on to lawn mow the entire of The Frenchgate Centre.

We chatted, we shopped, but more than anything i errand ran. Like i said earlier, i have quite a lot of stuff on my plate, like one giant gooey dollop of glitter, that i’m having to arm scoop in and sort out…and this is in work and in play. Lots is going on behind the scenes and it’s all great stuff, as nothing is really that bad at all…i just want it to all work out…so i’ve been really busy trying to organize and shimmie things out to work perfectly, which is always a bit nerve wrecking and always a little stressy. But i’m happy…so we’ll leave me to it, hey! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been organizing A LOT. The eyelash line is going to be awesome!!!

Anyway, I hope your Monday is going well. I’m currently working and i usually hate Mondays, but once i’m in them…i handle it, get on with it and end up loving it. Lol. I’m looking forward to the weekend…as it’s Ben’s birthday on Friday, so a bunch of folk are headed to Leeds for merriment and celebrating…which i do really well. It’ll be fun.

Tonight i’m just relaxing and enjoying a vino, rest and being Mama. I say that but I always end up working on something, which isn’t a bad thing, really. I’ve got things i want to achieve and well i’m not gonna get there by not adding focus. The good thing is that when everything is a bit stressy, once you’ve achieved it all, you feel this awesome sense of ‘yeah baby.’

Don’t get me wrong though, i always still ‘smell the roses.’ I’m super aware of what’s happening in the now, what’s around me an what i’m grateful for. There’s the ‘Wunna’ that’s in the ‘Boobpedia’ Lol.. who’s this model type chick, who moved to Hollywood, romanced everyone, got married loads, achieved lots, came home and got onto the telly with Paris Hilton….and then there’s just me…who’s about to hire an inflatable bouncy castle bar for kicks because it’s funny, loves being Mum, loves being in love and has her fingers crossed that her lash line does well. Pretty normal stuff really…I’m glamourous in both versions. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m feeling much better now because i’ve conquered my shitty 2014, which was the year that broke me down. HAHAH. Bitches that year sucked. I had never really had to deal with so much drama and there were times where i found myself princess weeping, during a pity party and times where i picked myself and couldn’t believe how ace i was at recovering shitty times with smiles and hero air punches! Wahoo! Compared to that…my life is pretty charmed now and it only gets better and better!

Wunna x





Just like a ‘Bunk house’


Saturday was kinda chilled and I loved it. I stayed home with the babies and we just did life. There were moments of ‘stressy’….moments of laughter…but on the whole moments that we’ll sort of always regard as memories. I’m all about memory making and all about moments. I try to create them for others so that a moment of ‘happy’ or a moment of ‘Wunna’ will always be stamped upon their existence. I’m a ‘diva diva’ definitely…but i’m filled to the brim with love. I feel really lucky pretty much all of the time and when i don’t, i’m always hopeful enough to be able to laugh it off. But i’m secretly super strong. I’ve seen a lot, done a lot and lived a lot. I mean, if you cross me…i’m a wanker. (More mellow in my old age ๐Ÿ™‚ ) yet if i love you…than i am the most caring being you will have ever known.

Saturday with the babies, was AWESOME. Family days rock.I have a super close family, I come from a super close family and well it’s sort of lovely to look at the moments, where I’ve plonked on a song, as loud as it can go…and we’re all just in the bedroom dancing our little hearts out to it, laughing, giggling..just living. I’m quite silly with the babies, because i adore them with every inch of my being. They’re know the score. They get that ‘Wunna’ is their Mum and they love it. I’m ‘fun mum’…and even though the other branches to the ‘sort of other parts’ of the family are quite divided and separated, we’re lucky because we all get along well now and well i like it because no matter what, i’m the human that both children will always come to first for love, or if they have a problem.

Great day on the whole. I was really knackered though and well…i ended up working on the eyelash brand for a bit…as quite secretly i have a lot on my plate. I juggle it well and perform it all with panache..but there’s ย a lot…but i work well under pressure.

I chatted to Ben pretty much all Saturday before he tinkered onto his night shifts. I believe he finds them soul destroying. Lol. But he’s set for better things…and I know he’ll do well simply because he’s eager to. When you can see a hunger or a passion in someone you know that if directed they could have anything they wanted. He’s got that…as do I…and like I said…in life all you have to do is try, have the right support, love and determination. If you add focus, talent and luck…and you’ve got it! I mean, as i told you before…he’s evolved so much mentally, emotionally, and physically, even since i’ve known him…let alone from way back when. I’m just glad that he’s happy and pulling his finger out to go and make something of himself and life now.

I guess it’s the same with everyone isn’t it, though?

Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve. I’ve been living proof that you can have these itty bitty goals that turn into big old ‘Hollywood’ goals and ACHIEVE them.

You can make anything happen…and turn your life around in a moment.

I guess the key to success if always being able to pick yourself up and fight for what you want. Be it in love, work, life, health…whatever. Be positive. Know that someone else, somewhere int he world is going through the same things as you…BE HAPPY. It’s not about how you fall, and always about the number of times you can get back up and each time that you do, adjusting your manner positively..to get your result.

I’ve turned preachy haven’t I? HAHAH. I do that!

I’ll stop now.

The best thing is that Saturday ended ace because Hayley (you remember Hayley) was at a wedding…and infact I saw the pictures on Facebook and the wedding actually looked amazing. It was sort of like the forest and in a magical tree? Done beautifully, very original…and well Hayley and hubby Graham were cheering on their friends ‘i do’ day. (I love an ‘i do’ day….we know this. I just believe in true love and soul mates and everything. HAHAHAH.)

Anyway, they were having a lovely time, i think. They were getting really pissed and pretty much the majority of the party goers were staying in what was meant to be these really lovely cottages. Sounds lovely. They were all sharing them. Hayley got Graham to book a hotel because even though all of the wedding guests were staying there, to her they were disgusting, shite and to the point where she ‘threw a diva’ lol and demanded that hubby Graham book a hotel, just so she didn’t have to stay there! HAHAHA. Holy Moly. Hilarious.

Now, I know that you don’t have to slum it in the woods. I did the woods earlier this year, not the same woods, but a woods and we lived in the absolutely lap of utter luxury!!!

They had no toilets in their cottages…I KNOW….lol…so they would have to poo and wee outside…and the showers were also outside, meaning, what? They’d have to saunter into the woods in towels, to have a wash? HAHAHA. That doesn’t sound like luxury to me, it sounds too clean to be a festival (and i hate festivals because i’d die before i slept in a tent, I like hotel rooms and proper beds :),) yet too scrubby to be bouji or ‘chandeliery,’ It sounds like a budget, scary porn, where they all run off into the woods in nothing but towels, all drunk and in partners. Lol. But like i said, i wasn’t there, so it could’ve been lovely…I know the wedding was DELIGHTFUL and love always is….it was apparently just the ‘staying over’ that sucked.

Here are actual snippet bits from the text messages that Hayley decided to send me, when pissed….

‘ No, it’s like a bunker where hikers sleep!!!!! Seriously it was awful/ I’m in the hotel now with Graham drinking champagne/I’m now like the high maintenance friend/The wedding was beautiful…but then the rest of them are all staying miles away in a bunk house. xxxx’

HHAHA. ‘Bunk house’ makes me laugh. Hayley is officially a ‘diva’ but i love her lots, so i like it. I mean, i’m very well known to have the odd, but jolly ‘diva’ moment and i don’t really think there’s anything wrong with a girl knowing what she wants. I’m a girl that’s quite prepared to pay for luxury…or ‘better,’ so why not!! Lol. If there’s the best cabin in the woods…i’m in it…with bells on! ๐Ÿ™‚




Operation ‘Pissy Sleeve’


So Friday ended up being awesome and I thoroughly enjoy days that end up being awesome. The previous evening, I did drinks with Ben and Dodge at The Carleton, outside by the heater that you have to press down, every single moment that 4,2 seconds occurs, in order to feel any kind of heat, which lead me into a ‘sleep over’ night, not much sleep and off to work the next morning by 8.30am.

My shift was hilarious difficult, because even though i looked what I would call ‘divine,’ yet most would call marginally rough…I sailed through it, with a smile that hid tired eyes, clumsiness, exhaustion, a mini stress rash and by a bit grill of bacon, a coffee machine and Danielle, who was blending peanut butter milkshakes. I have no clue how i managed it, but i do know that you can never ever wear too much eyeliner, and that even though things seem hard, you’re always better off than some other poor sod in the world and well being grateful for what you have, even if it’s shit, kindamatters. Lol.

It was long day, it seemed to take forever, but I did it, with bells on. As soon as it was time for home, I leapt into my car, made the appropriate texts, drove home, got changed and went straight to the pub to firstly enjoy my Friday feeling and simply to release some work week ‘oooh laa.’ (If you work really hard, you need that release and there is nothing more than enjoying a few cocktails, after a busy week of work.)

Again, Dodge and Ben met me there. In fact for once they were there before me, all sat down and merry, after a stint on ‘Batman’ and a moment of chill fest. I opened a tab, we switched tables…Ben did half a pulled pork wrap and BOOM we were on it..and kinda by accident. I always find Ben and Dodge really good company because we’re all sort of easy going, laid back, but funny. Well..Dodge is a bit of a nuisance, like I am…which leaves Ben to even us out a bit. They made fun of what I think is ‘casual’ wear…made fun of of my giant, boz eyed, Tiger canvas, we talked life, we discussed the rest of the evening’s events (the boys were headed off for a night on the razzle, I was headed home after to tend to my motherly, mama duties) and then we DRANK..and i’m talking rounds and rounds of double rum and cokes, double gin and tonics, strongbows with a double BRANDY chaser and COCKTAILS, that gave the boys heartburn? I’ve never had heartburn, so i don’t know what that is? Is it the same as heartache? As if it is, it always ends in a divorce for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

We drank lots and all of a sudden the pub got really really busy. As in, ‘there was nowhere to sit’ busy. Strangers, friends, old folk, young folk, couples, chicks and the ‘Quorn Crew’ arrived. It was packed and it seemed as though more and more people kept doing life and sauntering into The Carleton by accident. There were loads of familiar faces…and well…the night just seemed to get the better of us. Good times, great vibes…and I was in jeans.

We must have got silly, because half the way through the night Ben got bored of carrying his shit…and when boys dump things on you…it means they trust you. ๐Ÿ™‚ So his hoodie got plonked upon my bag, like i was some, glamourous pack horse. It never bothers me because i’m laid back and well i had had gin. However, when he went for a wee, leaving Dodge and I at the bar, Dodge decides it would be an awesome idea for me to go into the loos, when he got back, (i was ordering drinks), wet his hoodie sleeve, under the tap, squeeze it out, and then pretend that I had PISSED ON IT. Hahahaha.

Now, you never leave anything with or near Dodge, if you don’t want peculiar things to happen to it. Like when i let him ‘be me’ for 14 minutes and he messaged pervs off my phone for sex. Hahaha. I wanted Australian men in my ‘bush’ apparently…and well it worked…they sent dick picks and video dick pics at the speed of light, meaning that he should have some career being a fluffer.

But yes, i agreed to this ‘pissy sleeve’ gag. I’m a good time girl and well, i’ve done a lot worse. Operation ‘Pissy sleeve’ is nothing. I mean, it was hardly ‘Oceans Eleven’ because it was so much ACER than ‘Ocean’s Eleven.’ However, do notice that the idea Dodge came up with, didn’t involve HIMSELF doing anything to Ben’s hoodie, just ME…which i thought was actually clever. So on cue, when Ben got back to the bar, all smiles and filled with trust, I stroked his arm lovingly…and then glamourous strutted off ย to the toilets with an ‘i need a wee’ line and a resting bitch face (that i always have to pull so men don’t hit on me, because i don’t look approachable.)

Got to the loo’s…did an actual wee…not on Ben’s hoodie, I promise HAHAHA…wiped up, wiggled off, and then whilst others looked on, I rinsed Ben’s right hoodie sleeve, only on the cuff, under the tap, and squeezed it out, like it was absolutely normal behaviour. (I mean fuck it, I’m Chrissie Wunna, no one’s actually going to say shit to me, for being a plank.)

The hoodie got replaced back upon my pack horse bag…and I sauntered out, all sexy and smiley back to the bar, to enjoy the drinks. Ben had his back to me, and Dodge just looked at me with a smile in his eyes that could only mean evil…his eyes laughed at me like they were ‘Chucky…and at that point part of me felt bad! HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, everything resumed as normal. We were drinking lots, having a blast. You all know I adore Ben, we’re besties and loving every inch of life right now. I mean i couldn’t get on with a being better than I do with him and well he had good arms and pecs, which makes things all the more better. (Oh shut it, I’m a glamour puss, it plays to my natural instincts. I’m girly, show me a big, tall, chunk of hunk with an arm and i’m smiling. Yet he’s a good egg on top of that, which makes me feel all comforted.) I can’t remember what we were talking about, but i know that i had decided to give Nick (as in Knight) a birthday present because no one had got him anything…so Ben and I decided that it would be hilarious to drop off my GIANT, silver and black, living room tiger canvas, that he hates…with a bow plonked on it, outside his house for a laugh. (‘Wunna, you’ll know which house he lives at, when you see his car.’)

Then we with there being no seats in the house, Ben decides we should GO OUTSIDE, where it’s a bit windy and cold, which…well..he’ll need his HOODIE FOR. HAHAHAHA.

We sat outside, still drinking, still talking….and the dreaded words came out, ‘Pass me my hoodie, Wunna.’

So, i give him his ‘Pissy sleeve’ hoodie…and all smiles and excited for warmth he puts it on!!! HAHAHA. Dodge and I just burst out into absolute hysterical giggles…but still the ever ‘trusting Ben’ just gets warm and smiles onward, until the words, ‘Eww, it’s wet, what’s that’ comes out of his mouth…and then my job (through laughter) was to embarrass myself, in the name of humour and tell him that i might have gone for a wee and placed his hoodie on the floor and accidentally wee’d on it. LOL. Dodge actually wanted me to say that there was no loo roll, so i had to ‘wipe up’ on it. HAHAH.

Long story short…he did a baby sized disgusted face, SNIFFED IT and then, like it was a trooper smiled with minor giggles. ๐Ÿ™‚ Dodge and I are in hysterics and well later he went to the loo to dry his sleeve under the dryer…where in which we thought we should tell him, yet Dodge figured it was funny to let him take ages drying it first…before delivering the ‘it’s just water’ line.

Everybody was now at The Carleton. Whilst we were waiting for Ben, some guy that thought he was a silver fox, but he wasn’t he was just grey, did a ‘smut glance’ over. Out of nowhere, Dodge bloomed into a ‘Protect Wunna, Possessive boyfriend’ type’ and after double brandy’s says, ‘What the fuck is HE looking at?’ Then Ben’s back, we tell him the truth and normality is stored.

Saw everyone. Bumped into Dale who says he’s a bit of a snob, because we went to posh school. All was dandy, all was happy..the boys were getting drunker and drunker…and whilst i was at the bar, NICK (as in Knight) walks in, with his new rapping crew (did you see his rap video?) and more drinks are had, whilst we’re outside, enjoying no heat and having banter.

Infact, later on in the evening…Dodge got bored and fucked off to other people to do tequila. Lol. (Very Dodge.) I sat with Ben after he disappeared and left me with Knight, who told me all about his love life…until we found him sat at the table responsibly saving it. (See, i love that. I love responsible people. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) We all thought he was doing a poo.

Anyway, Nicks, stood up…Ben and I are sat at this saved table…Dodge is off doing Tequila with teachers…and I say, ‘Oh guess what i’ve got you a birthday present and i’m going to drop it off…’

Ben and I are smiling, like he has no clue how hilarious we are…but straight out of comedy ville, Nick says:

‘It isn’t a giant, sliver, boz eyed canvas of a tiger is it???’



He actually thought it was awesome, But i haven’t dropped it off yet, as he had female company this weekend, so even though he green lighted the ‘drop off’ it’d be a bit odd having Me dhow up with a comedy tiger, whilst he’s trying to get his, a lot more feminine and alternative ‘Barry White’ on.

Lots going on…life is great…you know when The Carleton is over because you get kicked out.

The boys decide they need a petrol station stop before heading into town, where we danced to really shit party music, like we thought we were better than most music videos…then off they went, as i went home.

Don’t know what happened? But they didn’t last long. I came home to babies, asleep, said ‘bye’ to my mama and drank a wine. Then i went to bed. Ben called about an hour later…meaning their night must have gone tits up..BUT IT ALWAYS DOES, WHEN YOU START AT THE CARLETON and head into town. I don’t know why it does…but it does!!! EVERYTIME!! Dodge was really pissed when i left him because the last thing he was doing was gnarling in my face and putting his salty fingers in mine and Ben’s mouth, when we weren’t quite expecting it. Ben was pissed, but he never ever looks it? (Apart from that time when he kept tripping up…yet you know whe he’s hurting because he’ll always order a lemonade.’)

Anyway, i’m FAST asleep in bed, SHOCK MYSELF UP, it’s only 4am and for some reason i panicked because i thought that I was meant to be at work, and rushed to find my work clothes. (Dickhead.) When that happens, you’re working far too hard! HAHA.

I tucked myself back in..and middled fingered (no, not myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but the thought of stupid o clock….








Eyelash model Thursday


Hope you’re all having an amazing Thursday. Thursday is always a dodgy sort of day, but great because you’ve bundled yourself over the hill of Wednesday. In fact, I could go out if i wanted to this evening as Keiran has switched his days, meaning i’m free as a bird.

But more importantly….people have found this blog through searching ‘chubby sexy girls with tits.’ Erm…? Surely that’s not the right message that i’m hoping to send out? HAHAH. Firstly, i’d never refer to another femme as ‘chubby’ as i’m not that evil, unless i properly know the girl, love her and in jest feel the need to call her ‘chubby’ after she’s called me ‘ugly.’ So it’s obviously guys and their fetish issues. At my old job, the Head of Retention wanted me to Google ‘chubby girls, who do porn and eat chicken drumsticks’ and well i refused to, because it would be on my ‘in work’ search history.’ But they did it anyway, off my computer. Lol. So i looked like a swine anyway. I don’t even know how i would charm my way out of that? But i totally got away with it.

I don’t really have anything else to say other than i’m currently working and well you’re smart enough to have abandoned such a task, in order to read this blog.

I’m feeling good, excited about the future and in my head, creatively organizing everything for my next range of lashes. I’m doing a line with my fave ‘British boys,’ and yeah i pick the boys myself, but this time YOU, yes YOU have the opportunity to be a part of all the action, as i’m opening one of the modelling roles to a competition winner, who will pose as one of the boys that my lash styles will be named as! (I know, awesome stuff.)

I shouldn’t really be opening the comp yet, but i’m excited. However, know that it’s coming soon and that I can’t wait for you all be a part of it.

So far, i’ve booked two models and in the end their may be around six boys, who’ll shoot individually, with me and as a group for my lash line. The shoot isn’t until November for the Christmas launch. Yet, how awesome would it be to be able to browse through hopefuls, who are all boys and enthusiastic about modelling for the Wunna line. A behind the scenes look at the shoot will also be filmed for the blog, so it’l be fun, fun, fun, regardless.

Okay, I’m off. But Thursday is awesome. If you do anything today be productive. Try to get one step further up that ladder, but it with with charm and class.

Love you all,

Chrissie x