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Happy Friday x



Well, today is Friday, but it’s not just any old Friday, it’s PAY DAY FRIDAY, meaning that it is simply the most AWESOME Friday on the block! Yipppeeee! *Knickers in the air…cocktails in a confetti shower.*

Now, these days, more than anyone, I love a good blow out. (Oh er.) But what I actually mean is that I enjoy feeling free, celebrating life and congratulating myself with drinks in a ‘high five’ kinda nature, for all the work that i’ve plonked into my schedule throughout the month! (I work hard. I do. Honestly. AND, I have done cocktails through the week, but that’s merely because i’m a Glamour Puss.)

Right now, there’s a lot of stir around my love life. I’m single. In case you didn’t know. Lol. However, it seems that folk are quite eager to know who i’m going to date, who i’m dating, if i’m hooking up with boys, who i’m hooking up with, who will win the heart of this random Asian Glamour puss…and just basic what is she up to in that department?

I’m ready to date. As in have a boy partner to do a bit of life, Spring…or whatever with. So, i’m observing, as my other male counterpart will have to go through quite a change and quite a lot of *hoo haa* as that is simply what comes with Wunna land….immediately everyone saunters into your business…which for me, is a joy…yet for someone who isn’t quite used to it…it can be daunting.

Right! So, i’m working all day! The babies have Daddy time in the evening, meaning my Friday will consist of WORK, checking into a hotel, Friday night Ponty drinking, in a dress, heels and a wink, chilling in a hotel room, then doing setting off to London tomorrow, to again check into a hotel, watch the absolutely delicious Forbidden Nights Boys (who I always refer to as ‘naked dancing boys’ and I shouldn’t really, as that’s like calling strippers ‘hoes’ and being a girl from a Glamour model past…i should simply know better. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย HAHA.)

But yes, Ponty partying this evening, then a London show at The Clapham Grand Theatre, where I will be VIP at the show, so come say ‘Hi’…even though i’m sure you’re eyes will be elsewhere ladies! Then i’ll be out at the club until 3am. So, you can come party with me also…Again…VIP….Free…and fun. (Luckily, i’m made for this…so i’m not going to be as shattered as you think. Even though Ihave eyelash line promo inbetween! OH AND WELL DONE TO @SHONAMACKIE who won the SCREEN NATION AWARDS goodie bag, with my lashes in!!! MY LASHES ARE DOING SOOOOOOOOOOO WELL RIGHT NOW! Over 700 retweeted and retweeted to win a set in the bag of ‘goodie.’)

So, i have a busy weekend, and The Forbidden Nights show is actually work…as I will be REVIEWING with my beady little single eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย It just sounds like pleasure, because it’s such an awesome thing to review. However, like I said, i’m Chrissie Wunna…who else would you get in to VIP blog it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be there from 7.30 pm Saturday,t hen out until 3am! Join me! (All my Yorkshire friends seem to be dropping like flies, due to birthdays, boyfriends, black plagues and all sorts. But nonetheless…i’m there and I feel so lucky. I CAN’T WAIT!)

Right, i’ve got to get changed for work. So i’ll love you and leave you.

I’m out tonight, not sure where, but out and about in Pontefract, so come play!

I love ‘Hotel night’ simply because it takes me away from mundane life and i’m only staying at a local Premier Inn. (Saturday i’m staying at The Mayfair. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Remember that time my boiler broke down and instead of using blankets, I checked the children, oh and husband at the time into a different hotel for FIVE NIGHTS running. LOL. That’s my logic.)

Talking about husbands, and yes i’ve had three, before you all start. One of Mikey’s fans (My first husband, who’s now the movie star, lol…my first love…we were each other’s first love) messaged me last night and i get a lot of his fans messaging me, to find out all sorts of juicy gossip. However, last night, this girl named Jess, was so sweet and It was obvious that she was a Mikey fan simply because she had changed her Facebook surname to ‘Raymond James.’ Lol. (I remember when I thought I was going to be Christina Raymond James….then I found out his actual surname was ‘Weverstad’ so I was that instead. I chatted to her, simply because she seemed so lovely…and it was weird because i usually try and avoid all Mike convos, sue to it all being brought up and being brought everything was left unfinished, even though we both ended u having to move on, simply because I got on a plane and flew to England. But it was good to chat to her, as that something that I close off and box away, when really the health thing to do about anything is to chat, let it out, let it go and move forward. It’s done now, Mike and I have great memories. It’s my chapter now!

Roll on PAY DAY FRIDAY, new fun, boys, weekend cocktails, friends, hotel rooms ย and good times!!!

Life is great! I couldn’t be happier xx







My Love Life, Mondays and Ruby


Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ruby turned 4! I did it! I’ve single mummed it, worked hard, started a business, had another baby, made money, dreams come true begin and relaunched a social life….but mot of all successful raised a very happy 4 year old.

In fact, I don’t think she had ever been happier than she was yesterday. Last year, we did the whole big party thing, with all her friends from nursery. This year, when i asked her what she wanted, she just wanted family, to live some kind of regular existence and for me to not be at work.

She woke up to a room filled to the BRIM with every present she requested. We played. We lunched. She danced. She giggled. She LOVED every inch of being alive. She loved every inch of being FREEEE. I watched her and just knew that she was happy and when you’re a parent…it’s those moments that fill your entire life with worth. I’m a good Mum when it comes to making the children feel important. In fact, i’m quite good at making everyone feel important, in general. I enjoy making people feel special. Even for a moment. Its slightly OTT…but whatever…i adore every minute of my nature. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today was great! She’s 4.

Anyway, on a better note….i’ve finally caught up on my sleep! I’m feeling refreshed, dandy and filled with life, vigor and ‘ooh laa.’ Like I said before, i’m feeling quite popular, so i’m completely enjoying life, every bit of life.

Day job is great. My eyelash line is doing incredibly well right now, after partnering up with The Screen Nation Awards. I mean, the have a competition right now on Twitter, where in which you can WIN a free goodie bag from The Screen Nation awards, that all the stars ย and winners recieved, (which included a pair of Chrissie Wunna luxury, Mink fur lashes.) Hundreds of people have been retweeting and retweeting them, in order to win one of these luxury goodie bags and luckily, it all shines down on ME…your resident little kitten. I mean, I’m a proper hardcore brand now. Lol. I’m in there with GUESS and all sorts..and to be honest, it’s really only just the first baby step. I feel incredible and just plain lucky. I think it’s all about finding your niche, doing something you love and working hard. I always use to say, things happened to me by accident. Great things. When really, i just worked hard (i have a great work ethic) and great things happened to me…on purpose. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m happy. Everything is going well!

On the dating front. I’m still single. Keiran was a douche to me the other evening because Ruby was staying at Pete’s house on her birthday and not his. (Pete is Ruby’s biological Father and Keiran is the Father who raised her. Junior’s Father.) When Keiran doesn’t get what he wants, he throws a wobbly and when it concerns the things he cares about most, which is the children…he gets nasty and takes it out on me. I’ quite tolerant, easy going, happy go lucky. But i’m feisty, so once someone pushes all the wrong buttons, i’ve plonked a fire cracker up my arse and i’m off! WE FOUGHT! Text fought. And he pissed me off.

Next morning, via phone to wish Ruby a ‘Happy Birthday’ he was right as rain and we just got on with life.

So on the dating front, I’m single and i’m mingling. I’m always looking for the man of my dreams. I’m happy being ME, yet i adore having a counterpart, a husband, a partner…a best bud, to share life and memories with. I sort of go out and have fun, yet I study boys and see who i have a connection with. I like to build a connection and friendship first, rather than meet a random, who i just decide to date. I guess, i’m very aware of my surroundings, who i like, who i’m building with and who i’m not interested in…so it’s all quite exciting.

When it comes to boys, i’m completely open minded, non judgemental, careful (because it seems that i’m quite popular with the boys, even as an oldie) and well they have to fully get along with me, my spirit and world. I sort of adore a guy who can have fun, yet appreciate family time. I have children. A life. A business. A day Job. A world. They kind of have to enjoy being a part of it. Their morals and priorities need to be in check. Oh…and they have to adore me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Once they do…i’m there’s.

But anyway…back to work.

Love you!

Happy Monday,



Party, Boys, Babies & Gossip


OMG! I’ve been catching up on sleep, working, being Mum and partying. Like I stated earlier, i’m doing that part of my life, where I just tend to living…it sort of makes being a blogger easier, as you swirl around in your own life fodder and well it seems wherever there is Wunna…there is chat.

So, Tuesday night of last week, I ended up doing drinks with friends. It was weird because i was in the pub first and when I enter a pub, (and because I always look odd) all eyes seemed to be glaring at me like I was a prossie, or Michael Jackson. Drinks were great. Shouldn’t have drank wine. It gets me pissed too fast. Ended up in ‘Biggies’ (the local nightclub, incase you are unaware of Pontefract life) and armed with a friend named ‘Danny.’ (Who had agreed to good times in Big Fellas, by accident. We’d chatted all night and had drinks in flashing lights, so we felt safe to play party, on a school night.

Once in ‘Biggies’ I ran into work mate Adam…who I always refer to as ‘Baby Adam’ because he’s 18 and my ‘in work’ Husband…and after drinking alcopops, swinging around stripper poles, tending to boy drama, chatting, laughing, living and drinking more alcopops…it soon turned into 2am and light were up.

I was in work for 8.30am, and i actually felt right as rain. A bit tired. But right as rain.

Being Mum, day job and lash line work occured. (My lashes are doing great by the way and I’m really proud to say that I managed to partner up with the Screen Nation Awards! I mean, all the award winning Celebs got to wear a pair and well they all messaged me telling me how great they were. It makes me feel awesome.I definitely needed a sit down with my ego.)

There is a LOT going on in Wunna land. Life has become highly social and alongside my day job, my blogging events and business is now booming. It’s busy and when i’m out the more people i meet, making life ‘zoom’ a little faster…however, now that i’m an oldie, i’m keeping up like a champion. (When you’re young, you get lost in it. When you’re older…you sort of know what you’re doing.) I’m in a really good place right now! I’m feeling weirdly popular and lets’ just say it goes well with gin!

Friday night, I ended up doing after work drinks with Jenna and Adam. ‘After work drinks’ is my favourite thing ever. Nothing is better than treating yourself on a Friday, after a busy busy week to a celebratory drinks and I do see it as a celebration…because I work really really hard!

Four baby drinks later, and we all ended up going home, getting changed, doing whatever it was we were doing and going out for more drinks. (Jenna actually rested because she had a big Saturday night planned on her ‘Mate Date.’) I got glammed up, went into town, waited for others to come, they took ages, so I met old school maties at the Broken Bridge (which I actually loved because they couldn’t be acer. ) We sort of have shit loads of memories of being tiny and out around Ponty…so it’s kinda good to be oldies…and watch the young be foolish. Well I say the young, yet ‘Dodge’ decided to be a massive drunk and make new friends. He was soooooooooo pissed and still purchasing yager bombs for strangers…I just looked at him laughing, when he asked which ‘friends’ I would like to hang out with? I pointed ahead with a ‘where are out actual friends?’ He didn’t know? HAHAH. That’s why I love ‘Dodge.’

Then I found Katty, Rich and Scarlett, who were pretending they worked in a call centre and decided to talk about naked dancing boys and willies with stilettos on the end, like a Fairytale come true? (Katty is coming to watch ‘Forbidden Nights’ with me at the weekend. She stated that she may have to put her tongue on a willy, if it all goes well. I’ll just do whatever for a bit of ‘look at me.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Drunk Adam showed up..finally, who’d been at some party somewhere rubbish and we went to ‘Biggies’…to drink vodka and dance to pop songs with what seemed like everyone we knew, once we found them. (That took ages.)

So on Friday night, I was weirdly super popular with the boys? I don’t know what it is with me, but people were doing the ‘off the telly’ stop or the just telling me that I was beautiful thing..but LOTS, I like it obviously because i’m an attention whore, flashy and love everything about a good time. But Friday…i was weirdly over popular.

Adam went home early because he was ‘fucked.’ (After work drinks did him over…even before the party thing he went too.) And there i was…left with a bunch of boys…as my own friends sauntered in…and Holy Shit by the end of the night, after lots and lots of drinks and people showering me with unnecessary compliments..there were just boys circling me…everywhere, all trying to get their merry, berry…moves on? One was trying to be my ‘bouncer’ for the night. He kept trying to escort me places, like I was the Queen…but by wheely bins. He met me once at the Glassroom at Xscape and apparently wanted my number. Then there was some other guy, another who was hanging out with the same group of buddies, who kept buying me too strong drinks and then there was Adam’s mate (who I found out was called ‘Harry’…)

You can sort of tell when boys get drunky and start circling the girl of their affection in that moment. You can see them getting moderately possessive…(which I don’t mind) and fighting for what THEY want against other potential tryers. It’s only funny because they do it behind dance moves. It was fun. I loved it. They were all awesome! All different. But all awesome.

I guess the key to dating me…is to befriend me. I’ll always date a friend over a randomer. It makes me feel safer, as i’ve lived this weird life where boys just seem to enjoy trying to saunter into Wunna land? Now, i’m older, i’ve done well and i feel like a champion.

I stayed in a hotel that night just to feel cosy and get a good nights sleep. I actually do that a lot. AND i will say that I slept in the cosiest bed ever.

My friend ‘Dodge’ ended up in Biggies and just laughed at the commotion that i seemed to be accidentally causing. There were boys, pretend bouncers, young men, old men and crying girls all surrounding me and even Chrissie Wunna fans! Then some douche yelled at me for apparently getting him kicked out the VIP at Kooky. I didn’t actually remember seeing him in my life EVER! Lol. So, it was sort of odd? He definitely got kicked out, but not by me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yet, to be honest…it ย was OUR VIP booth and if someone in our group be it me or anyone, in the VIP…just like that they were gone and security would have them removed. That’s the whole point to a VIP section. And like i said IT WASN’T YOURS, IT WAS OURS! Hahaha! Go blag you’re own ‘Very Important Person’ booth and kick ME out! ๐Ÿ™‚

The weekend was all about the babies, as they do their Tuesday and Friday nights out at Daddys’…which is awful. Hence why i always try go keep occupied AND i had been fighting with Keiran, who i just can’t take full responsibility for his actions. I like to home truth’ him and he hates it. I don’t know what he’s up too….but he’s always up to something.

Saturday, I shopped and shopped and shopped for Ruby’s Birthday, WHICH IS TOMORROW! (I can’t believe it, i’m going to cry all day and simply because i’m an emotional wreck and can’t bare her getting big.) I work a lot, so i splurge A LOT on the children, so when it’s a special day…i go for it!

With Ruby it’s important to stick to the list. As she ‘s a girl who wants what she wants. So, i’ve done exactly that. It’s cost me a bomb, but i care not! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s what working is about! I have the day off tomorrow, so i can spend the day with her, which will actually mean more to her than anything else int the entire world. Ruby and Junior live really different lives to most other bambinos that i now, so they’ve learnt to appreciate the little things in life that MATTER.

Last year we threw Ruby a big party. But this year she had just asked to spend it with me and her family…and because it never ever happens. ๐Ÿ™

Tomorrow it’s all about her and even though we’ve managed to get ourselves into a massive fight tonight, (we’re both really similar and it shows like a sore thumb) before she actually fell asleep she looked up at me and said, ‘Mum, i’m really sorry i kept shouting and hitting you. I love you. I was just cross. Can we be best friends again?’ And in that moment we rebonded like glue. That’s what I love about being Mum. I’m a good one and my heart is open to the babies ALL THE TIME.

On the boy front..and there seems to be so much gossip about me lately. I’m ready to date…i’m in a good place…I’m just being picky…which is every girls prerogative. ๐Ÿ™‚






Shit! Sorry, I haven’t managed to blog in a week! Sooo much has happened and to be honest i’ve just been working and haing my usual ‘around this time’ rash that my work colleague ‘Luke’ called ‘Mould’ today. However, there are times in every bloggers life…well…if you are classed as a ‘lifestyle blogger,’ as that’s the poncy name for it, where you kinda just need to LIVE. Then once ‘LIVING’ has been appropriately tended to you can go back to writing down the facts, as your tank is back to full and you just have waay more blog juice.

Okay…so WE DID KOOKY WAKEFIELD and we did it VIP.

Jenna, Jo, Danielle and I initially met at our local, which is ‘The Frog & Moose’ in Ackworth. I had an empty stomach, Jo, tried on my lashes, Jenna did Disarno and Danielle and I got pissed.

We seemed to guzzle down, shit loads of shots, rainbow coloured ones at that and then after sticky nut eating, we found Jenna’s Mum who was at a Private party for a sixty year old (Jenna’s MUM is hot and looks REALLY GOOD for her age) and well we went in for a boogie, more vodka, a cocktail straw… with Pineapples on… steal fest and well at this point Danielle was sooooo pissed (before we even got into Wakefield) that she was booze hungry and obsessed with talking about Neil Buchanan. I think people even shouted abuse at us as we were leaving The Frog & Moose. I swear boys act like they’ve never seen boobs before.

Our lift named ‘Christian’ came and we sang like Rockstars…shit rockstars…. all the way to Wakefield, to meet Adam, to start our VIP Kooky adventure.

Met Adam, time killing occurred and then we tottered over the road to seal on our special gold wrist bands, which pretty much meant that we were the dog bollocks for the evening.

Now, in my life, i have obviously been and partied in HUNDREDS of VIP rooms, booths and all sorts. Some great. Some rubbish. Some…some. And i’ve done this all over the world. (LIKE WITH LEONARDO DI CAPRIO, PARIS HILTON, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, OWEN WILSON AND CHRISTINA AGUILERA ย in LA. OH and Andy Sugden off Emmerdale. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kelvin! Wgo actually asked me if I wnated any ‘Andy Sugden’ in me? HAHA) So, anyway. i never know how a VIP booth is going to pan out. I just hoped it would pan out perfectly, as obviously i had promised my buddy buds a great night out of bouji’ness….where they would have fun, be the stars of the ย event and do it all for free.

ALL I can tell you is that the SUPER KOOKY VIP BOOTH (and that’s the balcony corner section, above the crowds and not the little white sofa sections IS AMAZING, once the crowd gets in and busy!) We got there a little early maybe, as we waited for the crowd to get there, but it didn’t take long and once they came, they came in full force…

But anyway…firstly…


As soon as we walked up to Kooky, they treated us delightfully, and after doing the main picture taking (with Phil the General Manager) we were then escorted up to our little balcony, shown the code and left to have fun…with our ‘start off’ booze, which was a bottle of vodka, a few bottle of chmapers, a Malibu, some beer, some cocktail flasks, a bottle of Disarno…sparklers…just everything that you would want in a VIP area really.

Now, the VIP area is small but VITAL, ย as it everything that ย VIP area needs to be and that is OF IMPORTANCE.’ Kooky know how to treat their VIP’s and well…we certainly were given the upper hand and perks.

Once that crowd comes in, it’s almost as if we look upon them, like we own some kind of Party Kingdom…It feels GREAT!

The crowd could see us enough to make out who we were (as it’s our local club meaning all our ย friends were in there) and well the crowd could pretty much watch us party and wish they were in there with us…and boy did we do it well! *Wiggle…wink*

To begin with, we were warming up, so we were all pouring our first club drink and having a little dance, having a chat and getting situated. Then we were all feeling merry and more drinks were being brought in, as the club was filling up and the crowd below were waving up at us! Then we were ALL on party mode…and well about an hour in, something happened and it all went BONKERS.

We were dancing like our lives depended on it, falling off stools, drinking, drinking, drinking, booty bouncing, swigging vodka and Malibu STRAIGHT OUT THE BOTTLE, we were pointing out at people in the crowd, inviting them up, waving at admirers, making out with each other….dodging glass bottles that were getting thrown at us, falling off more stools, getting more and more drunk, dancing like Hip hop gangsters and strippers, waving at people like they were fans (lol) ย and loving every little inch of being VIP. It mattered. We were GREATNESS and in fact we were sooooooooooooo greatness that we caused some kind of massive commotion.

I have no clue what happened, but it seemed as though EVERYONE wanted to get into our VIP booth and because we made it look AMAZING. ๐Ÿ™‚ We had people literally waiting outside the door and I mean a crowd of people waiting just for one of us to open the door, so that they could ram the door in and rush into our booth to party with us! It was that mad. It felt like hundreds of people were trying to shove their way through the door, to the point where security found girls pulling each others hair and boys pushing each other, and people were being thrown out!!! HAHAHA. The owner even beckoned me out of the VIp to speak to me and tell me that no one was allowed in the VIP unless they had been approved by us and they were wearing this essential gold band.

More drink was brought in…we were all on PARTY PARTY MODE now and it literally took 3 people to shove our VIP door closed when others tried to barge on it. I mean SHIT, we don’t even know how some people got in. Security had to come and remove them! Hahaha.

In fact, that was once of the ace things about VIP because usually in a club, people are having fun, but the don’t care. We got treated sooooooooooo well by the Kooky staff, that it made us feel important. I mean, if we didn’t like the look of someone, we could just have them removed from our booth. (Adam had that ย happen…If fact we all did at some point!! It was great!)

More drinking, more dancing, more smooching, more throwing people out. More people trying to barge in and more GOOD TIMES! We were all now pretty drunk, but loving it. I think Danielle even spilt her drink on someones head by accident… HAHAHA.

We felt ace, but i did notice that everyone either loved me or hated me that night. Every time i rocked out of the booth for a wee, all i kept hearing was people saying my name and random boys trying to have weird meaningful conversations with me? They all apparently knew me from somewhere or something, or knew my friends or knew something or other? I don’t know, I was drunk.

My nipples spent the entire night falling out. Tip tape doesn’t work. Every time poor Jenna saw me (who was now drunk and the BEST SECURITY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, she was the GO TO GIRL..even though she fell off a stool…unfortunately Adam was stood next to her and fell off 2 seconds after her. AHAHAH.)But yes, every time she saw me, she was have to put my nipples back in. I might as well have not worn a top. No wonder all the boys were trying to ram into VIP, we made it look like a brothel.

Now, we were all having fun and there was a point where in which i looked around the booth and did a big old secret smile, as everyone just looked so happy and if i love doing anything, it’s that! I love having people treated to bouji’ness…even though they were all pissed, sick and poorly afterward. ๐Ÿ™‚ But yes, I loved that moment where i looked at them all and thought, ‘yeah…look what i did..they’re happy.’ Danielle was booty dancing and pointing at the crowd. Adam was secretly impressed, as all his mates saw him get the VIP treatment. Jo puked and got felt up my minors…so that is always a bonus and Jenna…was drunk, yet happy dancing and laughing after falling off stools, as she threw the riff raff out with a cocktail in her hand.

Kooky is open for a really looong time and i’m talking until SIX O CLOCK IN THE MORNING. So slowly..well from 3.30am onwards people were leaving. Danielle, Adam and I didn’t leave until five o clock…but there was a moment where I looked around…probably at around 2.3o am and everyone looked like a proper pisshead. People were falling over drunk in our booth and actually needing a sit down in order to cope with more partying until six! Jenna now looked angry and wanted mixers. Adam tried to stand up but missed the hand rail. Danielle…was fine. LOL. I was doing a half hearted boogie with a nipple out, due to tiredness and Jo had done a sick in the loo.

Drinks were spilling. Our ย aggressive ‘not letting anyone in’ had simply turned into sticking two fingers up at the glass window, which just meant ‘fuck off, go away.’ People were STILL trying to barge. Boys were now hitting on girls. I was being asked back to everyone’s home. And well…I watched all my party friends slip down that slope of drunken no return.

It was fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

(I think i sobered up by then. NOT! The a good song came on and we all started booging again.)

Jenna went home at 3.30am as she had work in the morning. Danielle also had work in the morning, but stayed out, had her shoes on the wrong feet, kissed random boys and puked, after passing out in a SEAFOOD PIZZA in the taxi back! HAHAHAHAH, who the fuck orders ย TUNA PIZZA, when pissed. I tell you what though…she showed up for work after getting in at six in the morning. ๐Ÿ™‚ A seafood fucking pizza. HAHAHAHA.


So, i always judge how well it all went by what is said about an event after the ‘hoo haa,’ and it seems like I did a great job! Yeah they all got a bit too fucked up…but they loved it. I’m never going to Kooky again unless I’m in the Super VIP BOOTH! I mean once you’ve done it that way, you couldn’t really go back, I don’t think and juts chill in the crowd. I mean, we wouldn’t have the power to get people thrown out for being foolish. (I can’t believe someone threw a glass bottle at us. HAHA. Jenna was going to wham them with a cocktail flask…Even that in itself sounds bouji.)

It’s absolutely definitely worth it and well to be honest I think it was US that MADE IT WORTH IT. You couldn’t just have anyone in there and it be ace. WE MADE IT ACE and well to the point where Kooky said we could do it all over again! ๐Ÿ™‚ We Christened that VIP booth and made it what is it! HAHAHA!

So yeah, can’t wait to do it all over…

(I’m on blog catch up, so i have three more blogs to write before you’re caught up on everything, as i’ve been out and i’ll be talking ‘boys.’ )

When you read this, i’ll be at work, as this blog is on a timer. But i want ot go back to Kooky and do it over!!! The first time is always the practice and the second time is always the best!!!

We were proper DIVAS.

Everyone felt rough.



But the main thing that made me smile was the simple fact that i’d sort of made everyone happy and help them celebrate and enjoy a really good time.

I know loads of ‘do gooders’ think it’s really shitty for people to be out all the time, drinking and having fun. yet to me, when you’re with the right people, it’s all about celebration, loving life and making memories.

Now, i’ve met a whole lot of people in life and what i can say about this bunch of people, that I work with is every day, is that they are GOOD PEOPLE. They’re great people and I genuinely love them all, as we’re all sort of different, yet interesting and we all weirdly get on like some wonderfully dysfunctional family…who drink. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s even including the people that weren’t on the VIP night out. It’s a great group of work colleagues and you don’t get that anywhere. In my mind, they deserved a good time and well I wanted to celebrate life with them and if i could bouji it up for them…i would and I did. In fact, I want us to do something AMAZING together every single month, that’s either bouji or luxurious!

Good times bring people closer together.

So THANK YOU KOOKY WAKEFIELD, You totally did us proud! (We’re coming back.)



Make a little love…

Oh go on then…kill my Facebook newsfeed and Twitter timeline with grand gestures of Valentines affection! I’m ready for it. I have my safety jacket on and i’m all eyes, ears and heart to champion through a gzillion pictures, photos and other ‘things to make me jealous’ that will make me exceedingly jealous of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

To be honest, it’s kinda a nice feeling seeing that so many of you ย (and i mean girls) have been completed treated to little tokens of affection from your other halves and that so many of you are going on ‘Date Nights.’ (I’m a sucker for it really, but it truly does make me smile. I mean, it’s much better than being in love and being completely disregarded by the person who is meant to love you and I know a lot of both men and women will go through that today. I’m not in that box, because i feel as thought i’m surrounded by adoration (lol) even if i am or not. That’s the key to success. )

So, loads of guys inboxed me last night telling me to show them my dress options, so that they could pick what I would wear? Now, I don’t know if they’re just helpful, creative, perverted or what? But guys…it’s a girl thing. I’m a girly girl and when men choose what you’re going to wear (unless they’re a guy buddy that you’ve asked an opinion of..or your best gay matey) then you can’t join the ‘dress picking’ party. Haha. I’m actually not that indecisive when it comes to ย things that i adore, yet i really do appreciate the helpful gents and the ones that were just being funny. However, the ones that were being pervs….SLAPPED WRISTS! HAHAHA. I think often people see me as this little doll, or wild mistress of femme and once they’ve sneaked into Wunna land, which i really don’t mind and they’ve gotten themselves all comfy… they then like to possess, ย control and contain me, so that no one else can share me. I make gents feel terrified by accident.

(I’m currently smeared in tan that needs washing off. I feel like Bob Monkhouse.)

Okay, anyway….last night I fell asleep to this weird mediation music and partly to keep me stress free, as the babies were away, but mainly because i found it funny and it made me think of massages. (You know what I mean. It’s the part of the event where you know your massage is about to begin, kick off and get busy, as soon as the lady whops on the CD filled with wild calming music. APART FROM THAT TIME, WHEN I GOT THAT SHITTY WALK IN MASSAGE FROM THAT BRUTAL CHINESE LADY IN CAMDEN. Holy shit! The way that chick massaged me, certainly suggested that her Mother didn’t love her, or that her Mother didn’t love her, she hated me and got her period all at the same time! She fucking beat the comedy SHIT OUT OF ME (hahaha) to weird pan pipe music and it was so awful that i literally cracked up laughing, whilst in pain! I felt bad because people were sat down waiting outside the room for ‘their turn.’ Don’t have a Chinese massage. They kill. I think i even called her a bitch. (The awful think about it was that I didn’t know at the time but i was five weeks pregnant with Ruby! So no wonder my child is so high strung!)

Since it’s Valentines day and you’re all loved up and i’m all single…(YET READY TO MINGLE TONIGHT WITH MY BUDDY BUDS, flirt with boys, guzzle some vodka, do a little dance, make a little love…i believe that’s how the protocol goes, I wouldn’t know ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I thought i’d share some one of my Valentines memories with you…to get you in the mood…

One year…and this was back in the day when I was happy and married to Michael In Hollywood, who is now en route to movie stardom! As if he’s been in movies with Tom Cruise and i’m smeared in tan in Ponty. Well done him! Well…anyway, one year being the terrible romantic that I am, I decided to buy him a giant odd looking pair of kissing fish, that were PINK. They were fat, gormless looking things, but bright pink, with wide eyes and whenever their mouths touched…they’d SNOG! I know! How cute!

Bought them for him the day before. On Valentines, for the big reveal they had died. ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘Daaaaaa! Daaa!) Unfortunately, I can’t do anything by halves, so i had bought a whole bunch of other tiny fish to put in the tank, that all died toooo. Your’e not meant to do that. I sort of replaced the one of the big pink fish, just for remembrance and well he named it ‘Joe.’

A great gift idea…a shitty reveal…but the reason why it’s romantic is because it’s a story that we’ll remember FOREVER! Like with most things i fuck up…i made a memory and that’s all that matters. So when he’s on his rocking chair, at 80 years old on Feb 14th, he’ll remember the pink fish named ‘Joe’ and his crappy ex wife.

He made up for it by taking me out to dinner at some divine restaurant somewhere in LA for dinner. Luxurious, posh, pricey and we were sat next to Tom Hanks and his wife! (I love Tom Hanks.)

After everything that i’ve been through with love and i’ve romanced hundreds of men and I say ‘romanced’ because in my head it’s always felt that way. I’ve lived, I’ve loved and it’s been magical. I mean, I dated so many guys in LA and I married some some great men. I mean, Keiran was the ‘King of Romance’ like I had told you and I appreciate all that, as he wanted to make me smile.

Yet now, and on a more serious note, as you do hear me ramble on about no flowers, no cards, no choccies…continuously. What i’ve learnt is that true romance is shown through utter commitment, trust, love and friendship. It is FAR more romantic to see a couple who have made it through 80 years together, shared live, experiences and the world, as a team, then it is getting a bunch of roses from a guy you’ve had a one night stand with, who’ll not be speaking to you in a month.

Yet, I don’t look at it too harshly, as even that moment when I guy (be he a one night stand or a ‘forever’)…in that moment, when he didn’t have to get you anything, he did…

So let’s just celebrate love anyway!

And if you’re single…do what we’re this evening and GET YOURSELF OUT THERE in the name of FUN!



This one? That one? Fuck it, let’s drink…


As I’ve just Tweeted! NOTHING FEELS BETTER, than working your pretty little arse off, ALL WEEK LONG, then finally hitting that ‘almost’ there countdown, to the ‘tick, tock’ of a weekend of MERRIMENT.

I haven’t felt this excited in ages, when it’s come to a bit of ‘party party’ and i think it’s because firstly, I adore going out for a jolly old *wiggle wink* with new friends that I think are awesome. We kinda see each other almost every day or through the week, because we all work together, yet we’ve never really properly hung out away from work TOGETHER, in the name of boozy drinks and of course Valentines! PLUS, this week i feel live earnt it. I’ve worked HARD and come home from work, to lash line work and being Mama to my two gorgeous little dumplings. (And I do mean, my children, as I truly don’t talk to bready bits of gravy lump.) My body actually aches from work this week, as i’ve done really really well, so to finally find myself ‘beeping’ my car to ‘unlock,’ flinging my car door open and sliding my booty into the car to drive home for a jolly ‘two days off in a row’ where in which one of those days is all about VIP celebrating…then i’m pretty happy. In fact, not i’m over the moon. It felt amazing and mainly because I was filled with excitement.

We’re all excited. Danielle can’t wait. She showed me her dress over scrambled egg, whilst I burnt m hand on hot water. Jenna worked with me all day and well anytime you’ve gotten over excited and purchased perfect ‘Jenna, in your face’ shirts, that have had the arms sewn on wrong, you know it’s all going to get giddy. The boys are playing it cooly cool…but that’s what young boys do. AND Jo…she’s coming along with us…and well i don’t think i’ve met a more excited or organised human in my life. ๐Ÿ™‚ Its fun! I can’t wait.

So, i’ve got home, run a bath, enjoyed a wine, flicked on some music and decided to try all my dress choices on. I’m shit at trying clothes on because it bored me, however, weirdly not tonight.

I need to stay occupied as Keiran has both babies this evening. I’m up in my room, trying to keep busy and make noise, as every time i saunter down stairs, through the living room, through the dining room and into the kitchen, it all seems soooo empty, quiet and lonely. Wine did the trick and then i rushed back upstairs to my noise, safety zone and happy place.

I’m sort of quite child like. I’m more like a little girl than childish, if you get what I mean. Like Jenna said today, it’s like i’m a 18 year old girl, who is trapped in my 34th year on this earth. Lol. My LA gay friends used to say I was like a giant big gay male, trapped in a HOT ASIAN GIRLS BODY. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m all sparklers, light and diamantes. But i’m warm. I’m not too feisty these days.

I still don’t like watching everyone buy flowers for their wives and girlfriends EVERYWHERE I GO…it makes me feel like I don’t have something that they all do in their lives. Haha. Damn them! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s pretty much true. But whatever, i’m sure i’ll sail through it, in heels and with arm candy, be it a luxury handbag or some ‘handsome.’

But yes, i decided to whop out all my new Celeb Boutique dresses, (another one came today) and try them all on, in front of my mirror, to see which one i could wear and i’m usually really good at this. I’m great at making a decision IMMEDIATELY.

Can’t make a decision or shit.

They’re all amazing, but one. And that one is only not as amazing because it’s too big for me, so i’d have to get it tailored. However, once tailored, it too will be FABULOUS.

I just can’t decided. They all look great on, but give out different messages. One is classy , sexy and booby. One is slutty, clubby…and booby. The other is seductive, classic and booby…and I don’t know what to do??? They’re all just perfect. So it would depend on what kinda image i would want to paint of myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love the seductive classy one, but is it too boring, because the short, boobied, slutty, clubby one is one that nobody can actually get away with unless ‘YOU’VE GOT IT.’ Like not only do you have to have some kind of good body, as it’s very revealing, but you also have to be the MOST CONFIDENT girl on the planet. I mean, at 18, i’d whop that one on in a heartbeat. But at 34, i have to decide if i’m brave enough.

I pondered. I thought. I stopped playing ‘DIVA’ by Beyonce because it makes me make far too ‘gangsta’ decisions. I adore the classy, booby dress as it’s beautiful. Yet if i don’t wear the slutty, clubby lilac one to Kooky…then there really won’t be anywhere else i could wear it? I mean, i reckon i could get away with it on Valentines day, in a club, where we’re cruising the best VIP booth on offer. Right?

The classy booby one, which actually makes my boobs look better, and i feel super comfortable in, i can wear anywhere. I could even wear it on a more low key night or a wedding.

So, after much deliberation and dancing around my ‘without curtain’s bedroom in front of the mirror, to Britney Spears. in diamante heels, i went with slutty and simply to prove that i still got balls! I like it…it’s not ‘beautiful…’ it’s just fun and slutty. It’s clubby. ๐Ÿ™‚ But all still by Celeb Boutique. The other one i can wear when i go see the naked dancing boys in London ‘Forbidden Nights!’

Now, my legs hurt from prancing around my bedroom in heels like i’m in 20 hip hop music videos at once.

But yes. I’m happy. I’m sorted. I’m going with it. I have such difficult life decisions… ๐Ÿ™‚

My Mum’s just popped around, I can hear the main door swing open. (Lol.) I enjoy that my Mum bursts in whenever she wants. I find it hilarious. I don’t mind it, i’m family oriented. Plus, she knows i find nights without Ruby and Junior difficult, so she comes to be my ‘noise.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s what mums are for!

So, I have all of tomorrow to get ready and relax. I’m tanning tonight and doing vino. In the morning, i’m going to buy my babies some Valentines goodies and set them out for them before i leave in the evening.

I’m going to remember TO EAT, so i don’t puke. AND I gonna pop into work to make sure the other girls are all dandy.

Haha…I enjoy how everyone feels odd, or nervous because they have to go out partying with me and i’m going to be dressed like a slut. Hahaha! Jo is hilarious, as she was determind to find a ‘titty top,’ in order to impress! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it. Just because i’m going ‘slaggy’ doesn’t mean every needs to feel it’s the required dress code. HAHA.

But if you can’t embrace your kitten hood on ‘Singles Night’ on Valentines day when you’re out on the razzle, in your VIP booth and gifted ย lushy booze, then when can you.









This Saturday Night

Soooooooooooo, as you all know and of course just to remind you… *Wiggle…Wink.*

This Saturday, I will be at




It’s going to be busy anyway, but if you have no plans…it surely is the place to be, simply because i’m going to be there? Lol. ย What could be better! I’ll be celebrating with work mates, who will be great fun when drunky and of course, we’d all be delighted to see you there!


I will also be WEARING my current favourite dress brand…

Formerly known as ‘Celeb Boutique.’

They are my an ULTIMATE DELIGHT to me! Everything they do is so creative, modern, yet fresh, young and sexy! And they have something for everyone! The dresses are so well made and everyone who’s anyone is wearing them across the GLOBE right now! Plus, the service they give is pretty much flawless and to me, it’s always the service that sways a person’s opinion.

I’ve been a massive fans for years and have a wardrobe literally FILLED with my Celeb Boutique Faves!

Anyway, after 7am ordering, my three parcels have arrived, literally at THE SPEED OF LIGHT! (I adore fast delivery. I hate ti when things don’t arrive NOW. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) So, i’m currently peeking through choices…to select what dress, i’m going to be wearing. I have SIX to choose from. These were the ones i opened last night, in my bedroom, whlist in my leopard print Pyjamas and as my babies were jumping on the bed.




On my PEEPERS, MY EYES, My ‘Soul Windows’ or whatever!

I of course will be adorning….




These are ‘Ronnie’ yet i’ll probably wearing ‘Corey’ as he’s a little more promiscuous, which will totally help me pull! *Flutter…flutter.* ๐Ÿ™‚

Add fun friends and you have PURRFECT combination!


Make the most of YOUR VALENTINES!!!!

(I still totally want flowers.)

The Week Round Up

DSC_0595 (1)


Okay, I am tumbling out of what feels like the busiest work week ever, so you have my giant apologies for not managing to fit in a blog! It’s felt like ages. I’ve missed you. I fell asleep on the sofa last night, so i couldn’t get my fingers tapping. However, instead I’ve woken up at some Godforsaken time, before work, before babies are up, to fit a bit of blog IN! Phewf!

I’m not actually that shattered anymore to say that i’ve filled my week with day job, social drinks, lash line work and children. I’ve enjoyed it and when you get to the stage in life, when you’re having such a good time that you forget to pause, you know that you almost have it all. (I’m ambitious…naturally….so there’s always more that I want. LOTS more!) I did however, pause this morning and i couldn’t be more grateful for life.

Okay, so yes, day job…i’ve accidentally been achieving without really realising how hard i must have worked? Obviously that’s the best kind of hard work. I sort of AGAIN, had that moment yesterday around 4pm, where I just looked around and with a smile did a ‘champion’ face! I don’t know how i do it, but i do and that’s all that matters! (It’s my charm, I tells ya!)

Monday, my lashes arrived at Cosmopolitan. I’m still waiting to hear from them, yet this week for me seems to have flown by! It’s the Screen Nation awards this Sunday, so i’m so happy to once again be partnering up with them and having my lashes distributed to all the celebs the award winners and nominees. That’s still crazy to me! But holy shit. I did it. It’s my first baby step…and well i couldn’t have done it in a more glitzy fashion.

Tuesday, I worked. I ended up discussing life with a workmate over red wine spritzers and whatever they had? It’s weird because it’s great getting to know a being outside of their ‘shell’ so to speak. I enjoy people. I’m nosey. I’m easy to get on with and apparently easy on the eye…so i’m a good person to chill with, work with or have banter with…as you’ll walk out the convo laughing or crying. I enjoyed it.

Ofcourse, everything ran later and I then after texting apologies rush home, get dressed, ready and heeled, before hopping in a taxi to Glassroom to meet ‘Mike.’ Mike’s ace. He was, what can i say, ‘North Leeds’ had Bradley Cooper hair and had come out of meetings straight from work. Elegant, poshy, easy to get on with fun. We talked about my eyelash line, his work, my work and life. Again over wine of whatever he was drinking. Now, I enjoy people that i can just chat to easily. Sort of without any form of awkwardness and I’ve sort of had a career where in which people who don’t actually know me, tend to be a bit awkwardy around me. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s what I enjoy about my day job…no one is like that, they’re all hilariously, down to earth, jolly, folk. ‘Mike’ was a bit more poshy than that and after chatting about life work and money, he walked me to the taxi rank ( I went over on my heel, ) and I talked about how amazing i thought his mini leather gloves were!!!

Now, the mini leather gloves are one of my FAVOURITE accessory! I adore them with all of my heart! So when he whopped out a bit of glove action, immediately i clocked them and rambled on about how much more of a decent human he had just become. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I had to get a taxi to my next Meet Up which was with a work make, new buddy and at the Green Dragon in Ponty, (but only for one as we ended up having to go back to Xscape because it was DEAD!) Tuesday is meant to be Student night in Ponty. Where the fuck are you all? It was dead. But WE HAD FUN. LOTS OF FUN. In fact we ended up at Winter Seam, drinking and chatting and drinking…and chatting Lol….they did ‘whatever they were drinking’ and I bought Winter Seam champagne, never the best, yet still as bouji at it could be, as we sat drinking it as we eased into Wednesday morning. (It actually wasn’t that late. It was kinda just until midnight. Our topic of conversation was ‘luuurve,’ life and fun! (I still kept falling over my own heel and tripping up though.)

8.30 am the next morning, rocked into work…felt LIKE SHIT. I apparently didn’t look shitty though, thanks to my drag queen makeup. ๐Ÿ™‚ See!There’s method behind my madness. Sauntered in, feeling hungover, wanted everyone to thrown me a pity party, no one did. HAHAHA. I felt really really bad, to the point where I had to have a sit down and once i smelt food, I ran and projectile vommed in a plastic BIN!

HOWEVER and don’t get this twisted. I STILL SHOWED UP AND I STILL FRICKING WORKED. ย I’m the opposite to a slacker and when i’m mean to work, i’ll do it. I’m pretty determined. Plus, lets face it, ย it was my own fault that i felt so dodgy. Remind me to EAT BEFORE DRINKING. I ALWAYS FORGET. That’s what makes me vomit.

Come noon, I was fine! So fine that I went on to blast work so well that I became a ‘Target Smashing Queen.’ LOL! REALLY! Again, I have no idea how i did it, but I even whopped out an amazing figure yesterday, without really realizing that I had done it. I love to achieve and when i do, i’m always in shock. I always say it’s by accident. Yet everyone around me tells me it’s not?

Anyway, (sorry my babies are stirring.)

Soooooooooo, the ace thing about all of that is that I had ย an dhave completely come to terms with the fact that on Valentines day, I won’t be getting my favourite flowers, spoilt for surprised. But i’m now actually fine with that…and it all has to do with the fact that I’ll be having an AMAZING time with friends, celebrating in the name and swirl of love, at Kooky Night club, VIP, Wakey. I can’t wait. I only have today to get through and then it’s the WEEKEND WE ALL DESERVE!!

I haven’t recieved any cards, any flowers, any surprises and i love surprises. I don’t like guys who try and ask me if they should surprise me? Lol. Surely that’s the opposite to romance. And i’m not so keen on guys who try to score a date, by fishing around to see if it’s okay to surprise me, because they make me feel as though they could only be romantic if they got the ‘green light’ to be and THAT ISN’T ROMANCE. If you are romantic, your natural instinct would be to ‘woo’ in the name of love. HAHA. You’d just have a crush and go for it regardless. That’s what makes Valentine’s lovely. That’s actually also how Keiran was. He didn’t care or know if i would say ‘yes’ or love his surprises…he just went out there, with how he felt and did them. I liked that about him. So weirdly, I guess a standard (yet only in that area…and maybe sex and doing the bins) has been set. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

HOWEVER, I will tell you that when i had my ‘meet up’ at The Glassroom, ‘Mike’..every so polite ‘Mike’ was GREAT and because he had actually purchased me a ‘Valentines Day National Lottery Ticket.’ How sweet!! So, that totally counts for something! Great little token of affection. Creative. Surprised! I liked it. Even though when he reached into his pocket I did say, ‘I hope you’re about to whop out some flowers.’ Lol. Then he moaned about how he thought the ticket would be a bit more ‘Valentines.’ That’s how shit went down…but i clocked the moment and thought it was sweet and very well mannered. I had a great time. It was fabulous.

I still want flowers though…


Oh shut up, i’m a DIVA and a girls, girl in one. (My shit stinks like roses. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Why are boys so shy to be all bold, brave and romantic with girls they’re not dating, or not dating yet…when they pretty much have a crush on them. If you’re a guy…do it. You might as well. If she’s not an idiot, she’ll be ever so grateful and who knows you might even get treated back! (*Wallet down, legs on the table.*)

Ps, My Inbox is full of ‘Take Me Out’ Nick fans asking me if i know him, (and i do.) If i can get him to talk to them and well date them? Lol. Didn’t he just find love??? ย It actually makes a change from willy pics, so well i’m glad that he’s enjoying his moment. Hasn’t he done well! Very impressed. I missed the show, after trying to make sure that I watched it. But it’s all great and knowing ITV quite all fits in perfectly with promotion and Valentines! If they got engaged or married now, they’d make so right dosh! Lol

See! Pontecarlo is going ‘massive.’ I was on the ‘Hilton’ thing, Reuben was on ‘Weakest Link.’ Jack was on ‘X Factor..’ Nick on ‘Take Me out.’ Endless. HAHAHA.


‘V’ is for Valentines

Happy Monday, Dolls!

Right, this time last week, I was moaning because I was all lonely and single and was really going to miss being spoilt rotten on Valentines day, all in the name of true love, lust or romance. I still hate that i don’t have a Valentine, or anyone who is open, brave, bold or romantic enough to surprise me with lovely gestures of ‘ooooh,’ that make my eyes smile and my heart skip a beat. I also don’t think it’s bad for girls to have a moan that they’re single on Valentines day and wish they had someone to adore them. We’re chicks. It’s perfectly acceptable. So, all the folks giving it the ‘it’s just another day/Sick of people rambling on about how they’re depressed and single on Valentines’ Facebook status should gear up to Cupid, grab a wine and open up their hearts. Love isn’t so bad and in my mind if you can have it…why not snatch it up with both hands fast and swirl in it madly. PLUS, be it a Hallmark holiday or a true day of romance….it makes no difference. In my mind, any day where in which people are encouraged to celebrate love, is a good day…and i’m fucking SINGLE and miserable. ๐Ÿ™‚

So yes, at the weekend, all of you who have wonderful partners, admirers or someone who cares for you deeply, will be showered with…


It does make me feel really jealous, because i’m inner Princess is dying to be truly loved and well, lets just say, tottering around merrily is wonderful, until I run into some giant VALENTINES DAY stand, filled with choccies, roses, champers and everything else that others will be purchasing for the one that they love. ๐Ÿ™ I am such a love bunny, that it actually makes me feel REALLY sad. Not even joking. LOL. I’m that much of a ‘goober.’

Anyway, what I wanted to say to you, was that this time last week, whilst I work, I was having general banter with Danielle, a girl that I work with, who I pretty much adore. She makes a good friend, a good lot of fun and is pretty much a glamour puss, which as we know I ADORE.

So, we’re making bacon and chatting. I think I was moaning about love and having no Valentines, like I do, when i’m miserable? ANYWAY, Danielle (who claims to be used to having no Valentines date,) suggests we make the most of our singledom and hit the town for a bit of love and ‘razzle dazzle.’ YES! YOU HEARD!

I ofcourse, immediately agree and then that was it! Within seconds, we were planning our outfits and talking about boys! We’d never been so excited!!

So, now i’m not so glum! I’m happy. I mean what is more GIRL POWER than strutting ourselves out and about in the name of ‘party, party,’ making our OWN FUN and finding our OWN BIT OF LOVE. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Instead of weeping to sad love songs and watching shit Valentines movies on the telly…we’ll be plonking on our

Slipping into our…

AND….our champagne bottles will be going like….

I guess, it’s what I call making the best out of life, singledom and love. ๐Ÿ™‚


Ofcourse, it seems that I can’t do anything by halves and my inner luxury gets the better of me….(I’m good like that and an ace chica to be around if you enjoy the finer things in life.)

Our regular night out around Wakefield (our nearest busy town) where we well go around a few bars and totally venture to Kooky….just got boujied up!

I figured, if we’re going to do fun…lets do fun. If we’re going to do GIRL POWER, lets do it with bells on. So, after an email and a phone call it seems we now have the SUPER KOOKY VIP BOOTH, the best VIP booth in town that is, ๐Ÿ™‚ the one that everyone wishes they were in, that shimmies on top of the main dance door and not only that and the fact that our Booth has it’s on coded door, security and we can have up to 12 people in it….who will be given gold wrist bands if we like them…:) ย We will also be indulging in vodka, giant cocktails, sparkly sparkler champagne, wine, beer and rum….add a whole bunch of mixers, fun, boys and extreme



and you have our evening!

Now, word got around because I was super excited and told everyone. Oops!

And well my mouth is greatness, simply because NOW, Jenna (who we work with) who is also single and straight up ready to MINGLE, is going to be joining us! (I ADORE JENNA. I know she’ll be a good time!!) AND…well…everyone at work is shimming on in to bagsy themselves a bit of VIP Gold Wrist Band. HAHAHA.

The great thing is that everyone’s out and the best thing is that I’m a huge believer in ‘the more the merrier,’ theory. I like excess in moderation. I mean, as long as they’re up for flirty fun, why not!

So this Saturday, Feb 14th. Valentines day.

We’ll be at Kooky Nightclub in Wakefield, enjoying, sampling and sipping in their SUPER KOOKY VIP BOOTH. I’m blogging all about it, so you know exactly how it felt, smelt and everything in between. ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t wait and well it sort of makes Monday and the Single live fun, as I now have something to look forward to and i’m going to spend the day of lurve with great friends!

Hope you’re Monday feels exciting! Oh and if you’re out and about in Wakefield on ‘V’Day, shimmie down to Kooky and come say ‘HI.’

Chrissie x